Report: National Circuit Race Championship

Report: National Circuit Race Championship

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2010 National Circuit Race Championship

Story posted July 16, 2010 | Beverley (East Yorkshire) | by Larry Hickmot


Olympic Champion, Ed Clancy of Motorpoint Marshals Pasta, added the National Circuit Race Championship title to his long list of achievements on Friday night in Beverley.

The 2010 World Omnium champion on the track was the surprise winner of the race after it looked like a break of four riders, Kristian House (Rapha Condor Sharp), Tom Murray (Sigma Sport Specialized), Andy Tennant (Motorpoint Marshals Pasta) and James McCallum (Endura Racing) were going to be the riders racing for the title.

Jonny McEvoy, Ed Clancy, and Ian Wilkinson, on the podium at the end of a strange National Circuit Race Championship.

After going through to take the bell with a healthy enough advantage, their lead appeared to be enough to hold off the bunch but a crash on the last lap took out two of the contenders, Tennant and House and then James McCallum was caught with only 25 metres to go as the rampaging peloton came thundering over the cobbles and Clancy took the title from Ian Wilkinson (Endura Racing) by less than half a wheel.

After a rolling lap, Tony Gibb (Cycle Premier Metaltek)  leads the field through to be flagged away by the mayor of Beverley.

The Night out in Beverley
For a few years now, the Circuit Race Championship has been coming to Beverley and with such an historic town centre as a back drop and huge crowds lining the streets to cheer the riders on, the race has been served well by the townsfolk in the East Yorkshire town.  The work on getting the circuit ready by the organiser’s team of workers started early in the day and by late in the afternoon, there was still a lot of work being done.

At 5pm, rain showers were not a good sign and the barriers were devoid of people but come 6 o’clock, the brass band was now in place to get the place jumping whilst the runners were taking to the closed roads for their race as the rain drifted off in the distance. The ice cream van, which had not been doing to well prior to the racing starting, was all of a sudden doing great business and it was hard to know whether there were more people with ice-creams in their hands or glasses of beer as both were very popular with the crowd.

The break that spent three quarters of the race at the head of affairs -- Tom Murray, James McCallum, Kristian House and Ed Clancy.

With the scent of fish and chips wafting across the circuit making more than one official on the race hungry for some dinner, a one lap time trial was contested by 15 riders and from them, Ian Wilkinson of Endura Racing was in fine form as he won that ahead of Steven Burke (Motorpoint Marshals Pasta) and Matt Cronshaw (Rapha Condor Sharp).

The support race for club riders then followed and whilst the race had its share of attacking riding, and at one point was splitting up as the pace got too much for many, it just as quickly settled down as the group gathered for the final bunch kick. It was just the ticket to get the crowd going as Mike Moss crossed the line arms aloft ahead of a heaving mass of riders all at full speed on the cobbles.

All that was left now was for the pros to get some time to warm up on the circuit before they were lined up at 8pm and flagged away on a rolling start. The crowd by now was huge and one of the interested spectators was last year’s defending champion, Russell Downing, curiously, standing not far from the ice cream van. With out an ice cream though!

A picture which sums up the race -- on one side Chris Newton watches for any attacks and on the other, Ian Wilkinson does the same as the break with their teammates continues to lead the race.

After a steady start, the attacks started to come as riders tried to get a break going. Andy Tennant  was prominent and Andrew Magnier (Cycle Premier/Metaltek) also had a go. Tony Gibb (Cycle Premier/Metaltek) as well was active but nothing was sticking for very long with so many fresh legs in the peloton. A break with Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport Specialized) and Marcel Six (Orbea/For Goodness Shakes)  got a gap for a while but again, the race was soon all together.

It wasn’t until three riders got away, Tom Murray, Kristian House and Andy Tennant that things started to happen and they were quickly joined by James McCallum. The break started to open up a gap and from the side of the road, it was easy to see that the peloton was now being controlled by the big four teams who had riders up front. Strangely, the managers for all the teams in the break appeared happy that their guy was capable of winning the race which is why the brakes were applied in the bunch.

An interested spectator trying to stay out of the spotlight was last years winner on this circuit, Russell Downing.
Another even younger Downing is dressed in Rapha kit and watching his dad race at Beverley helped along by her mum.

Instead of the brutal, non-stop attacking race we have seen in so many circuit races this year, like the one on Wednesday night in Colne, in the National Championship on Friday night, there was a  stalemate with the four leaders followed at 30 seconds by the peloton and both groups seemingly content.

Not that riders didn’t try to bring the break back. Tony Gibb was noticeable on the front in the second half of the race and Raleigh sent Dale Appleby to the front to try and bring the leaders back as well. Dean Shannon of the Orbea team tried to cross to the break on his own but the leaders were untouchable. Their lead wasn’t massive but it was certainly enough for them to stay away or so everyone thought as the bell rung out.

After having seen the four leaders well clear at the bell, everyone was expecting to see them come sprinting into sight and battling for the championship but no, that is not what happened. Instead, out of our sight, first Tom Murray had attacked on that final lap and tried to go clear but that failed.

Tony Gibb on the attack trying to break the stranglehold of the four teams controlling the peloton.

