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Saturday's Tywyn Criterium races benefited this year from unusual weather in as much as there was barely a whisper of wind unlike previous years.

This made for tight racing on a fairly flat fast course, which resulted in the majority of races being fought for to the line.

There were seven proper races in total. With a two lap 'race' slotted in for those who either rode bikes with a Tigger strapped to their bike, or for those still riding with stabilisers. Truly an event that everyone could come and have a go at.

In the Youth A race Zachery May took the initiative, and with eight laps to go he got away from the pack. However they were not done, with five to go they reeled him back in. He didn't give up though, he caught another riders wheel, and just kept on through, to get away again. However it all came together again just before the line. Video, and photographic evidence was consulted. Zachery May got it, but only just.

Rider quotes from the Youth A top 3.

Henry Hunter - 3rd
"Coming down the hill I was third behind, and I kicked to get away from the bunch to catch the leader. I got him on the final corner. Then on the final corner, Fabio sprinted hard on the outside to catch the lad out front.   It is a really hard course, and it has been hot today. It has been a really hard race."

Fabio Close- 2nd
"Luke attacked on the last lap to bring it back and I was third wheel going into the corner.
The finish is technical because it is not that far from the corner to the finish. Everybody is up there on the final corner."

Zachery May- 1st 
"It was so close on the line. I don't know if I got it. It was just head down pushing for the line. Luke attacked and I got his wheel. Then he swung over because he didn't get a gap. I kept going. With half a lap they were chasing hard to get to the front for the final corner and I started to blow myself. It was half a wheel at the line."

The Women's E1234 race was ridden at an average of 23mph. Many tried to attack, but those that hadn't been dropped stayed together until the last corner. Lauren Creamer, the winner had this to say after. "It went really well. I had a fab team. I feel like Mark Cavendish with my lead out train. Normally I try from the front but today I sat back and waited. My team (Abergavenny RC) led me out perfect. They did all the work.  I'm a Cat 1 now! Thanks!"

Fifty riders started the final race, the largest field of the day. The category 3 and 4 riders soon dropped some of the riders to leave a bunch of 30 to contest the win. Attack after attack kept the pace high at the front end of the field. Will Worral wasn't the only one to try and get away off the front, but in the end, victory was to be his.

Will Worral, the winner of the Cat 3 4 race: "Team tactics (Towyn Road Cycling Club) were to just get out there and not get in each other's way. I tried to get away and we were just not staying away. So I just went two laps to go and see what happens. To be honest I was expecting to be caught on the line. I was just trying to push as hard as I could."