Report: Summer Warm Up Circuits 1

Report: Summer Warm Up Circuits 1

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Justin Hoy (Felt/Colbornes) claimed win number four at blustery, damp Thruxton circuit. The race, promoted by local club Andover Wheelers, was one hour plus a lap and apart from a couple of attacks the race stayed together sheltered from the wind.

After a couple of laps Rowan Horner (VC St Raphael) rode of the front and started to ease away. Once back in the wind he was pulled back, but on the rise the chicane three riders - Rowan, Andy Bryson (Peter Hansford Cycles) and Ian Rees (Willier) - started to pull away and soon had a small gap but that came to nothing and the bunch reformed again. Rees was the most active and had a couple of attempts at getting away but even he settled back into the bunch.

The race came down to a sprint and Hoy was first into view with Rees right on his wheel, but Hoy held on as Rees tried to come around him.

The support race for 3rd and 4th cats was won by local rider Simon Healey (Andover Wheelers). The first couple of laps saw Dan Smith (GWR Team) along with a couple of riders from Bristol RC trying to pull away but they were pulled back after one third distance when Healey along with Geoffrey Lulham (Bikelab),David Hutchinson VC St Raphael)and Dan got a small gap and pulled away. Dan soon slipped back after all his efforts in the early part of the race which now left the three.

The leaders soon built up a good lead and at the bell there was nothing between them. Healey won the sprint ahead of Geoffrey with Hutchinson a little way behind. There was a sprint for fourth which was won by Richard Williamson (Gannet CC) just ahead of Paul Merryweather (Bristol RC).



1. Justin Hoy Felt Colbornes
2. Ian Rees Wilier/ Live2ride
3. Martin Smith Primal Europe/RU Training today
4. Toby Eichler Wilier/ Live2ride
5. Tim Elverson Pedal Heaven

3rd/4th cats

1. Simon Healey Andover Wheelers
2. Geoffrey Lulham Bikelab
3. David Hutchinson VC St Raphael
4. Richard Williamson Gannet CC
5. Paul Merryweather Bristol RC