Report: Imperial Winter Series Finale

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Imperial Winter Series Finale

Story posted February 25 | by Imperial Racing Team & Photos by

Imperial Winter Series 2010/2011

Race 12 report
The mood was definitely upbeat and as the sun came out, it was a perfect afternoon for the last race of the Winter series. The only downside to the finale for the series was a crash after the finish line at the end of the 3rd category race.

L-R: Jake Martin,  Lewis Atkins &   Tom Smith

4th Category Race
The 4th cat race produced a surprise with Liam Stones (4s Road Club) breaking away on his own after half distance and holding on to his lead to win by 16 seconds. The bunch was led in by Jon Munns and Phil Holland (Arbis LLP/Roy Pink Cycles RT). The WyndyMilla 4th cat. prize was awarded to 12th place finisher Peter Green (CC Ashwell) who can look forward to a WyndyMilla ‘go faster’ cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre in Seale.

3rd Category Race
In the 3rd category race, previous 4th cat winner Conall Yates (In Gear Quickvit RT) produced the same effort as Liam had done to ride away and finish on his own. This is a remarkable feat considering that in January he was still a 4th cat! Jamie Pine (Le Col) took the series honours overall with consistent performances. The Maxifuel prize was awarded to 13th place finisher, Jai Watson (Dulwich Paragon ). He receives a Maxifuel pack comprising rucksack with Viperactive energy fuel and gels, bottles and T-shirt.

The Elite/1/2/3 race started more cautiously with the riders consolidating their positions rather than taking chances and losing out. But with attacking rather than with defensive riding more likely to succeed, Lewis Atkins (Twenty 3C Orbea), the overall leader took off after 25 km and the initiative was his and his alone. 

Tao Geoghegan-Hart (CC Hackney) went across to Atkins and there was hesitation in the main group before several riders slipped away to join the leading two.  Firstly Andy Betts (Sigma Sport) and then his team mate Jerone Walters and later other riders bridged to form a leading group of 10. However, such was the pace that several lost contact namely Ashley Holding (GB MSTina RT), Arjan Planting (Dulwich Paragon) and Michael Widera (Inverse Racing/Cyclaim) leaving a leading group of Walters, Betts, Atkins and Jake Martin who gradually pulled away and opened a gap of one minute 30 seconds. 

However, the main group still had life in it and super time triallist Steve Legg (Police Sport UK CRT) pulled away on his own with 10km to go. It was a courageous effort but, with 5km to go, it eventually drew a few riders across - Phil Hersey (Eagle RC), Geoghegan-Hart, Phil Holloway (Southend Wheelers) and Simon Henley (Team Corley Cycles).

Tom Smith (Felt Colbornes), lying in 2nd place overall, said he was happy to stay in the main group with the Perfs Road Race in mind on Sunday, the first race of the season on the road.  With two Sigma Sport riders in the leading four, it was expected that either Walters or Betts would attack and although trying several times in the last 5km, it was Atkins and Martin who were equal to their surges.

Finally, in the sprint, Martin tried his damnedest to distance Atkins but Lewis’s experience saw him cross the line first for another win with Walters and Betts 3rd and 4th. Geoghegan-Hart lead the second group in with Tom Smith and Vince Halpern (AW Cycles) leading the main group home. This was a fitting end to a fine series of races.

Series Report - Phew-ey Lewis is the news!

Ron Webb, designer of the velodrome at the London Olympics venue, was a special guest.

In the E/1/2/3 races we have again welcomed back old friends and met new ones and are glad that this mix keeps the racing and the series fresh. It was particularly good to see Lewis Atkins back. He first raced in the Imperial series in 2006/07 – and is now a consistent winner and a great ambassador for the sport and his sponsors.

The presentation was held inside the clubroom for the first time with special guest Ron Webb presenting the prizes. Ron said a few words about his design of the track for the London Olympics and hoped that many of the riders present would make use of the very fast unique track both before and after the Olympic event.

His message must have had a bewitching effect as his request for questions was met with deathly silence! The lucky draw included further prizes from series sponsor WyndyMilla and Maxifuel as well as £100 vouchers from Sigma Sport. The Doug Collins Combative Rider award went to Jake Martin who without doubt has been the most attacking rider.

Doug Collins congratulates Jake Martin.

