Imperial Winter Series #11

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Imperial Winter Series #11

6th February 2010, Race 11 Report; by Imperial Racing Team

As the riders assembled for the penultimate races of the 3rd and 4th category series, a further warning was given to them about their riding conduct by British Cycling Chief Commissaire Trevor Smith and assistant Doug Collins. Racing is competitive but rider safety is still paramount and lately there has been a drop in standards. See the Imperial Winter Series Race Code by clicking here

The 3rd category race was set off 50 seconds in front of the 4th category event and after 20 km it was necessary to pull the 4th cats over to allow the 3rd cats through. This manoeuvre went smoothly without a hitch and all credit to the riders for their cooperation. The weather was kind with clear skies but with a difficult wind which probably accounted for both race groups staying together. 

Although there were several attempts to break clear in both races, in the end it came down to very tightly packed finishes. In the 4th cat race, Matt Sheppard (Worcester St John's CC) came out on top from Mike Miach (TCC) and Richard Rose (Progression Fitness).  In the 3rd category finish Ed Rose (Progression Fitness) went two places better than his brother to finish in fine style from Jacek Reder and Eric Degolier (Energy Cycles).

Below: Photos from Guy Swabrick ( of the Hillingdon Youth and 3rd-4th Cat races

The Sigma Sport overall leader, Phill Sykes, was back from his fraught Welsh training weekend and the very fast start left many riders struggling. After 5km, a group formed at the front without Sykes as Cam Austin (London Dynamo), Daniel McCulloch, Jules Birks (VC Londres) and John Heaton-Armstrong (Cycles Dauphin) got clear with Mark Edwards (Hillingdon Triathletes) and Alex Higham (WyndyMilla) with Stuart Spies (London Dynamo) riding very strongly to get across to the break on his own. 

At this point, Edwards dropped back. The break seemed to increase its lead but without Sykes, it was always going to be difficult to stay ahead and with some extra hard turns from Jason Edwards (VC Meudon) and first time Winter Series rider Kieran Frend (Pendragon - LeCol - Colnago) they were reeled in.

Edwards then attacked on his own, but Vince Halpern (AW Cycles) and Frend pulled him back. With 15km to go to the finish and it looked as if the race would stay together but again Pendragon’s Frend attacked but try as hard as he did, the gap closed and he was caught. His effort really deserved more.

Then with 2km to go, a massive uphill attack by Sykes with Henry Furniss (WyndyMilla) and Birks in tow, opened a gap of 15 seconds which looked enough to stay away to the finish but on the down hill bend past the finish, Birks punctured. It was cruel luck as unfortunately it broke the rhythm of the other two and they were swallowed up.

The finish was extremely hard fought for with Toby Meadows (Heist Zuiderkempen) suddenly finding tremendous speed to lead out and a win looked certain until Jo Skelton (Brixton Cycles) came past with 50 metres to go. It was a popular result and well deserved bringing his overall total to 970 points ever closer to Sykes’ 1230. Again 3rd place was also well earned and deserved going to long time Winter Series supporter Vince Halpern with Heaton-Armstrong in 4th and bringing his total to 900.

So while Sykes cannot be overtaken, there is plenty to race for with the other podium places this coming Saturday. Please try to stay for the prize presentation as you may well win an unexpected prize in Lucy’s riders’ free draw. For all the latest information about the series go to

Keep 'em peeled
Please be aware of what you leave in the car. Lockers are available in the Goals centre or you can leave things with me at the sign-on table. Lucy
Race 12 of 12 4th & 3rd cat 13:00 and E/1/2/3 14:15  Presentation 16:00
Race 6 of 6 Youth race 12:30, Presentation 13:20


