Report: 49th Eddie Soens Memorial

Report: 49th Eddie Soens Memorial

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49th Eddie Soens Memorial Cycle Race

March 5, 2010; report & images Larry Hickmott | venue: Aintree Racecourse

Junior rider Joshua Edmondson (Motorpoint/Marshalls Pasta) won the 2010 Eddie Soens Memorial Handicap race following a canny move by several young riders, who made the most of starting in the first group by putting in a blistering first few laps. They blasted round the short Aintree circuit and effectively lapped the scratch group, including all the dangerous Elite riders, early in the race. From then on in there was little the pre-race favourites could do to shake off their quick-thinking younger rivals and the bunch sprint became a race within a race, a handful of Juniors contesting the win, with Edmondson getting the nod from the photo-finish crew.

A race fit for a classic day at Aintree
With the sun shining on them, a field of 160 plus riders took to the roads around the famous Aintree course with 30 laps of the circuit ahead of them. Many of the UK’s top teams were at the race including a sole representative from Team Sky, Ben Swift. The 2009 winner, Ed Clancy, lead the new Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta team in the race while another famous name, Raleigh, was represented by former Cervelo pro, Dan Fleeman.

Four time winner, Tony Gibb (CyclePremier-Metaltek), was also on the start line for this Silverbeck Rymer sponsored event.

The 163 riders were divided up into four groups. The final one, containing the Elite and first category riders, started their race three minutes behind the first bunch of competitors made up of Juniors and fourths. This meant that shortly after the Elites had started, that the Juniors came round chasing them for all they were worth.

Slideshow -- Part 1

It took the Juniors a few laps but they soon made contact with the Elites who had caught the other groups in front of them. This smart move by the Juniors meant they were in the box seat as the Elites were going to have to take a lap to deny them the victory.

The Elites knew they were in trouble and there was a barrage of attacks from Team Raleigh, Ben Swift, and four time winner Tony Gibb. It was not to be for them though and into the second half of the race, things were settling down. What attacks there were lasted less than a lap.

It soon became clear it was going to end in a bunch kick and with the bell ringing out around Aintree, Team Raleigh came through on the front to set up the sprint for their key rider. They were unable to carry on their momentum though and soon Motorpoint/Marshalls Pasta took control for their young Junior, Joshua Edmondson. Last years winner, Ed Clancy had been helping the talented youngster during the race and in the sprint for the line, Joshua, helped by his illustrious teammates, was first Junior across the line.

The officials were soon in a huddle around the photo finish van filtering out all the juniors in the big bunch gallop and sorting them into their finishing positions. To their credit, the judges did this quite  quickly and soon, three riders were called to the podium, Joshua Edmondson, Simon Yates and Robert Crampton. One-by-one, the riders were called onto the stage and presented with their trophy by the VIPs from sponsors, Silverbeck Rymer. The final rider called, Joshua Edmondson was also presented with a winners jersey courtesy of Impsport.

Post Race Reactions
Joshua Edmondson: A late signing by the Motorpoint/Marshalls Pasta team this year, the winner of the 2010 Eddie Soens Memorial had this to say afterwards. “Over the final few laps, I got towed round by everyone (in the team). They got me into a good position and all I had to do was sprint from the last corner to the line by myself and that was it. I heard the crash behind me but never saw who went down. It was crazy for the last two laps, everyone was going everywhere.”

“I couldn’t have had better help in the race than what I got from these guys (Motorpoint teammates). Ed was pretty much carrying me around, making sure I wasn’t going too far back and stuff. They did everything perfect for me.”

“At the start, we went really hard for the first two laps and then they were in sight. Myself and Owain Doull did a lot of work at the start and the Yates’ did a lot at the start too and then attacked as we got close and made it possible to get on the back of the Elite group.”

“It’s an excellent team to join and all the bikes and equipment are perfect.”