When interviewed, he said that he was looking forward to ‘smashing it up’ on the road in the coming months! Overall, Lewis Atkins thanked the Collins clan for organising the series, Henry Furniss of WindyMilla for his sponsorship and finally Alison the first aider who luckily, with the exception of the last day, had very little to do. Finally Mike Clark of Sport and Publicity presented Lucy with a bottle of wine and his sincere thanks on behalf of everyone for her dedicated efforts.

Each year, we review the format of the series to consider what has worked and what needs improvement. We appreciate any feedback received and try to take this on board. Despite being knocked back badly by the weather (we lost more races in the first 4 weeks than the total over the last 11 years!) we responded by adding another race on a Sunday.

For the first time, we have had a lead sponsor and are most grateful to Henry Furniss of WyndyMilla for his commitment and enthusiasm and also for bringing Maxifuel with him. This year we stuck with the two race format with 3’s and 4’s on the circuit at the same time and feel this went well with everybody respecting the need to keep apart.

We consider that smaller fields, whilst slightly disappointing from an organiser’s viewpoint, has helped minimise the number of crashes and we see no reason to switch the race direction to clockwise.

This year after consultation with Mark Doel, we introduced a mini series for Women and are absolutely delighted with the response. Beforehand, we would have settled for a field of 10-15, so to have 15-20 in all three races was a tremendous boost for us. Thank you all for your support - the racing was brilliant as well!

Thank you again from all of us to all of you – we hope you have a safe and successful Summer of racing and look forward to seeing you at the circuit on the 3rd December 2011 for the next Imperial Winter Series. Go to for all the series action and photos.

Jamie Pine (centre) with David Robinson and  Tom Kruger.


