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Imperial Winter Series, Race 10

30th January 2010; Report by Imperial Racing Team | Race 10 Feature

In dry cold conditions, the 3rd/4th races took their familiar format with commissaire Matt Carden starting the 3rd cat race off 50 seconds in front.  There were primes again donated by to encourage action and there was generally an increase in the speed with several attempts to breakaway to stay away but in both races they were bought back and as a result both races ended in a group sprint.

It was unfortunate that there were several incidents with riders having to take avoiding action from fallen riders. It seemed to be on the bottom bend before the run into the finish which caused the problems which riders were unable to cope with. In one case, Dave Ryan (Imperial RT) was forced off the track, avoided the barriers then rode out of the circuit to go home.

Elite/1/2/3 Flickr Slideshow. More photo albums here ...  Race 10 Feature  

It seems to be the competitive spirit and the need to score British Cycling points which causes the crashes; oddly enough in the E/1/2/3 race it happened in almost the same spot, even with a smaller number of riders, so perhaps it was just down to luck (or the full moon!). The 3rd/4th races remained roughly equidistant and Matt Carden did an excellent job of keeping an eye on the gap between the groups and generally controlling the race.

Ian Redding (Time RT-TerryWrightCycles) took the verdict in the 4th’s from Daniel Sibbick (Sigma Racing Team) and (Prime winner) Matt O'Callaghan (Exiles CC). In the 3rd’s, William Platt (Kingston Wheelers CC, above) won from Gordon Kenneway (London Dynamo) with Jacek Reder taking 3rd place. In his excitement of winning, Platt locked his car keys in his car and had to ride back to Ottershaw for the spare set! Phil Adams (CC Ashwell) took the 3rd cat Prime.

An unfamiliar start to the E/1/2/3 line up with the absence of Sigma Sport. However, it probably balanced the race out somewhat with more excellent tactical riding, particularly from the Twickenham CC riders. After only 5km, Vince Halpern (AWCycles) attacked with Jo Skelton (Brixton Cycles), they seemed determined to take the opportunity of increasing their overall points position with the Sigma men away.

It unfortunately came to nothing but it was a worthy try.  A prime followed taken by Angus MacAlister (Norwood Paragon) and then the incident on the bottom bend occurred with Lily Matthews (100%ME), Alex Pantelides (TCC) and Jerzy Kuzminski (London Phoenix) landing on the mud bank. Pantelides and Kuzminski flicked off the mud and both finished the race as Matthews was seen by the first aider.

Finally, 10 riders detached themselves from the main group led by John Heaton-Armstrong (Cycles Dauphin), MacAlister and Paul Alderson (SWRC) who pulled the group away. They worked well together and distanced themselves by 50 seconds; only Phil Holloway (Southend Wheelers) dropped back to pickup his fallen bike computer off the track.

With 5km to go, it split again with some of the riders having to dig deep to stay in contention. Finally three got clear with young rider Matt Myers (TCC) riding superbly and on the run in, he had to give best to consistent performer Heaton-Armstrong with strong man MacAlister in 3rd.  Jason Edwards led the remainder of the break in which had also split with Toby Meadows (Heist Zuiderkempen) preparing for time back in Belgium bringing up the rear. The main group followed in a minute later. It was a great pity that the crash occurred which slightly spoilt an otherwise excellent tactical road race.

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E/1/2/3  Race 10  30/1/10
1st  John Heaton-Armstrong
2nd  Matthew Myers
3rd  Angus MacAlister
4th  Jason Edwards
5th  Jason Streather
6th  Ben Moores
7th  Jules Birks
8th  Paul Alderson
9th  Mark Edwards
10th  Toby Meadows
11th  Jo Skelton
12th  Steven Jackson
13th  Jerzy Kuzminski
14th  Gianluca Cappello
15th  Michael Widera
16th  Jason Evans
17th  Martin Garratt
18th  Will Hayter
19th  Nat Spurling
20th  Daniel McCulloch
21st  Roy McGregor
22nd  Thomas Sutherland
23rd  Thomas Bell
24th  Vincent Halpern
25th  Dave Woods
26th  Nick Busst
27th  Richard Collins
28th  David Swan
29th  Simon Henley
30th  Geoff Powell
31st  James Leach
32nd  Lawrence Carpenter
33rd  Henry Furniss
34th  Alex Pantelides