Simon Yates: “It was a bit chaotic at the finish there and I wasn’t really aware of where the other juniors were. I tried to get on Swifty’s wheel but wasn’t quite able to. All the ODP (Olympic Development Programme) riders had a get together before the race and we agreed to give it a go and see how it goes. When we didn’t get onto the Elites on the first lap, I didn’t think we’d be able to but we kept plugging away and eventually got across.”

Robert Crampton: The younger brother of GB sprinter Matt Crampton, was clearly nervous on the podium but to finish where he did in such a massive sprint showed he not only has good ability but also lots of confidence. “It was a pretty fast finish that but I didn’t think I’d get third. I was quite surprised. I went into the race with the plan of sitting in and waiting for the sprint but it was a bit dodgy it the end. I heard the crash but just kept my head down and went for it.”

Slideshow Part -2

OFFICIAL RESULT (updated March 8, 2010)
1  Joshua Edmondson Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta RT 1J 1:36.33
2  Simon Yates Maxgear RT 1J st
3  Robert Crampton Wills Wheels CC 1J st
4  Chris Nicholson Team Manx Telecom J st
5  Adam Yates Maxgear RT 1J st
6  Stephen Smith Birkenhead North End CC 4 st
7  Declan Byrne Brooks Cycles 2J st
8  Robert Ormrod Manchester Wheelers 4 st
9  Chris Smith Manchester Tri 4 st
10  Martin Spencer Glossop Kinder Velo 4M st
11  Jess Wieckowski Nemesis GB J st
12  Mike Gregg Team Probikekit 2J st
13  Gareth Owen VS Cycles 4 st
14  Lewis Balyckyi Team Wallis-CHH 2J st
15  Nick Pilborough Halesowen A&CC 4 st
16  Craig Maude Yorkshire RC 4M st
17  Robert Rutherford West Pennine RC 4M st
18  Owain Doull Hargroves Cycles J st
19  Sam Boast Cyclesport Pendle 3J st
20  Jon Eddolls Birkenhead North End CC 4M st
21  Spencer Coltman Southport CC 4 st
22  Martin Woffindin Sportcity Velo 2J st
23  Ashley Marshall VS Cycles 1J st
24  Chris Wilkinson Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3J st
25  Cormac Leyden University of Liverpool 4 st
26  Perry Bowater CC Giro J st
27  Gordon Leicester Warrington RC 4 st
28  Dean Higham Lancashire Road Club 4 st
29  Ben Kellett VS Cycles 2J st
30  Ben Staley University of Manchester CC 4 st
31  Sarah Cramoysan Team Swift 2WM st
32  Matt Bailey Halesowen A&CC 1J st
33  Tony Gibb Cyclepremier-Metaltek E @ 1 lap
34  Ben Swift Sky Pro Cycling E st
35  Andy Fenn 100% Me E st
36  Lee Smith Felt-Colbornes RT E st
37  Jon Mozley Kuota-Road CC E st
38  Jonny McEvoy Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta RT 2 st
39  Giles Pidcock Epic Cycles RC 2M st
40  John Brown ActivCycles-Fentimans RT 2M st
41  Ian Rees B6Mags E st
42  Tom Barras Team Raleigh E st
43  Roy Sumner Port Sunlight Wheelers 3 st
44  Shane O'Neill GS Surosa 1 st
45  Duncan McLaren Stockport Clarion 2 st
46  Derek Finnegan Liverpool Century RC 3 st
47  Chris Whittle Deeside Thistle 3 st
48  Andy Tennant Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta RT E st
49  Simon Wilson Cyclepremier-Metaltek E st
50  Liam Holohan Team Raleigh E st
