Report: WXCRL QinetiQ Evening Circuit Race

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WXCRL QinetiQ Evening Circuit  Race

Tuesday 22 June 2010; by Graham Robins

The WXCRL QinetiQ Evening Circuit 2010 race was a handicapped race on the Barnsfield course run over one hour and one lap. The lovely mid summers evening did not seem to encourage riders to this lovely safe course however those that did race, put on a really good show. The 3rd and 4th cats were first on to the course with the E/1/2 chasing them at two minutes. With such a small field it was difficult for anyone to make a break and therefore the race for the most part stayed together.

Following the success of last week’s running of the race, the course designer kept to the same layout but reversed the direction. Once the 3rd and 4th cats were collected and dispatched out the back within four laps, the speed increased and the usual suspects all came to the front to drive the race speed up.

The sprint finish was contested By Stuart Bowers (Hargroves Cycles) and Jay Eastwood (V C St Raphael), with all the rest of the bunch right behind them. At the finish, the result was not clear with both riders claiming the win. The result will have to be decided once the video on the line has been checked.