  3rd Cat  Race 10  30/1/10
1st  William Platt
2nd  Gordon Kenneway
3rd  Jacek Reder
4th  Tim Benham
5th  Jai Watson
6th  Ed Rose
7th  Richard Gordon
8th  Alex Turner
9th  Paul Troughton
10th  Ralph Carter
11th  Andy Angwin
12th  Mark Chan
13th  Peter Dixon
14th  Michael Westwell
15th  Andy Edwards
16th  Mark Smith
17th  Ted Bate
18th  Josh Maynard
19th  Damien Breen
20th  Nathan Smith
21st  Josh Vicino
22nd  Phillip Burgess
23rd  wayne thomas
24th  Phil Adams
25th  Tom Neale
26th  Jackie Garner
27th  Paul Stedman
28th  Philip Adkins
29th  Peter Jones
30th  Chris Grange
31st  Maryka Sennema
32nd  Andrew Harvey
33rd  Christopher Wright
34th  Simon North
35th  Adam White
36th  Ralph Keeler
37th  James Locher
38th  Jim Ley
39th  Andrew Gill
40th  Russell Painter
41st  Matt Treadwell

  4th Cat  Race 10  30/1/10
1st  Ian Redding
2nd  Daniel Sibbick
3rd  Matt O'Callaghan
4th  Dominic Southworth
5th  Richard Gearing
6th  Jonathan Heal
7th  Steven James
8th  Mike Miach
9th  Stuart Lockyear
10th  Alexander Osborne
11th  Chris Zavos
12th  Neil Cooper
13th  Marc Boston
14th  Gregg Barber
15th  Phil Wege
16th  Neil Heffernan
17th  Rob Griffiths
18th  Alan Nixon
19th  Lise Soerensen
20th  Chris Hathaway
21st  Marcelo Brodzinski
22nd  Richard Rose
23rd  Andrew Clare
24th  Mark Orphan
25th  George Kirkin
26th  Ben Smith
27th  Alex Jump
28th  Dan Gillow
29th  Rob Hill
30th  Roger Richards
31st  Emily Bagnall
32nd  Kevin Sykes
33rd  Will Slack
34th  Martin Porter
35th  Gareth Giles
36th  steve sibley
37th  Sam Bullen
38th  Paul Bannard
39th  Bill Morse
40th  Pete Kirby
41st  Simon Parton
42nd  James Curry
43rd  Michael Clancy
44th  Donald Lance Woodman

  Youth  Race 10  30/1/10
Under 16s 
1st James Locker, Halesowen CC, 
2nd Ted Bate, Halesowen CC, 
3rd Josh Maynard , Welwyn Wheelers, 
4th Tanveer Mann, 
5th Frazier Carr, PPV, 
6th Harry Strudley, PPV, 
7th Rory Townsend, 
8th 4th Harry Franklin, VC Londres, 
9th Robert Mackenzie, Solihull CC, 
10th Ross King, Lotto Interbike, 
11th Cameron Swarbrick, Team Terminator, 
12th Charles Bexfield, Welwyn Wheelers, 
13th Callum Oliver, 
14th Louis Fawke, 
15th Chris Roebuck, Unattached,

No entries.

Under 14s
1st Max Stedman, PPV,
2nd Louis Magnani,
3rd Jack Hoyle, PPYCC,
4th Jamil Gaida, PPV,
5th Matt Hill, VC Jubilee,
6th Henry Dawson,
7th David Barnes, PPV,
8th Simon Passey,
9th Adam Gough, Mildenhall CC,

1st Kim English, PPV,
2nd Kirsten Savage,

Under 12s
1st Ben Smith,
2nd Charles Page,
3rd Daniel Tullett, PPV,
4th Joseph Linehan, PPV,
5th Carl Jolly,
6th Louis Rose-Davies,
7th Michael Parry, Welwyn Wheelers,

1st Eleanor Hall, Bedfordshire Road CC,

Under 10s
1st Harry Tadman,
2nd Tom Durkin, Welwyn Wheelers,
3rd Ben Tullett, PPV,
4th Tom Barrowdcliffe,
5th Timothy Dineen,
6th James Hall, Bedfordshire Road CC,

1st Anna Linehan, PPV,
2nd Emma-Louise Stilwell,

Under 8s
1st Oliver Slack,
2nd Harvey Tadman,
Hillingdon Slipstreamers unless otherwise stated.