Single day racing licences: road, track and cyclo-cross

Single day racing licences: road, track and cyclo-cross

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Single day licences enable you to dip your toe into the waters of cycle racing without committing to the cost of a full race licence. 

Take a look at the table below for full pricing details:


Members with a
Provisional Race Licence

Ride Members &

Event Classification Bronze Silver / Gold  
Road Regional A/B/C+ £10.00 £5.00 £10.00
Road Regional C £5.00 Free £10.00
Go Race Free Free £5.00
Open Track Meetings £10.00 £5.00 £10.00
Track League Meetings £5.00 Free £10.00
Cyclo-Cross Meetings N/A N/A £3.00

Additional information

  • Day licences for junior riders are charged at half price.
  • Youth non-Race members are charged at £1.50
  • For national level events a full race licence is required.
  • Riders not presenting a valid full racing licence at national events will be required to pay a £10 surcharge
  • A single day licence does not earn the rider any ranking points. More details.
  • An organiser may, at their discretion, require that all riders hold a Full Racing Licence for a particular event
  • No Day licence required for MTB disciplines
  • The £3 payable by Ride and Non-Members at Cyclo-cross Meetings has previously been referred to as a 'day surcharge'.  Youth riders are exempt from this, and so it is payable by Junior riders and above.