E123 Race 11  6/2/2010 Club
1st  Jo Skelton Brixton Cycles 2
2nd  Toby Meadows Heist Zuiderkempen 1
3rd  Vincent Halpern A W Cycles.Co.Uk 1
4th  John Heaton-Armstrong Cycles Dauphin 1
5th  Adam Cotterell Flanders Racing 1
6th  Stuart Spies London Dynamo 2
7th  Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon 1
8th  Cam Austin London Dynamo 1
9th  Kieran Frend Pendragon - Le Col - Colnago 1
10th  Phil Holloway southend wheelers 3
11th  James Peckham Onelife-Fuga Racing Team 3
12th  Martin Garratt London Dynamo 3
13th  Alex Pantelides Twickenham CC 3J
14th  Daniel McCulloch Private Member 3
15th  Daniel Tilley Onelife Cycling Dev Squad 3
16th  Paul Sewell Bigfoot CC 3
17th  Lawrence Carpenter Hillingdon Slipstreamers 3J
18th  Thomas Bell Twickenham CC 3
19th  Phill sykes Sigma sport 1
20th  Richard Mason Cycles Dauphin E
21st  Henry Furniss WyndyMilla 1
22nd  Lee Tunnicliffe Cycles Dauphin 1
23rd  Jake Martin Onelife Cycling Dev Squad 2J
24th  Paul Alderson SWRC 2
25th  Tom Neale Spalding CC 3J
26th  Christian Cormack London Dynamo 2
27th  Will Kemp Onelife Cycling Dev Squad 2
28th  Nick Beale Onelife-Fuga Racing Team 2
29th  Stephen Bradbury AW Cycles 2J
30th  Tom Spreckley Cycles Dauphin 3
31st  Drew Holmes Onelife Cycling Dev Squad 2
32nd  Adelo Christides Egmes 3
33rd  Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix 2
34th  Mark Edwards Hillingdon Triathletes 2
35th  Thomas Sutherland Twickenham CC 3
36th  Michael Widera 3
37th  Lubomir Belak private member 3
38th  Richard Collins Imperial Racing Team 3
39th     (Merckx bikeframe) 
40th  Dave Woods CC Luton 3
41st  Sam Grant West Drayton M.B.C. 3J
42nd  Paul Callaghan Bigfoot CC 3
43rd  Stewart Ward Twickenham CC 3
44th  Dante Carpenter Onelife Cycling Dev Squad 2J
45th  Geoff Powell High Wycombe CC 3
46th  mario manelfi private member 3
47th  Simon Henley Team Corley Cycles 1
48th  Alex Higham WyndyMilla 1
49th  Jamie Caldwell St Ives 2
50th  Jason Edwards V C Meudon 1
51st  David Swan Cycles Dauphin 3J
52nd  James Jones Beeline Bicycles RT 2
E123 Series Leader Board after 11 races 
1st  Phill Sykes Sigma Sport 1230
2nd  Jo Skelton Brixton Cycles 970
3rd  John Heaton-Armstrong Cycles Dauphin 900
4th  Felix English Team Pearson Cycles 660
5th  Steve Golla Sigma Sport 620
6th  Henry Furniss WyndyMilla 610
7th  Vincent Halpern A W Cycles.Co.Uk 590
8th  Jason Streather vc st raphael 550
9th  Paul Alderson SWRC 490
10th  Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon 400
11th  Jerzy Kuzminski Private Member 330
12th  Jerone Walters Sigma Sport 280
13th  mark ottaway vc meudon 280
14th  Mark Edwards Hillingdon Triathletes 270
15th  Michael Widera 270
16th  Jon Dibben Hargroves Cycles 260
17th  Jason Edwards V C Meudon 260
18th  Matthew Myers Twickenham CC 240
19th  Jules Birks V C Londres 220
20th  Phil Holloway southend wheelers 220
3rd cat Race 11  6/2/2010 Club
1st  Ed Rose Progression Fitness 3
2nd  Jacek Reder private member 3
3rd  Eric Degolier  Energy Cycles 3
4th  Phil Adams CC Ashwell 3
5th  Jonathan Shubert Verulam CC 3
6th  Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon 3
7th  Roland Chuter private member 3
8th  Matt O'Callaghan Exiles CC 3
9th  Jai Watson Dulwich Paragon CC 3
10th  Paul Derrick BadTri/Fred Baker Cycles 3
11th  Tristian Natoli awcycles 3
12th  Mark Northover CC Giro 3
13th  Jon Pybus awcycles 3
14th  Dave Ryan Imperial Racing Team 3
15th  Ian Redding TimeRT-TerryWrightCycles 3
16th  Mark Chan Dulwich Paragon 3
17th  Chris Long T.V.S. Sherborne 3
18th  Neil Macleod lonon dynamo 3
19th  Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 3
20th  Mike Jubb Verulam CC 3
21st  Adam Ellis Splading CC 3
22nd  Simon North Hemel Hempstead CC/TORQ 3
23rd  Declan Higgins Twickenham CC 3J
24th  Rupert Beale Onelife-Fuga Racing Team 3J
25th  Phillip Burgess Norwood Paragon CC 3
26th  Peter Dixon Willesden CC 3
27th  Adam Tranter Mike Vaughan Cycles 3
28th  Sam Connolley Maldon & District CC  3J
29th  Gareth Welch Dulwich Paragon 3
30th  Piers Curle Exciles 3
31st  Mike Joseph Colavita USA 3
32nd  Peter Jones Hillingdon Cycling Club 3
33rd  Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers 3
34th  Gordon Kenneway London Dynamo 3
35th  Mark O'Brien Archer RC 3
36th  Stuart Stow Twickenham CC 3
37th  Gareth Dickenson Farnborough & Camberley CC 3
38th  Andrew Stronge London Dynamo 3
39th  Adam Buckland 3
40th  David Webborn London Dynamo CC 3
41st  Nick Franzini London Dynamo 3
42nd  Christopher Wright Private Member 3
43rd  Adam White Reading CC 3
44th  Paul Stedman Reading CC 3
45th  Josh Vicino VC Meudon 3J
46th  Nigel Burns St Ives CC 3
3rd cat Series Leader Board after 11 races 
1st  William Platt Kingston Wheelers CC 930
2nd  Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon 840
3rd  Steven Jackson Rollapaluza CC 820
4th  Tim Benham DHCYCLESPORT.CO.UK 720
5th  Ed Rose Progression Fitness 650
6th  Nathan Smith  London Phoenix 630
7th  Mark Northover CC Giro 550
8th  Andy Angwin London Phoenix 470
9th  jacek reder private member 410
10th  Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 400
11th  Tom Neale Spalding CC 310
12th  Alex Turner FVS Tri 270
12th  Gordon Kenneway London Dynamo 270
14th  Jon Noton Inverse Racing/Bikefood 260
15th  Andy Edwards Kingston Wheelers CC 230
4th cat Race 11  6/2/2010 Club
1st  Matt Sheppard Worcester St John's CC 4
2nd  Mike Miach Twickenham CC 4
3rd  Richard Rose Progression Fitness 4
4th  Richard Gearing London Dynamo 4
5th  Peter Morris Lewes Wanderers CC 4
6th  Dominic Southworth private member 4
7th  Will Slack London Dynamo 4
8th  Roger Richards Dulwich Paragon 4
9th  Marc Boston Inverse Racing / Bikefood 4
10th  Andrew Clare Private Member 4
11th  Steve Sibley inverse racing 4
12th  Phil Wege Inverse Racing 4
13th  Alan Nixon Amersham RCC 4
14th  William McGuinness rollapaluza 4
15th  Natalie Hill Hillingdon Slipstreamers 4jw
16th  Donald Lance Woodman Willesden CC 4
17th  James Foy Team Trisports 4
18th  Andrew Pearson Huddersfield Star Whlrs  4
19th  Simon Parton Kingston Wheelers 4
20th  Vitali Jokst private member 4
21st  Simon Pemberton London Phoenix CC 4
22nd  Martin Porter Thames Velo 4
23rd  Ralph de Kanter Private 4
24th  R Goodwin Private Member 4
25th  Stuart Papworth Horsham CC 4
26th  Clive Green London Dynamo 4
27th  Dan Gillow Private Member 4
28th  Paul Lincoln Gregarios 4
29th  Ellie Quarrington DNAcycles 4w
30th  James Curry British Airways CC 4

