Campaign Update: "Keep Racing on the Roads"

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"Keep Racing on the Roads" Campaign Update

July 12 2010

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British Cycling's "Keep Racing on the Roads" campaign drew a huge wave of support during the run-up to the General Election, earlier this year. Over 8000 fans supported the campaign's Facebook presence and helped significantly in raising its profile.

There were more than 200 positive responses to a pre-election mail-out British Cycling sent to parliamentary candidates, asking them to support the campaign to reverse the decline of road racing. This translated into over 30 MPs in the current parliament who are supportive of the campaign, many of whom British Cycling's representatives have met and established a dialogue with.

Since the election, the campaign has produced several other significant developments within the corridors of Westminster.

For example, in June, British Cycling secured a formal meeting with the new Minister for Transport, Norman Baker, to discuss how he and his department can speed up the progress in dealing with the issues that face racing on the highways. British Cycling has a follow-on meeting, with the minister's officials, booked for this week.

Since the start of the new parliament, British Cycling has also had several senior-level meetings with officials at the Department for Transport to discuss amending the Cycle Racing on the Highways Regulations. Securing changes to these regulations is a key goal of the campaign.

Finally, June also saw one of our supporters within Westminster, British Cycling member Ian Austin MP, elected as co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling. His position on this influential body is a big boost to British Cycling's push to get issues like the decline of road racing addressed by the Government.