Road: Yates wins latest Surrey League Road Race

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Location: Cyclopark, Gravesend, Kent
Event: 28 April 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

Conall Yates (In Gear-Quickvit) secured victory in the latest Surrey Road Race League event, staged by London Women’s Cycle Racing at the Cyclopark in Gravesend, Kent, on Saturday.

Yates, the 31-year-old from East Sussex, crossed the line ahead of 27-year-old rival Edward Farnell (Cambridge CC), while Wayne Crombie (East London Velo) was third at the end of the 36-mile race for 2/3 cat riders.

In the 27-mile supporting race for fourth category riders, Under-16 rider Louis Mobell (East London Velo) took the win ahead of Guillaume Rondy (Dulwich Paragon CC).

And in the women’s 27-mile race High Wycombe-based Karla Boddy led a 1-2-3 for the London Women’s Cycle Racing team, while Lydia Boylan was second and Nicola Juniper third.


2/3 Cat:

1 Conall Yates InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 2 1:35:12

2 Edward Farnell Cambridge CC 2

3 Wayne Crombie East London Velo 2

4 Josh Parkin Forme Bikes UK 3J

5 Phil Hersey Eagle RC 2

6 Elliott Porter Team Corridori 2

7 Felix Barker Cambridge CC 2J

8 Antony Buchan Team de Ver 2

9 Jack Steven East London Velo 2

10 Jonathan Lewis Charlotteville CC 2V

11 Stuart Spies London Dynamo 2

12 Rob Windsor East London Velo 2V

13 Colin Roshier Team Quest 3V

14 Robert Nall London Dynamo 3

15 Wayne van Ry ViCiOUS Velo 2V

16 Matthew Miles InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 2V

17 David Webborn London Dynamo 2

18 Graham Hills InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 2V

19 Tom Smith CC Hackney 3

20 Maurice Brennan Redhill CC 2

21 Richard Bayfield London Phoenix 3V

22 John Alderman VC Meudon 3V

23 Stuart Jackson Private Member 3V

24 Dean Corney VC Meudon 3

25 Andrew Snowball VC de Londres 3

26 Iain Palmer Twickenham CC 3

27 Tony Lock Edwardes Elite 2

28 Henry Dawson Prestige VC YA

29 Richard Hemsley Crawley Wheelers 3

30 Ryan West InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 3

4th Cat:

1 Louis Mobell East London Velo YA 1:15:42

2 Guillaume Rondy Dulwich Paragon CC 4

3 Adrian Cansfield South Downs Bikes 4V

4 Bohdan Musil La Fuga - Sigma Sport 4

5 Chris Kitchenham Bayeux Cycling Team 4

6 James Wong Dulwich Paragon CC 4

7 Alan Yule Crawley Wheelers 4V

8 Fraser Houston Team Quest 4

9 Kevin Jeffries Velo Schils - InterBike 4V

10 Carl Adams Aylesbury CC 4

11 Andrew Clavell Kingston Wheelers 4V

12 Matthew Bubear South Downs Bikes 4V

13 Andrew Wright High Wycombe CC 4V

14 Liam Yates In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp 4

15 Paul Tilley Crawley Tri Club 4V

16 Brian Hennessey Redhill CC 4V

17 Chris Huey Private Member 4

18 Nathan Howard Private Member 4

19 Harry Ribbons Team Corridori 4

20 Richard Evans VC Meudon 4V

21 Paul Morrissey High Wycombe CC 4V

22 Tim Osborne High Wycombe CC 4V

23 Martin Foord San Fairy Ann CC 4V

24 Dan Thut London Dynamo 4

25 James Hunt High Wycombe CC 4

26 Scott Sheperd London Dynamo 4V

27 Steve Jenner PM Racing 4

28 David Roberts Private Member 4V

29 Dominic Maxwell Worthing Excelsior 4


1 Karla Boddy LWCR 2W 1:19:00

2 Lydia Boylan LWCR 1W

3 Nicola Juniper LWCR 2W

4 Clemence Copie High Wycombe CC 3W

5 Elise Sherwell Look Mum No Hands! 3W

6 Laura Massey Inverse/Cyclaim RT 2W

7 Emily Bagnall WyndyMilla/UK Youth 2W

8 Helen Ralston Pearson Cycles 3W

9 Jasmijn Muller Kingston Wheelers 4W

10 Delia Beddis Vivelo-Bikes/Inverse Cyclaim RT 2W

11 Emily Barnes Corvida Allpress 2JW

12 Jane McInnes London Dynamo 2W

13 Pan Pan Fan Look Mum No Hands! 3W

14 Elinor Winter Corvida Allpress 4W

15 Nikki Engelbach Pearson Cycles 4W

16 Elizabeth Chittenden Eagle RC 2W

17 Siobh n McNamara Inverse/Cyclaim RT 3W

18 Kate Hewett Addiscombe CC 2W

19 Coralie Glaunes Pearson Cycles 3VW

20 Deborah Coyle Greenwich Tritons 4W

21 Lisa Gunn WyndyMilla/UK Youth 3W

22 Jane Hunt High Wycombe CC 4W

23 Nicole Oh Pearson Cycles 3W

24 Catherine Hills WyndyMilla/UK Youth 2VW

25 Katerina Avramides Brighton Mitre 4W

26 Karen Chisnall Team MK 4W

27 Francesca Morgans-Slader Lee Valley Youth CC YAW

28 Susan Freeburn InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 4W

29 Collyn Ahart Corvida Allpress 3W

30 Aimee Wright High Wycombe CC 4W

31 Rachel Przybylski WyndyMilla/UK Youth 2W

32 Sarah Strong Dulwich Paragon CC 4W

33 Sophia Joy VC Elan 3W

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.