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Tour of the Border News

Story posted April 7, 2010; 

Over the Easter weekend, the Newcastle Cheviot CC promoted the annual stage race, the Tour of the Border in the North East. In a statement on the Team Herbalife website, it says "During stage 2 of the Easter Four Day stage race in the north east over the Easter period, Team Herbalife/ rider Damian Smith was involved in a serious accident. It is believed that he was descending a hill when a rider crashed in front of him and in attempting to take evasive action he lost control and suffered serious injuries."

"He was taken to Newcastle General Hospital where his condition is described as critical but stable and he is showing steady signs of recovery. His partner and family are with him and would like to thank all those who have expressed their concerns. Team Herbalife Wheelbase would like to wish Damian a speedy recovery and their thoughts are with Damian, his partner and family."

"Any contact other than close family should be made via the clubs e-mail address Thank you for respecting the family’s wishes". 

After the crash, the race organising committee decided on Saturday evening to cancel the two remaining stages, Easter Sunday and Monday. British Cycling has received the results from the first two stages and the final overall which have now been added to the results database for British Cycling.


Stage 1
1. Neil Swithenbank
2. David McLean
3. David Shackleton
4. Alistair Kay
5. Daniel Smith
6. Ian Taylor
7. Harry Enzo Wickham
8. Alistair Robinson
9. Peter Lee Jefferies
10. Julian Gromett
11. Chris Mark
12. Giles Harrison
13. Jon Sturman
14. Andrew Beattie
15. Rob Graham
16. Richard Lambert
17. Stuart Reid
18. James Anderson
19. Paul Mace
20. Gareth Hewitt

Stage 2
1. J. Moss
2. G. Groenlund
3. R. Lambert
4. D. McLean
5. A. Robinson
6. C. Sewell
7. H.E. Wickham
8. D. Shackleton
9. A. Kay
10. G. McGarrity
11. D. Smith
12. R. Carter
13. P. Newnham
14. C. Mark
15. G. Richardson
16. J. McPake
17. J. Anderson
18. M. Mallen
19. I. Norris
20. T. Fawcett

Final Overall
1. D. McLean
2. D. Shackleton
3. A.Kay
4. D. Smith
5. A. Robinson
6. H.E. Wickham
7. J. Moss
8. R. Lambert
9. C. Mark
10. I.Taylor
11. J. Anderson
12. G. Hewitt
13. P. Mace
14. N. Wilson
15. P. Newnham
16. C. Sewell
17. R. Carter
18. G. Groenlund
19. G. McGarrity
20. J. McPake

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