Report: Imperial Winter Series Race 2

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Report: Imperial Winter Series Race 2

Saturday 11th December 2010 | report by Imperial Racing Team

For the first race in the Imperial Winter Series 2010/2011, sponsored by WyndyMilla and MaxiFuel, the weather was kinder than the previous week – in fact it was relatively balmy! Last week’s cancellation was disappointing obviously but this was only the third time in the eleven years of Winter racing. We also now have the use of the new club house which is a massive step forward and means that facilities are finally aligned to the popularity of the circuit.

Three races were run for week two with good entries in all with an average of 45 riders. Overall, the standard of riding did seem much improved in both the 3rd and 4th category races. The 3rd cat race was started 40 seconds ahead of the 4th category riders were released. Such was the speed of the 4th category race though, that they caught the rear of the 3rd category field in their sprint to the finish line. There were no mishaps however and all the finishing places were sorted with the photo finish camera.

Well done to Andy Pollintine (Dulwich Paragon) to claim first place in the melee with junior Henry Latimer (Team Zappi's) in 2nd and Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon) 3rd. The WyndyMilla 4th category prize was awarded to 39th place finisher Richard Musson who can look forward to a WyndyMilla ‘go faster’ cycle fitting at their Manor Farm Cycle Centre in Seale.

The 3rd cat race continued for a further 10 minutes and finished with a group sprint where Rob Griffiths (London Pheonix) came first over the line followed by Stuart Harvey (Ultimate Fitness) and Rudie Marais, returning to form, in 3rd place. The MaxiFuel prize was awarded to 12th place finisher Ralph de Kanter of Norwood Paragon CC who he receives a Maxifuel pack comprising rucksack with Viperactive energy fuel and gels, bottles and T-shirt.

In the E/1/2/3 race, a class entry lined up with WyndyMilla in force, resplendent in their striking pink kit, Lewis Atkins (Twenty3c–Orbea) fresh from his Ottershaw win and as always a pleasure to see Tony Gibb (Cycle Premier). After 25km, the peloton sprang to life with determined efforts from series one winner Bill Butterworth (Team Quest) who continually attacked off the front in his usual style.

Several promising breaks got clear of the main group but were all brought back. Gibb took a tumble but in typical style jumped back into the pack practically unnoticed! The group was still together after all the breaks but with five kilometres to go Lewis Atkins and David Murrell (London Phoenix) got clear. It looked very promising and a gap of 20 seconds opened, however, a big effort from junior Alex Pantelides (Twickenham CC) saw the gap closed with 300 metres to go.

Last year’s series second placed overall rider, Jo Skelton (with new team Look Mum No Hands!) saw his chance and with the skill of a sprinter went past Atkins who to his great credit and strength hung on for second place. Alexander King (Endura Racing) showed he has made a good recovery from his knee surgery and finished strongly in third place and should be in a position to help his team in the coming season.

Pantelides also benefitted from his efforts to close the gap by taking 4th place ahead of Tom Smith (Felt Colbornes) and Neil Heffernan (Inverse Racing/Cyclaim).

Forthcoming races
Race 3 - 18th December - starts 13:00
Race 4 - 26th December Boxing Day - starts 11:00
Race 5 - 1stJanuaryy New Years Day - starts 11:00
Race 6 - 3rdJanuaryy Bank Hoilday Monday - starts 11:00