E/1/2/3 Race 12 
1st  Lewis Atkins Twenty 3C  Orbea E
2nd  Jake Martin pendragon-lecol-colnago 1
3rd  Jerone Walters Sigma Sport 1
4th  Andy Betts Sigma Sport Specialized CT E
5th  Tao Geoghegan Hart Cycling Club Hackney YA
6th  Steve Legg Police Sport UK CRT 2
7th  Simon Henley Team Corley Cycles 2
8th  Phil Hersey Eagle RC 1
9th  Phil Holloway Southend Wheelers 2
10th  Tom Smith Felt Colbornes 1
11th  Vince Halpern 1
12th  Pete Wager Felt Colbornes E
13th  Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix 2
14th  Ashley Holding GB MSTina RT 2
15th  Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers 3 J
16th  Alex Pantelides Twickenham CC 2 J
17th  David Swan Asfra racing 3 J
18th  Anthony Moya CC Luton 1
19th  Mark Smith ASFRA 3 J
20th  Ajelo Ghristides Ermis Hellas 2
21st  Neil Heffernan Inverse Racing/Cyclaim 2
22nd  Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 2
23rd  Michael Widera Inverse Racing / Cyclaim 2
24th  Stephen Campbell Twickenham CC 2
25th  Martin Garratt London Dynamo 2
26th  Robin Basford WyndyMilla 1
27th  Tom Gallacher Welwyn Wheelers 3 J
28th  Wayne Thomas Reading CC 3
29th  Nat Spurling Finsbury Park 2
30th  bill butterworth Tm Quest 3V
31st  Geoff Powell High Wycombe CC 3
32nd  David Martin Zimbabwe E
33rd  Arjan Planting Dulwich Paragon 2
34th  James Leach Onelife Fuga RT 3
35th  Rob Fletcher VC 10 2
36th  Ben Smith Welwyn Wheelers 3
37th  Nick Abraham  private 2
38th  Mario Manelfi private 3
38th  George Farrell Welwyn Wheelers 3 J
38th  Alex Anderson Welwyn Wheelers 3 J
38th  Gary Wallis VC Rutland/Rutland cycling .com  3
3rd Cat   race 12 
1st  Conall Yates In Gear Quickvit RT 3
2nd  Andrew Ghagan VC Elan 3
3rd  Jamie Pine Le Col 3
4th  Jacek Reder private member 3
5th  Phil Adams Ashwell CC 3
6th  Francis Cade Kingston Wheelers CC 3
7th  Tom Ballhatchet Rollapaluza 3
8th  Rob Griffiths London Phoenix CC 3
9th  David Robinson CC Ashwell 3
10th  Vaughan Luff De Ver 3
11th  Simon Dawson Inverse/Cyclaim RT 3
12th  Henry Catchpole private member 3
13th  Jai Watson Dulwich Paragon  3
14th  Jonathan Dredge London Dynamo 3
15th  Mark Walter  private member 3
16th  Kristof Neys London Dynamo 3
17th  Jack Edwards San Fairy Ann CC 3 J
18th  Tom Moore Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Sq 3
19th  Mark Lawn Inverse RT/ 3
20th  Chris Wilkinson Dulwich Paragon 3
21st  Peter Dixon Willesden CC 3
22nd  Greg Barber Charlotteville CC 3
23rd  Ernest Marais GS Henley 3
24th  David Wallis private member 3
25th  Oli Pepper Kinesis Morvelo 3
26th  Joe Clark High Wycombe CC 3
27th  Rory Wilkinson Dulwich Paragon 3
28th  Tom Holmes private member 3
29th  Paul Steadman Reading CC 3
30th  Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers 3
31st  Chris Wood WyndyMilla 3
32nd  Mark O'Brien Archer RC 3
33rd  Rudie Marais Team Archer 3
34th  James Curry Inverse RT/Cyclaim 3
35th  Gavin Morton Charlotteville CC 3
36th  Chris Campbell London Dynamo/Prologue 3
37th  Stuart Jackson Bath RC 3
38th  Russell Painter Norwood Paragon 3
39th  Oliver Craig London Dynamo 3
40th  Monica DaPolenza 3 w
40th  James Walker High Wycombe CC 3
40th  Stephen Bowman GS Avanti 3
40th  Taimur Tanwir London Dynamo 3
4th cat  Race 12 
1st  Liam Stones 4s Road Club
2nd  Jon Munns Private Member
3rd  Phil Holland Arbis llp Roy Pink Cycles Road Team
4th  Richard Skilton Private Member
5th  Edmond Irwin London Fire Brigade
6th  Sean Pearson Dulwich Paragon
7th  James Fletcher Inverse RT/Cyclaim
8th  Theo Hill London dynamo
9th  Jesse Baines private member
10th  Richard Unwin VC Meudon
11th  Clem Halpin Twickenham CC
12th  Liam Bremer London Phoenix CC
13th  Andrey Padiy rollapoluza
14th  Oliver Bradbury Power Bar
15th  Alan Nixon Amersham RCC
16th  Darryl Green Inverse RT/Cyclaim
17th  Peter Green Cycle Club Ashwell
18th  Jason Campbell Dulwich Paragon
19th  Ken Creighton private member
20th  Ian Baynes Hemel Hempstead
21st  Matthew Woodford GS Henley
22nd  Daniel Doncaster CC Ashwell
23rd  Peter Hitt Private Member
24th  Michael Vance Dulwich Paragon
25th  David Dixon Baroudeur CC
26th  Daniel Justin Dulwich Paragon
27th  Jake Benefield London Dynamo
28th  Rob Inett Poole Wheelers
29th  Sam Wilkinson Hemel Hempstead
30th  Phil Wege Inverse/Cyclaim
31st  Stephen Williamson Private Member
32nd  Reiner Singh San Fairy Ann
33rd  Daniel Skinner Twickenham CC
34th  Duncan Rimmer Morden CRC
35th  Chris Rees Pearson Cycles
36th  Andrew Connington AndersElectronic/TMG
37th  Stuart Hale Reading CC
37th  Steven Green Thames Velo
37th  John Gull Private Member
37th  Peter Cornwall Private Member
37th  John Rayner GS Henley

