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Sheffrec CC - Revived Spring Road Race Report

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25th April 2010 | Report: Marc Etches | Click here for photos

A full field of 60 riders departed the Ruddle Centre at 10.00am to tackle 15 laps of the Stainton Circuit. After a couple of lone attacks which didn't hold 12 riders broke clear and soon established a 40 second lead over the main bunch. With 5 laps completed, the first Prime, sponsored by Base2Race was claimed by Julian Gromett of Cottingham Couriers and this opened up the gap to just over a minute with all 13 working well to hold off the bunch.

The groups time held at around a minute and dipped to 55 seconds with 5 laps remaining. The main bunch had started to attack to try to bridge the gap but a breakaway from the group, which had swelled to 10 men, caused the gap to go up by just over a minute. Daniel Storey, Sheffrec CC and Marc Mallender quickly established a 12 second lead but with 3 laps to go they were back in the breakaway bunch of 10. These 10 would stay away all the way to the finish.

The final stages saw Martin Wheeldon of Doncaster Wheelers attacking on the last lap to win by 8 seconds. Claiming 2nd in the sprint was Julian Gromett with junior Josh Cole, Sportscover in 3rd place. 26 seconds later the main bunch sprint was claimed by Tim Allen, Cyclesport / Pygott & Crone with Jack Taylor, Lincoln Velo and Charles Tennick, JE James RT close behind. The final points were claimed by Paul Summers, Crosstrax RT and Rob Townsend riding for the promoting club, Sheffrec CC in 15th place.


1. Martin Wheeldon, Doncaster Wheelers, 2nd Vet
2. Julian Gromett, Cottingham Couriers, 3rd @ 8 seconds
3. Josh Cole Sportscover Strategic, 3rd Junior
4. Elliot Teal, Crosstrax RT, 2nd
5. Danny Lowthorpe, Rutland CC, 3rd
6. Pete Middlehurst, Octagon VC, 2nd
7. Matthew Williams,, 3rd
8. Stephen Henson, Ellis Briggs, 3rd
9. Daniel Storey, Sheffrec CC, 3rd
10. Marc Malender, Rutland CC, 3rd
11. Tim Allen, Cyclesport / Pygott & Crone, 2nd @ 26 seconds
12. Jack Taylor, Lincoln Velo, 3rd Junior
13. Charles Tennick, JEJames RT, 3rd
14. Paul Summers, Crosstrax RT, 2nd
15. Rob Townsend, Sheffrec CC, 3rd
16. Craig Wilson, Birdwell Wheelers, 3rd
17. Ben Last, Sportscover Strategic, 3rd Junior
18. Stuart Murfin Ashfield RC, 2nd
19. Peter Beverley, Featherstone RC, 4th
20. Marcus Smith,, 3rd
21. Craig Maude, Yorkshire Road Club, 4th
22. Kyle Burleigh, Nottingham Clarion, 4th
23. David Brearley, Cottingham Couriers, 3rd Junior
24. Trevor Larcombe, Chevin Cycles/Bang and Olufsen, 4th Vet
25. James Allen, Sheffrec CC, 3rd
26. Jonathan Woodhouse, Wakefield CC, 4th Vet
27. Mick Clayton, RVO Racing, 3rd
28. Simon Keeton, Rutland CC, 3rd Vet
29. Number Folded Not Visible - All in black, white Cervelo bike
30. Alex Wallis, Sportscover Strategic, 3rd
31. John Hobson, Chevin Cycles/Bang and Olufsen, 3rd
32. Edward Pickard, Derby Mercury, 4th
33. Andy Parr, Go Sports Spex, 2nd
34. Ben Thomas, Private Member, 3rd
35. Craig Armitage, Chevin Cycles/Bang and Olufsen, 3rd
36. Jon Barnbrook, Columbia Bikefood, 4th
37. Richard Whittaker, Derby Mercury, 2nd
38. Simon Cocker, Private Member, 4th Vet
39. Steve Thompson, RVO Racing, 3rd
40. Paul Keyse, Private Member, 4th Vet
41. Lee Walker, Ashfield RC, 3rd

Many thanks to the Commissares, Dave Stewart, Jason Metcalfe all Sheffrec CC marshals and car drivers, the National Escort Group motorbike riders, Vic Siswick and Stuart Shaw and most importantly the riders who supported this event.