Report: Hove Park Crits Race 3

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Brighton Mitre Hove Park Crits Race 3

Story posted June 21, Event: June 18; thanks to Mike Leonard

With the England football team covering themselves in world cup glory, as expected the numbers were slightly down on race two but the racing was still good non the less. The cat 4's set off at its by now customary bullet like pace, quickly getting down to the business of attacks and counter attacks. This resulted in a lead group of four Nick Jepson (Brighton Excelsior), Ian Brogden (London Dynamo), Stuart Hamilton (Eastbourne Rovers) and the Mitre's own Greg Woodhouse, showing great racing maturity in his debut race.

The breakaway worked well together to build their lead and then resumed hostilities when the five lap to go board came out. Shortly thereafter, they parted company with Greg Woodhouse (Brighton Mitre). Nick Jepson (Brighton Excelsior) provided to be the strongest in the uphill sprint with Stuart Hamilton (Eastbourne Rovers) second and Ian Brogden (London Dynamo) third.

It would appear the category 2/3 races are the year of the soloist. With series leader Euan Adams a no show, the mantle was taken up by Jake Martin (Onelife Development Squad) who took off on his own with quarter of the race completed, stretching out and holding his lead to half a lap. The pack made some concerted efforts to close the gap but with every move policed by the Onelife team they were always doomed to fail.

The chase petered out in the final stages allowing Jake Martin (Onelife Development Squad) to cross the finish line alone. Will Kemp (Onelife) did his overall series standings no harm with another second place & Brock Duncumb-Rogers (Onelife) rounding out a great evening for the Onelife Development Squad taking third.

The fourth & final round is on the 16th July.


Cat 4 Race
1. Nick Jepson (Brighton Excelsior)
2. Stuart Hamilton (Eastbourne Rovers)
3.  Ian Brogden (London Dynamo)
4.  Greg Woodhouse (Brighton Mitre)
5.  Stuart Bettis (Team Terminator)
6.  Johan Stegers (Lewes Wanderers CC)
7.  Dominic Lowden (Lewes Wanderers CC)
8.  Matt Hennessey (Kinesis Morevelo)
9.  Paul Barnard (Team Terminator)
10. Steven Kane (Brighton Excelsior)
11. Peter Lawrence (Southboro Wheelers)
12. Paul Martin (Private Member)

Cat 2/3 Race
1. Jake Martin (Onelife Development Squad)
2. Will Kemp (Onelife Development Squad)
3. Brock Duncumb-Rogers (Onelife Development Squad)
4. Mark Ottoway (VC Meudon)
5. Phil Cloke (San Fairy Ann)
6. Martin Potter (Brighton Mitre)
7. Henry Bird (Lewes Wanderers CC)
8. Simon Bird (Dulwich Paragon)
9. Nathan Dye (Brighton Mitre)
10. Daniel Clark (Private Member)
11. Nick Sky (Brighton Mitre)
12. Craig Pitt (Brighton Mitre)
13. Simon Fox (Dulwich Paragon)
14. James Lowden (Lewes Wanderers CC)

Overall standings after race 3
1.  Euan Adams (Red Kite Cycles)    20 points
2. Will Kemp (Onelife)            17 points
3. Jake Martin (Onelife)     10 points
4. Andy Edwards (Brighton Mitre) 7 points
4. Simon Fox (Dulwich Paragon) 7 points
6. Brock Duncumb-Rogers (Onelife) 5 points
6.  Mark Ottoway (VC Meudon)         5 points     
8. Max Filleul (Southdown Bikes) 3 points
8. Steve Atkinson (Southdown Bikes) 3 points
10. Phil Cloke (San Fairy Ann) 1 point