E/1/2/3 Series Results - Final 
1st  Lewis Atkins Twenty3c–Orbea 1630
2nd  Tom Smith Felt Colbornes 1160
3rd  Jake Martin pendragon-lecol-colnago 990
4th  Vince Halpern 750
5th  Alexander King Endura Racing 600
6th  Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix 600
7th  Steve Golla Sigma Sport 570
8th  Ashley Holding GB MSTina RT 570
9th  Jerone Walters Sigma Sport 560
10th  Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 470
11th  Arjan Planting Dulwich Paragon 430
12th  Felix English 270
13th  Marcel Six Twenty 3c - Orbeo 230
14th  Rob Fletcher VC 10 220
15th  Alex Pantelides Twickenham CC 200
16th  Adam Cotterell WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel 190
17th  Mark Ottaway WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel 190
18th  Phil Holloway Southend Wheelers 180
19th  Jason Edwards GB MSTina RT 170
19th  Allan Ridler Team Cycle Kingdom 170
20th  Ajelo Ghristides Ermis Hellas 170
21st  Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers 170
23rd  Andy Betts Sigma Sport Specialized CT 160
24th  David Murrell London Phoenix  150
25th  Dante Carpenter Astra racing 140
26th  Chris Dick London Phoenix 140
27th  David Swan Asfra racing 130
28th  Henry Furniss WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel 120
29th  Graham Hills southborough & dist CC 120
30th  Steve Legg Police Sport UK CRT 110
31st  Simon Henley Team Corley Cycles 100
31st  Neil Heffernan Inverse Racing/Cyclaim 100
33rd  James Moss Endura Racing 90
33rd  Phil Hersey Eagle RC 90
33rd  Stoyko Bussarov Eagle RC 90
36th  Michael Widera Inverse Racing / Cyclaim 80
37th  Tom Kruger 45 Road Club 60
38th  Martin Garratt London Dynamo 60
38th  Mark Smith Welwyn Wheelers 60
40th  Ishmael Burdeau Agiskoviner 60
41st  Pete Wager Felt Colbornes 50
41st  Patrick Hawkins Dulwich Paragon 50
43rd  Tom Gallacher Welwyn Wheelers 30
43rd  Henry Bird Progressive Cycle Dev Sq 30
45th  Robert King AWCycles 20
45th  Angus MacAlister private member 20
45th  Andrew Brown Gregarios Superclub Ciclista 20
48th  Tony Gibb Cycle Premier 10
48th  Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands! 10
48th  Mike Diggins Gregarios Superclub Ciclista 10
48th  Daniel Maslin Prestige VC 10
3rd Cat Series Results - Final 
1st  Jamie Pine Le Col 900
2nd  David Robinson CC Ashwell 850
3rd  Tom Kruger 45 Road Club 800
4th  Rudie Marais Team Archer 800
5th  Rob Griffiths London Pheonix 740
6th  Vaughan Luff De Ver/Neovite 710
7th  David Ladkin Kingston Wheelers 640
8th  Phil Adams Ashwell CC 510
9th  Andrew Ghagan VC Elan 470
10th  Rory Tounsend Prestige VC 350
11th  Jai Watson Dulwich Paragon CC 340
12th  Simon Dawson Inverse/Cyclaim RT 340
13th  Conall Yates In Gear Quickvit RT 330
14th  Jacek Reder private member 330
15th  Chris Wood WyndyMilla 310
16th  Stuart Harvey Ultimate Fitness 310
17th  Joe Holloway VC 10 270
18th  Ralph de Kanter Norwood Paragon CC 270
19th  James Lowden Lewes Wanderers 200
20th  Peter Dixon Willesden CC 200
21st  Jack Edwards San Fairy Ann CC 190
22nd  Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers 160
23rd  Paul Troughton Wheelbase/LondonPhoenix 160
24th  Lee Mead Vc meudon 150
25th  Mike Sanders Team Corridori 140
26th  Craig McLean London Dynamo 130
27th  Dylan Kenneway London Dynamo 120
28th  Jonathan Dredge London Dynamo 120
29th  Mike Betts Vegetarian C & AC 110
30th  Andrew Edwards Brighton Mitre 100
30th  Francis Cade Kingston Wheelers CC 100
31st  Richard Collins Imperial Racing Team 90
31st  Stephen Campbell Twickenham CC 90
33rd  William Macke AWCycles 90
33rd  Andy Pollintine Dulwich Paragon 90
35th  Chris Grange Hemel Hempstead CC 90
36th  Adam Elderfield Quest Bike Shop 90
37th  Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers 80
37th  James Walker High Wycombe 80
39th  Nick Franzini London Dynamo 70
39th  Gavin Morton Charlotteville CC 70
41st  Greg Barber Charlotteville CC 70
42nd  Tom Rose London Dynamo 60
42nd  Robert LeMaster Private member 60
42nd  Phil Gibbs Dulwich Paragon 60
45th  Cameron Swarbrick Team Terminator 60
46th  Tom Holmes private member 50
46th  Henry Catchpole private member 50
47th  Mike Diggins Gregarios Superclub Ciclista 40
48th  Richard Stanton Arbis/Roy Pink Cycles RT 30
48th  Phill Keefe iCycle 30
48th  Peter Morris Lewes Wanderers CC 30
51st  Simon Alexander Southend 20
51st  Barry Gerhold Redhill CC 20
51st  Kristof Neys London Dynamo 20
53rd  Kieran Brady Ely & District CC 10