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Imperial Winter Series – Hillingdon

Event: Saturday 29th January 2011 | Race report and photos by Imperial Racing Team
(More race photos available at )

Race 10
It was a bitterly cold day with the strong wind tending to neutralise any attacks although a number of riders in the 3rd cat race made fierce attacks off the front. After 49 minutes of racing, the 4th cat race came down to a bunch finish with Rory Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon) just beating Lewis Norris (Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad). In 3rd place was James Fletcher (Inverse RT/Cyclaim) who was followed by Ben Smith (Welwyn Wheelers).

The WyndyMilla 4th cat prize is awarded to 19th place finisher Chris Rees (Pearson Cycles) and he can look forward to a WyndyMilla ‘go faster’ cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre in Seale.

Similarly, the 3rd cat race finished together but David Ladkin (Kingston Wheelers) with an exceptional burst of speed in the last 150 metres just kept hold of the win from Jamie Pine (Le Col) with only under half a wheel between them. Popular De Ver rider and long time supporter of the Winter Series, Vaughan Luff with Rob Griffiths (London Phoenix CC) in 4th place.

The Maxifuel prize is awarded to 29th place finisher James Curry (Inverse RT/Cyclaim); he receives a Maxifuel pack comprising rucksack with Viperactive energy fuel and gels, bottles and T-shirt.

The E/1/2/3 race started at great pace again with Jake Martin (pendragon-lecol-colnago) shooting off the front almost immediately. However, this time no one went with him and he was brought back after 2 km alone at the front. Felix English (Science-and-Sport) did attempt to cross but was caught. Then after 10 km,  Alexander King (Cyclefit Racing Team), Ashley Holding (GB MSTina RT), Tom Smith (Felt Colbornes), Allan Ridler (Team Cycle Kingdom) and English did open a gap but perhaps too early to achieve a significant lead on the main group.

At half distance, as the main group were beginning to tire, a lead group formed and rode away with fierce attacking from all the eight riders namely King, Holding, Ridler, Lewis Atkins (Twenty 3C Orbea), James Moss (Endura Racing), Matt Pilkington (Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad), Arjan Planting (Dulwich Paragon) and Adam Cotterell (WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel).

They moved away smoothly and working well together looked unlikely to be caught although in the main group, English, Martin and Smith, who all surprisingly had missed the move, worked very hard to keep in contention. The eight continued to distance themselves from the chase group, and soon there were continual attacks from King and Moss but Atkins was strong and vigilant and covered the moves.

With just 1 km to the finish, around the top hairpin, Moss attacked hard and strung the group out but to no effect. It was a very hard fought effort to the line where strength more than speed was to count. Pilkington was at the front with just 100 metres to go and it looked as if he had done enough to win but Atkins was determined and clawed his way past him for the line with Cotterell taking an excellent 3rd place holding off Planting and strong finisher Holding.

Moss’s effort told as he tailed off in 8th place, he really deserved more. Jo Skelton (Look Mum No Hands!) held off Vince Halpern (AWcycles), Tom Kruger (45 Road Club) and Smith leading the main group in. Another enthralling race with action all the way.

Full race details are always found at

Race 11 – 5th February – starts 13:00
Race 12 – 12th February – starts 13:00 followed by prize presentation & now famous Lucky Rider’s Prizes