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E/1/2/3 Race 2           
1    Jo Skelton    Look Mum No Hands    2
2    Lewis Atkins    Twenty 3C  Orbea    E
3    Alexander King    Endura Racing    E
4    Alex Pantelides    Twickenham CC    2 J
5    Tom Smith    Felt Colbornes    1
6    Neil Heffernan    Inverse Racing/Cyclaim    2
7    Mark Ottaway    Wyndy Millar    1
8    Vince Halpern    1
9    Chris Dick    London Phoenix    2
10    Jerzy Kuzminski    London Phoenix    2
11    Rob Fletcher    VC 10    2
12    Mark Smith    Welwyn Wheelers    3 J
13    Josh Maynard    Welwyn Wheelers    3 J
14    Andrew Brown    Gregarios Superclub Ciclista    3
15    Ajelo Ghristides    Ermis Hellas    2
16    Michael Widera    Inverse Racing / Cyclaim    2
17    Brock Duncumb Rogers    One Life Dev Squad    2 J
18    Bill Butterworth    Team Quest    3V
19    Martin Garratt    London Dynamo    2
20    Matt Conner    Banjos Cycles    2
21    Patrick Hawkins    Dulwich Paragon    2V
22    Oliver Glackin    East London Vélo    2
23    Dan Moseley    Prestige Velo    3
24    David Swan    Cycles Dauphin    3 J
25    Edward Summerwell    Team Quest    3
26    Drew Holmes    One Life Dev Squad    2
27    Tom Gallacher    Welwyn Wheelers    3 J
28    David Murrell    London Phoenix     2
29    David Martin    Zimbabwe    E
30    Geoff Powell    High Wycombe CC    3
31    Henry Furniss    WyndyMilla / Maxifuel    E
32    Jules Birks    V C Londres    2
33    Oliver Newlan    Twickenham CC    2
34    Tony Gibb    Cycle Premier    E
35    Sam Humpheson    Look Mum No Hands!    2
36    Martin Hulbert    VC Meaudon    3
37    Nat Spurling    Finsbury Park    2
38    Adam Cotterell    WyndyMilla / Maxifuel    1
39    Luke Merrilees    WyndyMilla/Maxifuel    2
40    Alex Anderson    Welwyn Wheelers    3 J
41    George Farrell    Welwyn Wheelers    3 J
3rd Category  -  Race 2        
1    Rob Griffiths    London Pheonix   
2    Stuart Harvey    Ultimate Fitness   
3    Rudie Marais    Team Archer   
4    David Robinson    CC Ashwell   
5    Vaughan Luff    De Ver/Neovite   
6    Phil Adams    Ashwell CC   
7    Stephen Campbell    Twickenham CC   
8    Jonathan Dredge    London Dynamo   
9    Mike Betts    Vegetarian C & AC   
10    Lee Mead    Vc meudon   
11    Peter Dixon    Willesden CC   
12    Ralph De Kanter    Norwood Paragon CC   
13    Adam Elderfield    Quest Bike Shop   
14    Simon Alexander    Southend   
15    Jai Watson    Dulwich Paragon CC   
16    Cassie Gledhill    Orbea-for goodness shakes   
17    Richard Stanton    Arbis/Roy Pink Cycles RT   
18    Chris Campbell    London Dynamo/Prologue   
19    Martin Porter    Thames Velo   
20    Michael Leonard    Brighton Mitre   
21    Oli Pepper    Kinesis Morvelo   
22    James Curry    Inverse RT/Cyclaim   
23    Declan Higgins    Twickenham CC   
24    Mike Anderson    VC St. Raphael   
25    Stuart King    Twickenham   
26    Mark O'brien    Archer RC   
4th Category  -  Race 2             
1    Andy Pollintine    Dulwich Paragon   
2    Henry Latimer    Team Zappi's   
3    Chris Wilkinson    Dulwich Paragon   
4    Steve Middleton    Ultimate Fitness   
5    Lee Potter    Ultimate Fitness   
6    Tom Rose    London Dynamo   
7    Michael Van Loenen    London Phoenix   
8    Mark Lawn    Inverse RT/   
9    Jamie Pine    Le Col   
10    Michael Vance    Dulwich Paragon   
11    James Fletcher    Inverse RT/Cyclaim   
12    Richard Yerbury    Private Member   
13    Huw Griffiths    TriSportsNews   
14    Sean Pearson    Dulwich Paragon   
15    Mark Gregory    Private Member   
16    Rory Wilkinson    Dulwich Paragon   
17    Roger Richards    Dulwich Paragon   
18    Jake Edwards    San Fairy Ann CC   
19    Patrick McGuirk    Liphook RT   
20    Francis Cade    Kingston Wheelers CC   
21    Tanya Hunt    Team Endurance   
22    Clem Halpin    Twickenham CC   
23    Taimur Tanwir    London Dynamo   
24    Adam Brittain    High Wycombe CC   
25    Edmond Irwin    London Fire Brigade   
26    Iain Gillam       
27    Morgan Williams    New Forest CC   
28    Russell Jones       
29    Ken Creighton    private member   
30    Liam Bremer    London Phoenix CC   
31    Conall Yates    In Gear Quickvit RT   
32    Paul Buckley    Thames Velo   
33    Joe Clark    High Wycombe CC   
34    Simon Parton    Kingston Wheelers   
35    Iain Boardman    Dulwich Paragon   
36    Darryl Green    Inverse RT/Cyclaim   
37    Ben Smith    Welwyn Wheelers   
38    Peter Hitt    Private Member   
39    Richard Musson    Private member   
40    Bruce Turner    Rugby Velo   
41    Alan Nixon    Amersham RCC