He’d been caught by a charging Andy Tennant who in the words of his teammate, Ed Clancy, then came down on a corner when his front wheel let go and what followed was a shower of sparks as Tennant’s bike was sent spinning towards Kristian House.

That just left James McCallum who thought he’d won the lottery as all his rivals from the break were now out of the running and the Scottish Commonwealth Games medallist attacked the final few hundred metres of the race with every ounce of energy he had left but as soon as he hit the cobbles the momentum stalled and soon the peloton was alongside him as Ed Clancy and Ian Wilkinson sprinted elbow to elbow for the win.

A throw of the bike on the line by Clancy was enough to see him win the title. Wilkinson meanwhile, had been caught out by the crashes and attacks on that final lap and had faced the  dilemma of whether to sprint all out or hold back to avoid chasing down his teammate McCallum.

Heartbreak for James McCallum (on the left of the peloton) who is caught only metres from the line by a charging Ed Clancy and Ian WIlkinson.

This was just another example of how strange the race was and there was also a lot of bad luck for some riders. Rob Hayles came down mid race on the back end of the circuit and had to walk back to the pits and was out of the race. Rapha Condor Sharp also ended the race bitterly disappointed. When the break was away, everything was looking good for them as they had former National Road Race Champion Kristian House in the break, but he was taken out by the crash to Andy Tennant.

Worse was to come and as the peloton lined up for the sprint to hunt down lone leader McCallum, one rider, Dean Downing, saw his chances disappear as his electric gears failed and instead of changing down, he soon found himself in the 23 sprocket instead of the 11.

And that was the 2010 Circuit Race Championship. Not the most spectacular of races compared to the ones that preceded it this year but then championships can be like that. What came out of it though was a great rider was crowned champion in Ed Clancy. A rider who will be looking to show the jersey in circuit races to come this year and then many more are sure to follow in 2010.

The moment the title was decided -- Ed Clancy gets his front wheel across the line in front of Ian Wilkinson's. And look at that crowd! Thank you Beverley!

Dale Appleby from Raleigh chasing down the break.

Winner of the support race, Mike Moss.

Rider reactions are coming from the Elite race plus many more photos!


National Circuit Race Championship 2010
1. Ed Clancy, Motorpoint Marshals Pasta
2. Ian Wilkinson, Endura Racing
3. Jonny McEvoy, Motorpoint Marshals Pasta
4. Marcel Six, Obea For Goodness Shakes
5. James McCallum, Endura Racing
6. Peter Williams, Motorpoint Marshals Pasta
7. Simon Holt, UC Bergamasca
8. Matt Kipling, MTS Cyclesport
9. David Lines, Endura Racing
10. Matt Cronshaw, Rapha Condor Sharp
11. Adam Duggleby,
12. Jon Mozeley, Kuota Road CC
13. Simon Gaywood, Corley Cycles
14. Tom Barras, Raleigh
15. Kit Gilham, Sigma Sport Specialized
16. Will Bjergfelt, Wilier, Big Maggies Prendas
17. Stephen Adams, SIgma Sport Specialized
18. James Stewart, Raleigh
19. Simon Wilson, Cycle
20. James Sampson, Motorpoint Marshals Pasta
21. Tom Last, Sigma Sport Specialized
22. Richard Hepworth, Cycle Premier Metaltek
23. Stuart Reid, Herbal Life Wheelbase
24. Evan Oliphant, Endura Racing
25. David Clarke, Pendragon Le Col Colnago
26. Alistair Rutherford, Science in Sport
27. Malcolm Elliott, Motorpoint Marshals Pasta
28. Peter Johnston, Southfork Racing
29. Andy Tinsley, Kuota Roads CC
30. Peter Middlehurst, Octagon VC
31. Davod McGowan, Kuota Roads CC
32. Gareth Montgomerie, Sigma Sport Specialized
33. Ian Bibby, Motor Point Marshals Pasta
34. Richard Lambert, Cottingham Courers
35. Cam Austin, London Dynamo
36. Daniel Smith, Velo29
37. Richard Tanguy, Pendragon Le Col Colnago
38. Dean Shannon, Obrea For Goodness Shakes
39. Dean Downing, Rapha Condor Sharp
40. Ian Field, Science in Sport
41. Gary Chambers, Southfork racing
42. Jamie Newall, Corley Cycles
43. Jonathan Tieran Locke, Rapha Condor Sharp
44. Steven Burke, Motorpoint Marshals Pasta
45. Chris Newton, Rapha Condor Sharp
46. Steve Lampier, Pendragon Le Col Colnago
47. Simon Richardson, Sigma Sport Specialized
48. Kristian House, Rapha Condor Sharp
49. James Williamson, Sigma Sport Speicalized
50. Julian Grommett, Cottingham Courers
51. Jack Pullar, Herbalife Wheelbase
52. Ben Simmons, Team Wiggle
53. Tom Murray, Sigma Sport Specialized
54. Andy Tennant, Motorpoint Marshals Pasta

