Road: Woodbridge Criteriums

Road: Woodbridge Criteriums

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Report: VC Revolution Woodbridge Criteriums

Event: 28th May 2011
Promoted by: Velo Club Revolution
Venue: Woodbridge Airfield
Report: John Sanderson
Event Details

Above: Adam Norris takes the win in the National B race (Photo: John Sanderson)

Saturday 28th May saw the second of two days of criterium racing promoted by Velo Club Revolution, staged with the support of Ipswich, Plomesgate and Stowmarket Cycling Clubs, on a flowing course laid out across the runways of the former US Airforce base at Woodbridge Airfield. Strong winds meant that some sections of the course were tough and riders were dropped from the main bunch in every race.

Youth races combined the Under 8,10 and 12 category riders into a twenty minute race and the Under 14/ Under 16s into a thirty minute race on a shortened version of the full course. The winners were: U8 - Daniel Hall (Colchester Rovers), U10 - Harrison Powell (Lea Valley Youth CC), U12 - Zack Coleman (Great Yarmouth CC), U14 - James Tapley (Cambridge Tri Club), U16 - Cameron Toms (Iceni Velo.

Three races for senior riders were also held in the Go-Race, Regional B and National B categories:

The Go-Race event, for 4th category and novice riders, was won by Mark Western (Stowmarket & District CC) and local riders George Hoppit (Sudbury CC) and Raymond Ricks (Velo Schils - Interbike RT) took the intermediate sprint prizes during the race.

The Regional B race, for 3rd and 4th category riders, included an exceptional performance from Josh Hannan (Glendene Cycle Club) who broke away from the bunch on the first lap and remained in a breakaway for the entire race. He was joined in the breakaway by a number of different riders through the race but only Matthew Thurston (Iceni Velo) was with him at the finish line and it was Thurston who took the victory in the long sprint finish.

The National B race, including entries from Elite, 1st, 2nd and 3rd category riders, was won from a lead group of three riders by Adam Norris ( with local roadman Phil Hetzel (Ipswich Bicycle Club) leading the chasing group over the line to take 4th place.

The events were kindly sponsored by D&D Buckle of Stowmarket and Thomas's Cycle Revolution which has stores in Ipswich and Colchester.


Under 8's
1st: Daniel Hall (Colchester Rovers)
2nd: Conner Gould (Ipswich Bicycle Club)
3rd: Callum Diver

Under 10's
1st: Harrison Powell (Lea Valley Youth CC)
2nd: Colin Mantel (Mildenhall CC)
3rd: Oliver Partner (Colchester Rovers)

Under 12's
1st: Zack Coleman (Great Yarmouth CC)
2nd: Callum Tulley (Lea Valley Youth CC)
3rd: Bob Longstaff (Colchester Rovers)

Under 14's
1st: James Tapley (Cambridge Tri Club)
2nd: Tom Younger (Lea Valley Youth CC)
3rd: Cameron Gutteridge (Lea Valley Youth CC)

Under 16's
1st: Cameron Toms (Iceni Velo)
2nd: Alan Truluve (West Suffolk Wheelers)
3rd: Ben Green (Ipswich Bicycle Club)

1st: Mark Western (Stowmarket DCC),
2nd: David Constable (Ipswich BC)
3rd: Chris Bully (Shaftesbury CC).

Regional B:

1st: Matthew Thurston (Iceni Velo)
2nd: Josh Hannan (Glendene CC)
3rd: Chris Sharrock (Great Yarmouth CC)

National B:
1st: Adam Norris (
2nd: Andy Lyons (Orbea Twenty3c)
3rd: Andy Hastings (Finchley RT)

Above: Mark Western (Stowmarket DCC) has time to sit up and enjoy the win as David Constable (Ipswich BC) outsprints Chris Bully (Shaftesbury CC) for second place. (Photo: John Sanderson)

Full results (Senior Races):

Go-Race (4/Novice)
Pos Name Team/Club
1 Mark Weston Stowmarket & District
2 David Constable Ipswich BC
3 Chris Bully Shaftesbury CC
4 David Triggs Colchester Rovers
5 Viv Marsh CC Sudbury
6 Ben Willy Southend Wheelers
7 Colin Lown Ipswich BC
8 Andy Pearson Wolsey RC
9 Matt Dye Plomesgate CC
10 Ray Ricks Velo Schils
11 Colin Hill CC Sudbury
12 Geoge Hoppit CC Sudbury
13 Dennis Warner Colchester Rovers
14 Dave Whybrow Southend Wheelers
15 Clive Bond Great Yarmouth CC
16 Rick Berry Plomesgate CC
17 Richard Maynard CC Ashwell
18 Diane Mantle Mildenhall CC
19 Murray Jervis Unattached
20 Steve Little VC Revolution
21 James Williams Colchester Rovers
22 Eddy Lee Rage
23 Graig Gould Ipswich BC
24 Collix Cuthbert Newmarket & Dist CC
25 Gavin Davies Ipswich BC
26 Tom Jarrett Ipswich Tri Club
27 Tim Warner Colchester Rovers
28 James Shillaw Stowmarket & District
29 Bill Matthews Cambridge CC

Regional B (3/4)
Pos Name Team/Club
1 Matthew Thurston Iceni Velo
2 Josh Hannan Glendene CC
3 Chris Sharrock Great Yarmouth CC
4 Steve Hurrell Strada Sport
5 Ian Sandall Great Yarmouth CC
6 Phillip Pearson VC Revolution
7 Mark Longstaff Colchester Rovers
8 Matthew Toone Stowmarket & District
9 Andy Defraties Braintree Velo
10 James Jobber Colchester Rovers
11 Tim Snook Ipswich BC
12 Adam Keer Ipswich BC
13 Graham Collins Colchester Rovers
14 Kristian Mobbs Stowmarket & District
15 Peter Ingram Ipswich BC
16 David Clark Stowmarket & District
17 Jo Wells VC Norwich
18 Antony Birt Ipswich BC
19 Stephen Beaumont Plomesgate CC
20 Phil Buick Iceni Velo
21 Andrew Elderfield VC Revolution
22 Jaroslaw Kobylinski Ipswich BC
23 Gordon Cobb Stowmarket & District
24 Glyndwr Thomas VC Norwich
25 David West Amis Velo
26 Colin Newstead Ipswich BC
27 Steven Neil Kings Lynn CC
28 Paul Moss Stowmarket & District
29 Steve Newman West Suffolk Wheelers
30 Peter Hargreaves VC Norwich
31 Jim Hardwicke Plomesgate CC
32 Mark Yale Stowmarket & District
33 Patrick Cook Ipswich BC
34 Matthew Flynn Stowmarket & District

National B (Elite/1/2/3)
Pos Name Team/Club
1 Adam Norris
2 Andy Lyons Twenty3c-Orbea
3 Andy Hastings Finchley RT
4 Philip Hetzel Ipswich BC
5 Dan Crawley PCH Uk Racing Team
6 Matt Ewings Revo Racing
7 Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
8 Tom Fitzpatrick Windymilla
9 Mark Howard PCH Uk Racing Team
10 Daniel Zagni Ipswich BC
11 Nick Esser VC Barrachi
12 Mark Smith Welwyn Wheelers
13 Ross King Velo Schils
14 Gavin Moore Stowmarket & District
15 Nathan Miller XRT Elmy Cycles
16 Phillip Carter Radarici CC
17 Martyn Dunnett Diss CC

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.

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