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David Campbell Memorial Road Race

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Event: Sunday, April 25; Scottish Super6 road race series No 3 | Thanks to Graham Barclay

Robert Hassan (Glasgow Wheelers) won the David Campbell Memorial Road Race despite crashing on the first of four laps. Hassan won won by a narrow margin from his breakaway companion Callum Wilkinson (Endura Racing) after the hard 81 mile race. The race started from Kennoway Shopping Centre in heavy rain and was over the traditional course in the heart of Fife around Kennoway, Craigrothie, Pitlessie, then up Cadgers and Porters brae’s to complete the main lap.

With the riders half way round the first lap and just starting the descent down towards Springfield crossroads, a crash brought down five riders including Hassan and Gordon Murdoch (East Kilbride RC). Most of the riders were able to pick themselves up and rejoin the bunch. First attack of the day was by Alistair Robinson (Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows) as the race headed towards Pitlessie.

Wilkinson was first to respond and soon joined Robinson and the two built up a lead approaching 40 seconds. These two spent over a lap in the lead with Robinson passing through the sprint in the lead with the gap coming down to 20 seconds. David Smith (Glasgow Wheelers) took off in pursuit of the leaders catching them before the hill prime on Porters brae but again Robinson rode through the prime in the lead as the trio started to make ground on the bunch.

As they started the third lap, the gap was up to 1 minute 15 seconds however a group of seven had started to chase. In this group were Hassan and Dougie Young (Glasgow Wheelers), David Lines and Ross Creber (Endura), Robin Wilkins (Stirling BC), crash victim Gordon Murdoch and Niall Aitken (Pedal Power). The midrace sprint (prime) was again uncontested with Smith taking the points from Wilkinson and Robinson.

These seven riders made the junction at Pitlessie, with another three chasers, Veli-Matti Raikkonen and Kevin Barclay and Junior Matthew Hamilton (Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows) at 20 seconds and the bunch at 1 minute 45 seconds. On the steep accent of Cadgers, Hamilton made the junction to the leaders with Barclay and Raikkonen dropping back to the bunch. At the prime, Robinson jumped this time for the points with Wilkinson and Wilkins taking the other places.

On the final lap, the 11 leaders consolidated their lead with the gap increasing to 2 minute 20 seconds and as they climbed Cadgers for the final time, Wilkinson attacked and Hassan gave chase. The break split into several groups as the pace skyrocketed. As the race headed onto the short finishing circuit, the leading duo opened up a lead of 30 seconds as the rest of the break all rejoined. With Endura and Glasgow Wheelers defending their leaders, the gap was at 50 seconds as the leaders passed through the finish line with two five mile circuits to be completed.

As they took the bell, Wilkinson attacked but couldn’t shake off Hassan and the pair continued increasing the lead to 1 minute 30seconds. Heading towards the finish and with around 1 mile to go, Hassan refused Wilkinsons gestures to lead into the long slightly uphill finishing straight. Wilkinson left the sprint as late as he could and with around 75 metres to the finish the sprint started, Hassan coming past Wilkinson on the line for the win.

Behind the remainder of the break were attacking each other with Lines and Smith sprinting for 3rd with Lines taking the prize. Organiser Dave Bean congratulated the winner, pleased that a Glasgow Wheelers rider had taken the win, as David Campbell from Glasgow Wheelers was killed in the race in 1968. First year senior Hassan, who looks even younger, was obviously pleased with his win and congratulated the organising team from Kennoway Road Club and a superb event.


1. Robert Hassan Glasgow Wheelers 2 3:24:15
2. Callum Wilkinson Endura Racing E same time
3. David Lines Endura Racing 1 0:25
4. David Smith Glasgow Wheelers 1 same time
5. Gordon Murdoch East Kilbride RC 1 0:28
6. Ross Creber Endura Racing E same time
7. Alistair Robinson Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows 2 0:45
8. Dougie Young Glasgow Wheelers 2 0:51
9. Robin Wilkins Stirling Bike Club 2 2:46
10. Niall Aitken Pedal Power 2 3:11
11. Euan Pope Glasgow Couriers  3:25
12. Graham McGarrity Dooleys RT 2V 3:55
13. Neil Cameron Falkirk Bike Club 2V same time
14. Peter Murdoch East Kilbride RC 3 same time
15. Barry Crumlish Glasgow Couriers 3 same time
16. Graeme Neagle Glasgow Wheelers 3 same time
17. Stuart MacGregor Dooleys RT 2V 4:00
18. Keith Robertson Granite City RT 3V 4:41
19. Steven Dunn Falkirk Bike Club 3V 4:43
20. Kenneth Armstrong Ayr Roads CC 3 4:48
21. Craig Adams Falkirk Bike Club 2 5:00
22. Eddie Cowie Stirling Bike Club 3 same time
23. Martin Coopland Falkirk Bike Club 3 5:03
24. John Kermode Dundee Thistle 2V same time
25. Veli-Matti Raikkonen Granite City RT 2 5:06
26. Steve McIntosh Granite City RT 2V same time
27. Kevin Barclay Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows 2 same time
28. Ciaran Dougherty East Kilbride RC 3 5:09
29. Richard Chapman The bicycleworks 2 same time
30. Stephen Russell East Kilbride RC 3 same time
31. Matthew Hamilton Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows 3J 7:31
32. Andrew Leith Dooleys RT 3J 7:59
33. David Murdoch East Kilbride RC 3J 12:33.