Support race
1. Mike Moss,
2. Mark Shackleton
3. Tom Arnstein
4. Paul ALlen, Wakefield CC
5. Paul Norton, Richardsons Cube RT
6. Matthew Bulmer, Dirtwheels Cycles
7. Stephen Swales,
8. Craig Gath
9. James Wagner, Sportscover Strategic
10. Andrew Mitchell
11. Steve Johnson, Unattached
12. Daniel Shoreman, Yorkshire Velo
13. Anthony Pearson, Scunthorpe Poly CC
14. Carl Martin, Malton Wheelers
15. Colin Baldwin, Malton Wheelers
16. Robert Busby, Richardson, Cube RT
17. Adrian Rudd, Dirtwheels Cycles
18. Lee Watson, Richardson/Cube RT
19. David Perry, Go Sports Spex
20. Darren Binks, Hambleton RC
21. Terry Goundry
22. Nick Armitstead, Dirtwheels cycles
23. Matthew Enticknap, Malton Wheelers
24. Joseph White, Team Phian
25. Paul Waddington, VC Beverley
26. Stuart McCluskey
27. Andrew Bates, PM
28. Craig Medcalf, Richardsons Cube RT
29. Matthew Eastwood, York Cycle Works
30. Richard Baldwin

Former Winners

Our thanks to Jim Hendry MBE (Honorary Archivist, British Cycling)
Note: All Senior Championships became open to amateur and professionals in 1996

1996: Bury St. Edmunds – 73.3 km
1. John Tanner, 2. Mark Walsham, 3. Jon Clay

1997: Bury St Edmunds – 72 km
1. Simon Cope, 2. Joe Bayfield, 3. Mark McKay

1998: Haverhill – 72 km
1. Chris Walker, 2. Chris Williams, 3. Dan Smith

1999: Bury St Edmunds – 60.6km
1. Chris Walker, 2. Rob Reynolds-Jones, 3. Chris Lillywhite

2000: Birmingham – 62.4 km
1. Rob Hayles, 2. John Tanner, 3. Anthony Malarczyk

2001: Newark  60 km
1. Chris Newton, 2. Dean Downing, 3. Bryan Steel

2002: Newport, Wales  -  60 km
1. Dean Downing, 2. Mark Kelly, 3. Neil Swithenbank

2003: Llandudno – 51 km
1. Russell Downing, 2. Dean Downing, 3. Bryan Taylor

Hillingdon 80 km
1. Colin Roshier, 2. Greg Sandy, 3. Rob Enslin

2005: Otley, West Yorks -  47 km
1. Mark Cavendish,  Russell Downing,  Ian Wilkinson

2006  Horwich. – 64 km
1. James Taylor, 2. Tony Gibb, 3. Adam Blythe

2007: Otley – 1 hour
1. James McCallum, 2. Ed Clancy, 3. Matthew Cronshaw

2008: Beverely -- 1 Hour plus five
1. Dean Downing, 2. Rob Hayles, 3. Tony Gibb

2009: Beverley
1. Russell Downing, 2, Jeremy Hunt, Rob Hayles


1979: Milton Keynes – 90 km
1. Sid Barras, 2. Ian Banbury, 3. Jack Kershaw

1980: Telford – 90km
1. Bill Nickson, 2. Sid Barras, 3. Barry Hoban

1981: NOT HELD

1982: Newport, Gwent – 80 km
1. Phil Bayton, 2. Phil Corley, 3. Bill Nickson

1983: Stockton on Tees - 81 km
1. Keith Lambert, 2. Dudley Hayton, 3. Steve Jones

1984: NEC, Birmingham – 90 km
1. Malcolm Elliott, 2. Bill Nickson, 3. keith Lambert

1985: Hull
1. Dave Miller, 2. Malcolm Elliott, 3. Steve Fleetwood

1986: 1. Paul Sherwen, 2. Steve Joughin, 3. Phil Thomas

1987: 1. Tim Harris. 2. Chris Lillywhite, 3. Mark Walsham

1988: Leek – 100 km
1. Mark Walsham, 2. Jon Walshaw, 3. Nick Barnes

1989: Cardiff – 90 km
1. Paul Curran, 2. Mark Walsham, 3. Chris Lillywhite

1990: Worksop – 100 km
1. Rob Holden, 2. Hilton McMurdo, 3. Adrian Timmis

1991: Cardiff – 80 km
1. Rob Holden, 2. Hilton McMurdo, 3. Mark Walsham

1992: Cardiff – 100 km
1. Neil Hoban, 2. Dave Baker, 3. Keith Reynolds

1993: Crystal Palace – 66 km
1. Chris Lillywhite, 2. Spencer Wingrave, 3. Simon Cope

1994: Milford Haven – 58 km
1. Neil Hoban, 2. Dave Rayner, 3. Bernie Burns

1995: 1. Jon Clay, 2. Mark Walsham, 3. Chris Lillywhite


1993: Wigan – 70 km
1. Roger Hammond, 2. Jeremy Hunt, 3. Mark McKay

1994: Gorleston – 70 km
1. Dave Williams, 2. John Charlesworth, 3. Matt Stephens

1995: Bury St. Edmunds – 75.4 km
1. Sam Quinn, 2. Roger Hammond, 3. Jimmy Jones

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