Preston prepares for Elite Series finale

Preston prepares for Elite Series finale

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Location: Preston, Lancashire
Event: 7th August 2011

The Elite Circuit Race Series comes to a conclusion with the City of Preston GP Races on Sunday 7th August with Rapha Condor Sharp's Dean Downing on top heading into the final round of the five event series.

Rapha have dominated the circuit scene this season with Graham Briggs' win in the National Circuit Championships in Beverley consolidating the team's success, with Briggs also third in a Rapha 1-2-3 in the Elite Circuit Series standings with Dean Windsor in second spot.  Leader Downing has optimised consistency throughout the series, finishing in the top two in each race so far and if he can replicate such form again the title will be his.

Rapha Condor Sharp dominate at Colne GP

Photo: Rapha win again as Ed Clancy led a 1-2-3-4 for the men in black

The race itself is set in the heart of Preston in a 1km town centre circuit, starting at the Covered Market on Earl Street, before turning left onto Lancaster Road, Ormskirk Road, then into Ringway, left into Friargate, left onto Orchard Street and finally back to the Covered Market. The field is set to include 2010 Elite Circuit Series winner Ian Wilkinson along with Endura teammate and Otley Town Centre winner Scott Thwaites as well as Motorpoint's Preston-born Ian Bibby.

In addition to the elite race at 1.30pm, the British Cycling Women's National Circuit Race Championships also takes place beforehand with Hannah Barnes of Motorpoint the reigning champion.

Reflecting on a successful series, British Cycling's cycle sport and membership director Jonny Clay commented: "Cycling is growing in popularity in the UK and the Elite Circuit Race Series aims to raise the standard of competition amongst top level British cyclists.

"We have put together a calendar of closed road circuit races in towns across the country and hope these will act as a showcase for cycling, introducing the sport to new audiences."

Rider List

Luke  Rowe  100% Me
Mark  Christian  100%Me
Sam  Harrison  100%Me
Joe  Kelly  100%Me
Tom  Moses  100%Me
Jon  Mould  100%Me
Simon  Yates  100%Me
John  Hopkinson  Aire Valley Cycles R/T
Dale  Appleby  Cyclepremier.Com - Metaltek
Tom  Barras  Cyclepremier.Com - Metaltek
Ashley  Finn  Cyclepremier.Com - Metaltek
Stephen  Gallagher  Cyclepremier.Com - Metaltek
Richard  Hepworth  Cyclepremier.Com - Metaltek
Simon  Wilson  Cyclepremier.Com - Metaltek
Dave  Clarke  Endura Racing
Rob  Hayles  Endura Racing
James  Moss  Endura Racing
Evan  Oliphant  Endura Racing
Ian  Wilkinson  Endura Racing
Callum  Wilkinson  Endura Racing
Jack  Adams  Forme Impsport Sanlamere
Will  Fox  Forme Impsport Sanlamere
Dexter  Gardias  Forme Impsport Sanlamere
Robert  Orr  Forme Impsport Sanlamere
Alastair  Kay  Herbalife Wheelbase
Jack  Cutsforth  Herbalife/Wheelbase
Andrew  Hawdon  Herbalife/Wheelbase
Simon  Baxter  Herbalife/Wheelbase.Co.Uk
Stuart  Reid  Herbalife/Wheelbase.Co.Uk
William  Penn  Mammoth Lifestyle Rt
Graham  Briggs  Rapha/Condor/Sharp
Dean  Downing  Rapha/Condor/Sharp
Ben  Greenwood  Rapha/Condor/Sharp
James  Mccallum  Rapha/Condor/Sharp
Tom  Southam  Rapha/Condor/Sharp
Dean  Windsor  Rapha/Condor/Sharp
Stephen  Adams  Sigma Sport Specialized
Simon  Richardson  Sigma Sport Specialized
Steve  Lampier  Sigma Sport Specialized Ct
Tom  Murray  Sigmasport - Specialized Ct
Kit  Gilham  Sigmasport Specialized
Tom  Last  Sogma Sport/Specialized Ct
Duncan  Moralee  Sportscover
Chris  Sherriffs  Team Bglobal
Roy  Chamberlain  Team Corley Cycles
Simon  Gaywood  Team Corley Cycles
Jake  Hales  Team Corley Cycles
Matthew  Higgins  Team Corley Cycles
James  Millard  Team Corley Cycles
Jamie  Newall  Team Corley Cycles
Michael  Smith  Team Corley Cycles
Matt  Cronshaw  Team Raleigh
Matt  Gee  Team Raleigh
Liam  Holohan  Team Raleigh
Jeroen  Janssen  Team Raleigh
Matt  Kipling  Team Raleigh
Gael  Le Bellec  Team Raleigh
Ryan  Parnes  Team Raleigh
Steven  Burke  Team UK Youth
Gruff  Lewis  Team UK Youth
James  Lowsley-Williams  Team UK Youth
Calum  Nicholson  Team Wallis Chh
James  Gullen  Team Wallis-Chh
Ben  Simmons  Team Wiggle
Ben  Dean  Teamwallis Chh Racing Team
Jack  Pullar  Vanilla Bikes.Com
Lewis  Craven  Wheelbase Herbalife
Rudy  Botter  Wsv Emmen