Youth Race 5
Prize presentation for Youth series will take place shortly after the Youth race next week, over by the Senior signon hut.

Under 16s
1st Daniel Maslin
2nd Jack Reed, Chippenham Wheelers
3rd Frazier Carr, PPV
4th Tanveer Mann
5th Robert Mackenzie, Solihull CC,
6th Rory Townsend
7th Milo Burdeau, Ingear Development Squad
8th Ross King, Lotto Interbike
9th Cameron Swarbrick, Team Terminator
10th Tom Bavering, Ingear Development Squad
11th Louis Fawke
12th Jason Brown, PPV

1st Ellie Walton, East Street
2nd Lauren Savage

Under 14s
1st Louis Magnani
2nd Max Stedman, PPV
3rd Cameron Woolsey, Ashwell CC
4th Jamil Gaida, PPV
5th Daniel Maynard, Welwyn Wheelers
6th Hugo Cauvas, HHYCC
7th Olly Moors, Crawley CC
8th Simon Passey, HS

1st Megan Lewis, VC Jubilee
2nd Laura Cheesman, PPYCC
3rd Rebecca Maynard, Welwyn Wheelers

Under 12s
1st Ben Smith
2nd Charles Page
3rd Daniel Tullett, PPV
4th Joseph Linehan, PPV
5th Michael Parry, Welwyn Wheelers
6th Carl Jolly
7th Louis Rose-Davies

1st Eleanor Hall, Bedfordshire Road CC

Under 10s
1st Harry Tadman
2nd Tom Durkin, Welwyn Wheelers
3rd Timothy Dineen
4th James Hall, Bedfordshire Road CC

1st Anna Linehan, PPV
2nd Bethany Lewis, V C Jubilee
3rd Shiva Basu
4th Emma-Louise Stilwell

Under 8s
1st Oliver Slack
2nd Zac Potter
3rd Harvey Tadman  
4th Kye Lewis  
1st Delilah Basu