1st  Lewis Atkins Twenty 3C  Orbea
2nd  Matt Pilkington Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad
3rd  Adam Cotterell WyndyMilla/MaxiFuel
4th  Arjan Planting Dulwich Paragon
5th  Ashley Holding GB MSTina RT
6th  Allan Ridler Team Cycle Kingdom
7th  Alexander King Cyclefit Racing Team
8th  James Moss Endura Racing
9th  Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands!
10th  Vince Halpern
11th  Tom Kruger 45 Road Club
12th  Tom Smith Felt Colbornes
13th  Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix
14th  Henry Bird Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad
15th  Felix English
16th  Michael Widera Inverse Racing / Cyclaim
17th  David Swan Asfra racing
18th  Charlie Fawke One Life Dev Squad
19th  Nick Calverey Finchley RT
20th  Tom Moore Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad
21st  Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
22nd  Robin Basford WyndyMilla
23rd  James Leach Onelife Fuga RT
24th  Tom Laker Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad
25th  Drew Holmes One Life Dev Squad
26th  Geoff Powell High Wycombe CC
27th  Declan Higgins Twickenham CC
28th  Martin Dawkins Team Quest
29th  Brock Duncumb Rogers One Life Dev Squad
30th  Jake Martin pendragon-lecol-colnago
31st  Wayne Thomas Reading CC
32nd  Patrick Hawkins Dulwich Paragon
33rd  Mario Manelfi private
34th  Martin Garratt London Dynamo
35th  Tom Gallacher Welwyn Wheelers
36th  Martin Hulbert VC Meudon
37th  Simon Henley Team Corley Cycles
38th  Alex Anderson Welwyn Wheelers
39th  George Farrell Welwyn Wheelers
3rd cat 29th Janaury 2011  
1st  David Ladkin Kingston Wheelers
2nd  Jamie Pine Le Col
3rd  Vaughan Luff De Ver
4th  Rob Griffiths London Phoenix CC
5th  David Robinson CC Ashwell
6th  Ralph de Kanter Norwood Paragon CC
7th  Simon Dawson Inverse/Cyclaim RT
8th  Paul Troughton Wheelbase/LondonPhoenix
9th  Andy Pollintine Dulwich Paragon
10th  Chris Grange Hemel Hempstead CC
11th  Tom Holmes private member
12th  Jacek Reder private member
13th  Cameron Swarbrick AWCycles
14th  Chris Wood WyndyMilla
15th  Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers
16th  Adam Stone North Road CC
17th  Stephen Campbell Twickenham CC
18th  Kristof Neys London Dynamo
19th  Jonathan Dredge London Dynamo
20th  Frazier Carr AWCycles
21st  Robert LeMaster Private member
22nd  Greg Barber Charlotteville CC
23rd  Adam White Reading CC
24th  Rob Cook Private Member
25th  Paul Steadman Reading CC
26th  Rory Tounsend Prestige VC
27th  Mark Lawn Inverse RT/
28th  Nick Franzini London Dynamo
29th  James Curry Inverse RT/Cyclaim
30th  Martin Porter Thames Velo
31st  Simon North Hemel Hempstead CC/TORQ
32nd  Lawrence Carpenter Rapha Condor
33rd  Phil Adams Ashwell CC
34th  Mark O'Brien Archer RC
35th  Monica DaPolenza
36th  Andy Angwin London Phoenix
37th  Craig McLean London Dynamo
38th  Andrew Ghagan VC Elan
4th cat 29th Janaury 2011  
1st  Rory Wilkinson Dulwich Paragon
2nd  Lewis Norris Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad
3rd  James Fletcher Inverse RT/Cyclaim
4th  Ben Smith Welwyn Wheelers
5th  Theo Hill London dynamo
6th  Max Brown Didcot Phoenix
7th  Daniel Doncaster CC Ashwell
8th  Russell Jones Team Matador
9th  H Catchpole private member
10th  Joshua Swords VC Meudon
11th  Brett Greenwood Kingston Wheelers
12th  Daniel Justin Dulwich Paragon
13th  Paul Buckley Thames Velo
14th  Jake Benefield London Dynamo
15th  Clem Halpin Twickenham CC
16th  Phil Holland Roy Pink
17th  Michael Vance Dulwich Paragon
18th  Bernard Yu London Dynamo
19th  Chris Rees Pearson Cycles
20th  Rob Ellis New Forest CC
21st  Simon Parton Kingston Wheelers
22nd  Daniel Skinner Twickenham CC
23rd  Tom Redwood Progressive Cycle Coaching Dev Squad
24th  Richard Mathie Imperial College Cycling Club
25th  Alan Nixon Amersham RCC
26th  Iain Boardman Dulwich Paragon
27th  Phil Wege Inverse/Cyclaim
28th  Stuart Hale Reading CC

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