51  David Arthur Bespoke Cycling 2 st
52  Alistair Rutherford 1 st
53  Andrew Magnier Cyclepremier-Metaltek E st
54  Paul Thursfield Tunstall Wheelers 1M st
55  Ben Spurrier Rapha Condor 2 st
56  Steven Higgins Team Corley Cycles 2 st
57  Dan Davies Kuota-Road CC E st
58  Joel Davison Chevin Bang & Olufsen RRT 2 st
59  Alister Clay Halesowen A&CC 2 st
60  Karl Freeman Team Corley Cycles 2 st
61  Stephen Adams Sigmasport Specialized 1 st
62  Tom Martin Kuota-Road CC E st
63  Tom Black Team Manx Telecom 2 st
64  Alan Peet VC St Raphael 2 st
65  Jack Pullar Herbalife Wheelbase 1 st
66  Lee Tunnicliffe Cycles Dauphin 1 st
67  Richard Hepworth Cyclepremier-Metaltek E st
68  Matthew Limacher Maxgear RT 2 st
69  Graham Payne Whitfield RT 2M st
70  Robert Smail Cyclepremier-Metaltek 1 st
71  Paul Ray H Middleton CC 2M st
72  Tom Last Sigmasport Specialized E st
73  Richard Wilkinson Team Probikekit 2 st
74  John Rigby St Helens CRC 2 st
75  Stephen Leigh MK Cycles 2 st
76  Darren Reynolds Stockport Clarion 3 st
77  Mark Dziobon Team Bglobal 2 st
78  Calum Chamberlain Mountain-Trax 1 st
79  Ben Price Cyclepremier-Metaltek E st
80  Andy Coupe Team Wallis-CHH 1 st
81  Andy Tinsley Kuota-Road CC E st
82  Simon Hayes BC PM 2 st
83  Luke Ryan Team Toachim 2 st
84  Martin Lyon H Middleton CC 2M st
85  Steven Burke Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta RT E st
86  Tom Murray Sigmasport Specialized E st
87  Jeremy Stone Solihull CC 3M st
88  Mike Cumings Team Raleigh 1 st
89  Richard Handley Team Raleigh 1 st
90  David Christian Liverpool Century RC 3 st
91  Ashley Finn Cyclepremier-Metaltek 1 st
92  James Mather Go Sports Spex RT 3 st
93  John Wager Felt-Colbornes RT E st
94  Harry Wickham Energy 2 st
95  Peter Hey West Pennine RC 3 st
96  Gareth McGuiness Energy Cycles 2M st
97  John Guy R Whitfield 3M st
98  Andrew Poulsom MK Cycles 3M st
99  Richard Moore Star Bikes RT 2M st
100 Pete Smith Team Raleigh E st
101  Stephen Rudkin Kuota-Spinnergy 2 st
102  Ed Clancy Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta RT E st
103  Justin Hoy Felt-Colbornes RT E st
104  Chris Ellis Maxgear RT 3 st
105  Rob Orr 1 st
106  Kev Shand West Pennine RC 3M st
107  Daniel Shand Team Raleigh 1 st
108  Dan Fleeman Team Raleigh E st
109  William Fotheringham Halesowen A&CC 2M st
110  Carl ???? MK Cycles 3 st
111  Matt Jones Maxgear RT 2 st
112  Neil Hamilton Clevelys RC 3 st
113  Mark Walsh BC PM 3 st
114  Jefte de Bruin Kuota-Road CC E st
115  Martin Smith Kuota-Road CC E st
116  James Stewart Team Raleigh E st
117  Paul Bethell Team 3 st
118  Jeroen Janssen Kuota-Road CC E st

Ken Matthews Memorial Sprint
1  Simon Yates Maxgear RT 1J

Category Awards
2nd Cat  Jonny McEvoy Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta RT 2
3rd Cat  Roy Sumner Port Sunlight Wheelers 3
4th Cat  Stephen Smith Birkenhead North End CC 4
Junior  Joshua Edmondson Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta RT 1J
Woman   Sarah Cramoysan Team Swift 2WM
Master C+  Martin Spencer Glossop Kinder Velo 4M


Preview of the 2010 Eddie Soens