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British Cycling would like to thank everyone who has backed the "Keep Racing on the Roads" campaign. We've been overwhelmed by the the reaction we've had. One consistent message we've been hearing is "What can we do to help?" Below, you'll find a really practical way in which you can support the campaign and take it to a group of people who can really make a difference.

As we all know, the decline in road racing is a massive issue for cyclists and we need action from our politicians to get the changes we need made to the legislation. British Cycling has written to all the candidates standing in general election, explaining the issue and asking for their support. Over 150 MPs and candidates have responded to show their support for the campaign to keep cycle racing on the roads.

But, we need more! If you have a few minutes to help the campaign please use the website to find the contact details for your local candidates and get them to sign up to our campaign. Please see an example email below with all the details your parliamentary candidates will need to support our campaign. You can contact us on Facebook if you have any problems or need help.

Example email:

Dear Candidates Name,

As a constituent, I am writing to ask you to support British Cycling's campaign to keep cycle racing on the road. Over the past 10 years the number of club level road races has halved as race organisers, most of whom are volunteers, struggle with archaic legislation. Under regulations that are now 50 years old, police authorities are able to impose whatever conditions they wish on race organisers. Increasingly our clubs are faced with difficult negotiations, large policing bills and the effective prohibition of cycle road races.

This affects not only our ability to develop world class athletes, but also our ability to inspire the nation to become more active. I strongly urge you to support the campaign by clicking the link sent to you by British Cycling on the 26th April, or by emailing

Many thanks for you time, 

Your Name