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Guildford Town Centre Races 2010

Story posted July 8, 2010; by Graham Robins

Town centre racing came to Guildford on Wednesday night with many of the region's top riders coming to this tight and twisty circuit for a fast and hard-fought main event. The circut used, with its cobbled climb up the High Street and tight, narrow corners out of North Street, made for some good racing through out the evening.

The race was promoted by Charlotteville CC and was well supported by local companies and the public who lined the barriers three deep in places. The support race was won by Jon Lewis from the promoting club. He managed to get away and soon opened up a gap which he held onto to record a solo victory. The Youth race was won by Joe Fox (Solihull CC).

The main race of the night had some very strong riders all looking for a win on the tough cobbled High street. Soon after the first couple of laps, a small group of eight started to edge away from the field as the fast and furious pace of this hour long race started to take its toll. With the leaders lapping in about 45 secsond, at the halfway point, the lead group was clear of the chasing bunch but the pace wasn't fast enough for one rider.

Sigma Sport's Dutchman, Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport) started to pull away off the front and as each lap was ticked off, his lead continued to increase. He was soon lapping the tail enders and then had sight of the chasers. Wouter took about five laps to attach himself to the back of the chase group, much to the excitement of the crowd who were being urged on by the commentator to make lots of noise to cheer the Sigma rider on.

The chase group contained the likes of Jody Crawforth and Jonathan Dibben (Hargroves Cycles), Jamie Newell (Corley Cycles), Marcel Six (Orbea-For Goodness Shakes), Ian Paine (London Dynamo) and Wouter’s team mate, Phil Sykes. All the chasing group were working hard still but it was Wouter who took the win with Jody in second and Phil in third.


1. Wouter SYBRANDY Sigma Sport/Specialized
2. Jody CRAWFORTH Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI
3. Phill SYKES Sigma Sport/Specialized
4. Marcel SIX Orbea-For Goodness Shakes!
5. Jeroen JANSSEN
6. Jamie NEWALL Team Corley Cycles
7. Gareth MONTGOMERY Sigma Sport/Specialized
8. Jonathan DIBBEN Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI
9. Ian PAINE London Dynamo
10. Simon ERNEST AW
11. Jefte DE BRUIN
12. Lee SMITH Felt-Colbornes RT
13. Jon MOZLEY
14. Martin SMITH
15. Alexander KING Endura Racing
16. Michael JACKSON CC Luton
17. Darren BARCLAY Arctic RT
18. James WAITE Pearson Cycles
19. Dean SHANNON Orbea-For Goodness Shakes!
20. Richard MARDLE Felt-Colbornes RT
21. Tim ELVERSON Felt-Colbornes RT
22. Daniele SANTONI MSTina

Support Race
1. Jon LEWIS    Charlotteville CC
2. Samuel STURGEON    Team Terminator
3. Neil HEFFERNAN    InverseRacing/Bikefood
4. Nick ONSLOW
5. John GLAYSHER    ...a3crg
6. Conor BUNN    VC Londres
7. Daniel GILLOW    Wyndymilla-Maxifuel
8. Adrian GOATLEY    British Cycling Private
9. Michael BELL    London Fire Brigade CC
10. Dean FROST    VC Meudon
11. Nick JEPSON    Brighton Excelsior CC

1. Joe FOX Solihull CC
2. Harry FRANKLIN VC Londres
3. Dante CARPENTER OneLife Development Squad
4. Rory TOWNSEND Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5. Matt HARGROVES Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI
6. Ross KING Herne Hill Youth CC
7. Jack OLIVER-BLANEY Team Terminator

1. Louis MAGNANI Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2. Aidan WOOLVEN Sutton CC/De Ver Cycles
3. Matthew HILL VC Jubilee
4. Mark JACOBS VC Jubilee
5. Megan LEWIS VC Jubilee
6. Oliver PRIDDLE VC Jubilee
8. Andrew PINK Charlotteville CC
9. Jamie WATERS Unattached
10. Danny FOX Solihull CC
11. Cormac SCULLY-KING VC Meudon
12. Abigail DENTUS Palmer Park Velo RT

1. Cameron HOUSTON AD Cycles RT
2. Joshua HOLLAND Charlotteville CC

1. Joe MCGUINNESS Palmer Park Velo RT
2. Damon KING Palmer Park Velo RT
3. Callum MACLEOD Palmer Park Velo RT
4. Bethany LEWIS VC Jubilee
5. Erin BAKER Southdown Velo
6. Jake KENNEDY Palmer Park Velo RT