Road: Dales Seals Dobson Series Win

Road: Dales Seals Dobson Series Win

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Location: Middlesborough Cycle Circuit, Middlesborough
Event: 16 August 2011
Report: Dan Smith

Consistent points scorer Michael Dales of Velo29 came away the overall victor of the Martyn Dobson Memorial Trophy courtesy of winning the six-up sprint finish in the final round.

Second place on the night went to Craig Anderson of Black Hawk Bikes in his first ride of the series, and third place went to Richard Meadows (Velo29) who had led the series from the first week until the final round. Richard was clearly disappointed to have missed out on the overall win, and having finished equal on points with Dales can consider himself very unlucky.

With a strong wind blowing, the race was hard from the gun. It wasn't long before the race had split into three distinct groups. Leading the way were Dales, Meadows, Jack Rees (Velo29), Craig Anderson (Black Hawk) and Simon Baxter (Herbalife Wheelbase).

In the chase group was eventual fourth placed overall Kevin Byers (Fietsen Tempo), Marcus Smith (Black Hawk Bikes), series organiser Dan Smith (Velo29), Chris Mark (Velo29) and youth riders Charlie Tanfield (Velo29) and James King (Columba CC). Doing the majority of the chasing in this group were Smith, King and Byers who had most to gain and they almost made the juncture, but not quite.

They did however provide the launch pad for Chris Mark who powered across the gap alone to join the leaders.
Back in the bunch, Giles Pidcock (Epic Cycles), Alex Bottomley (Fietsen Tempo) and Thomas Timothy (Velo29), who had all been overall contenders found themselves stalemated and out of the running for victory.

The green jersey was secured by Martin Hopkinson of Fietsen Tempo without him having to turn a pedal, thanks to his big lead in the competition. The winner of the sprint though was S Deeley of Southport CC, and this was enough to give him seocnd place in the competition. Third place overall went to Graham Topp of Stockton Wheelers.

Youth Racing

Bradley Naughton, Matthew Worton and Alice Grieve all won their respective categories and consequently their overall classifications too.

The C, D & E categories were well supported throughout the whole series and tonight was no different.

And finally a big thanks to everyone who turned up and made this race series happen; the riders, the many helpers and of course Martyn's family. I feel sure that Martyn would have enjoyed racing on this new circuit, and would undoubtedly have been capable of winning races here himself.



1. Michael Dales (Velo29)
2. Craig Anderson (Black Hawk Bikes)
3. Richard Meadows (Velo29)
4. Jack Rees (Velo29)
5. Simon Baxter (Herbalife Wheelbase)
6. Chris Mark (Velo29)
7. Kevin Byers (Fietsen Tempo)
8. Charlie Tanfield (Velo29)
9. Dan Smith (Velo29)
10. James King (Columba CC)

Overall Standing

1. Michael Dales (Velo29) 29 pts
2. Richard Meadows (Velo29) 29 pts
3. Harry Tanfield (Wallis Cycles) 17 pts
4. Kevin Byers (Fietsen Tempo) 16 pts
5. Giles Pidcock (Epic Cycles) 16 pts
6. Alex Bottomley (Fietsen Tempo) 15 pts
7. Thomas Timothy (Velo29) 15 pts
8. David Johnson (Adept Precision) 13 pts
9. Simon Baxter (Herbalife Wheelbase) 12 pts
10. Jack Rees (Velo29) 11 pts

Youth Races

Boys A: Bradley Naughton
Girls A: Alice Grieve
Boys B: Matthew Worton
Boys C: Toby Tanfield
Girls C: Ffion Lanigan
Boys D: Connor Eyeington
Girls D: Abi Smith
Boys E: Patrick Kilkullen
Girls E: Hannah Liddle

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.