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British Junior RR Championships

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May 16, 2010; Brecon (Wales), by Larry Hickmott | Full Report |

In a belter of a downhill sprint, Dan McLay triumphed easily to win the kick for the line ahead of teammate Owain Doull and Chris Nicholson.

The 2010 British Junior Road Race Champion is Dan McLay of the Hargroves Cycles team who won an exciting race on a sporting course based around the town of Brecon in Wales. After 74 hilly miles in the Brecon's, the title was decided in a bunch kick between 20 or so riders with Owain Doull (Hargroves Cycles) second and Chris Nicholson (Isle of Man) third.

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Photo Report
(thanks to the Welsh NEG & Roy Guttridge for their help in getting these photos)

A crash in the first few miles ruined the race for a few riders.

Despite having been ill before the race, Adam Yates was the rider of the event, away for most of the distance.

Adam Yates was joined by two more riders including Jordan Hargreaves.

They built up a good lead on the bunch prior to the second circuit.

On the long climb on the second circuit, the favourites burst into action but still they couldn't get away.

The leaders meanwhile were only four strong after the second big circuit.

Perry Bowater drives the peloton along forcing a split and the creation of a chase group.

Chris Nicholson, who finished third, saw the danger and crossed to the chase group on his own.

The leaders with 10 miles to go were still a minute or so clear.

The peloton splits on the climb as they chase the break drive along by Alistair Slater.

The riders from Hargroves Cycles help a small chase group get across to the leaders, doubling the size of the lead group.

A few miles out at the bottom of the final climb and Owain Doull goes on the attack.

Oliver Rossi leads Perry Bowater as they try to get away on the final climb a few miles from home.

Conor Dunne and Chris Nicholson try their luck on that last climb but to no avail.

New champion for 2010, Dan McLay.

1. Daniel McLay, Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / Scott / GSi
2. Owain Doull, Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / Scott / GSi
3. Chris Nicholson, Team Isle of Man
4. Simon Yates, Maxgear RT
5. Conor Dunne, Glendene CC
6. Oliver Rossi, PCA Ciclos Uno
7. Adam Yates, Maxgear RT
8. Lewis Balyckyi, Team Wallis - CHH
9. Perry Bowater, CC Giro
10. Joshua Edmonson, Motorpoint/Mashalls Pasta
11. Joe KellyTeam,  Isle of Man
12. Laurie Brooking, Herbalife/Wheelbase
13. Alistair Slater, Bourne Wheelers
14. Matt Bailey, Team Kuota
15. Sam Harrison, Planet X Road CC
16. Jonny Knox, Herbalife/Wheelbase
17. Paul Young, Glendene CC
18. Luke Gray,  Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / Scott / Gsi
19. Jack Penrice, Maxgear RT
20. Josh ColeTeam,  Sportscover
21. Jack GreenVC,  St Raphael
22. Josh Papworth, Cult Racing
23. Tom Stockdale, Team Qoroz
24. Matthew Holmes, Team Wallis - CHH
25. Robert Crampton, Wills Wheels
26. Kenta Gallagher, Scott UK
27. Chris Sherriffs, Team Wallis - CHH
28. Paul FostunLangdale,  Lightweights RT
29. Hugo Humphreys, Mosquito Bikes RT
30. George Moore, CC Giro
31. Taylor Johnstone, Team De Ver
32. James Baillie, Sheffield Sports
33. Luke Grivell-Mellor, Mid Shropshire Wheelers
34. Matthew Hamilton, Team  Leslie Bike Shop / Right Move Windows
35. Conor Ryan, VC Montpelier
36. Matthew Haase, VC St Raphael
37. James Smith, Dooleys Cycles RT
38. Andrew Brind-Surch, VC St Raphael
39. Tom Moses, Glendene CC
40. Jack Cousins, Wills Wheels
41. Declan Byrne, Brookes Cycles
42. Owen Lake, Cambridge CC
43. Tom Neale, Inverse Racing / Bikefood
44. hJames Lowsley-Williams, AgiscoViner
45. Mike Gregg, Team
46. Jack Waller, Team Corley Cycles - Cervelo - Alpha RC
47. Matthew Myers, Twickenham CC
48. Andy Hargroves, Hargroves Cycles / Trant / Next / Scott / GSi
49. Brennan Townshend, Mid Devon CC
50. Martin Woffindin, SportCity Velo
51. Steven James,
52. Grant Ferguson, Dooleys Cycles RT
53. Tom Mazzone, Team  Isle of Man
54. Finlay Young, Equipe Velo Ecosse / Montpelliers
55. Sam Connolley, Maldon & District CC
56. Nicholas Avery, Mid Devon CC
57. Rupert Denny, Team Nemesis GB
58. Max Webber,
59. Jim Lewis, Glendene CC
60. Bradley Burbridge, - Infinis RT
61. Jake Martin, One Life Development Squad
62. Alex Palentides, Twickenham CC
63. Joe Charley, Wolverhampton Wheelers
64. Luke Cornish, Cwmcarn Paragon RC
65. James Dunlop, Herbalife/Wheelbase
66. Ben Kellett, VS Cycles
67. George Pearl, Southend Wheelers

Welsh Championship
1. Owain Doull, Hargroves Cycles
2. Sam Harrison, Planet X
3. Matthew Haase,  VC St Raphael


2009: 1. George Atkins, 2. Tim Kennaugh, 3. Joe Perrett
2008: 1. Erick Rowsell, 2. Andrew Fenn, 3. Alexander King
2007: 1. Peter Kennaugh, 2. Johnny McEvoy, 3. Erick Rowsell
2006: 1. Russell Hampton; 2. Jonathon McEvoy, 3. Peter Kennaugh
2005: 1. Adam Norris; 2. Richard Hepworth;  3. Lewis Atkins
2004: 1. Daniel Martin; 2. Andrew Hill; 3. Ian Stannard
2003: 1. Matt Brammeier; 2. Mark Cavendish;  3. Geraint Thomas
2002: 1. Stefan Wilson ; 2. Ritchie Bowen, 3. Craig Cooke
2001: 1. Peter Johnson; 2. Keiran Page 3. Graham Briggs
2000: 1. Keirin Page; 2. M Baker; 3. O Wallace
1999: Steve Cummings
1998: Yanto Barker
1997: P. Kay 
1996: G. Sellen
1995: G. Sellen
1994: Huw Pritchard
1993: James. Taylor

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