Road: Pond wins South West title race

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Location: Hatherleigh, Devon
Event: 17 May 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

Blake Pond secured the South West Road Race Championship title when he won a two-up sprint finish to the 80-mile title race at Hatherleigh in Devon.

The 29-year-old North Devon Wheelers rider from Bideford held off Mid-Devon CC rival Pete Vincent, 24 and from Braunton, for the victory, while another Bideford rider, 25-year-old Adam Bright (Primal Europe) took third, 13 seconds further back.

The next best rider was almost four minutes of the pace set by the escapees.

In the juniors race, Exeter teenager George Pym (Exeter Wheelers) took a three-up sprint victory, while the women’s crown went to For Viored RT rider Ella Hopkins, 21 and from Paignton.


Seniors (80 miles):

1st 43 Blake Pond NDW Southfork 3.17.03

2nd 14 Pete Vincent Mid Devon CC/Colin Lewis st

3rd 22 Adam Bright Primal Europe/RUTT at 13 secs

4th 21 Alexander Murison Performance Cycles CMI at 3.59

5th 13 Andrew Perkins Mid Devon CC/Colin Lewis st

6th 28 Mike Kiss RPC Racing Team st

7th 23 Peter Haworth Primal Europe/RUTT st

8th 24 Richard Oram Primal Europe/RUTT at 5.41

9th 4 James Porter Juicelubes st

10th 35 Oscar Hutchings University of Exeter CC st

11th 10 Andrew Hitchens Mid Devon CC/Colin Lewis st

12th 44 Henry Benning NDW Southfork st

13th 7 Jake Durant Mid Devon CC/Colin Lewis st

14th 40 Hari Slade Penzance Wheelers st

15th 25 James Smith Primal Europe/RUTT st

16th 33 Theo Brumhead University of Exeter CC st

17th 38 Sean Frost st

18th 41 Hugh Knudsen University of Bristol CC st

19th 1 William Harrison at 9.23

20th 5 Ian Cullen Mid Devon CC/Colin Lewis at 10.02

21st 42 Ben Hooppell Exeter Whlrs at 1 lap

22nd 39 Tom Norrish Mid Devon CC/Colin Lewis at 1 lap

23rd 30 Ken Holder R U Training Today at 1 lap

24th 12 Kenny Parker Mid Devon CC/Colin Lewis at 1 lap

25th 3 William Hornby CS South Hams at 1 lap

26th 29 Andrew Gray R U Training Today at 1 lap

27th 9 David Henderson Mid Devon CC/Colin Lewis at 1 lap

28th 32 James Walbridge R U Training Today at 1 lap

29th 20 Mark Sanders Mid Devon CC/Colin Lewis at 1 lap

30th 19 Garry James Penzance Wheelers at 1 lap

Juniors (49 miles):

1st 22 George Pym Exeter Whlrs 2.10.16

2nd 21 Ashley Martin Cadence Cannondale st

3rd 31 Harry Edney Nth Devon Whlrs st

4th 25 Jacob Keatt RUTT at1.56

5th 27 Joshua Gray Team Tor 2000 st

6th 29 Alex Challis NDW Southfork st

7th 23 Sol Warwick Penzance Whlrs at 2.01

8th 24 Scott Gurnett Minehead CC at 2.05

9th 28 Harry Loader VO2 Development Team at 2.11

Women (49 miles):

1st 9 Ella Hopkins Escentual For Viored RT 2.12.39

2nd 6 Heiidi Viles Somerset RC at 8.48

3rd 2 Wiebke Rietz 1st Chard Whlrs at 12.25

4th 1 Sarah Austin Abergavenny RC at 13.52

5th 8 Lyndsey Glazier Hope Factory RT 1 lap

6th 3 Adele Martin GB 1 lap

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.