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Imperial Winter Series (Races 5 & 6)

January 1 & 2, 2010; Results and photos from Lucy Collins, Reports by Imperial Racing Team

Series News: Imperial Winter Series Weather Update

January 7, 2010

Doug and Lucy Collins are going to the Hillingdon circuit on Friday to check the conditions for possible racing this Saturday, the 9th January. If it is decided that racing will go ahead, please note that series points will not be issued but British Cycling points will. Ultimately, we do not want riders taking travel risks to protect their series positions as many of the riders travel a long distance to get to the circuit. So watch for a further update.

Report of Races 5 & 6
The Imperial Winter Series had a busy New Year with races on the first day of the year and also the second one with rounds 5 and 6 of the circuit race series at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. Results follow photos.

Race 6

Category 3 & 4 Races
The 3rd and 4th category races went back to their regular format of racing on the circuit at the same time. At times, this can cause problems but to the credit of all the riders they rode responsibly. The 4th cat riders in particular are gaining in confidence weekly and there has been some spirited riding that also appears in the 3rd cat race as well. With the range of races now available on the day at Hillingdon, some of the 3rd cat riders should perhaps consider moving up to ride in the E/1/2/3 races to fully test their ability.

In the end, both races finished without breaks and both again finished with tight group finishes. The 4th category race saw Richard Gordon (South Western RC) just get the better of Matt Treadwell (Twickenham CC) and Moray Cooke and similarly in the 3rd cat finish, Craig McLean (London Dynamo) held off Steve Jackson (Rollapaluza CC) and Nat Smith (London Phoenix). Peter Giddings (VC Walcot) won both the primes in the 3rd cat race.

In the E/1/2/3 race there were great expectations before the start with new Radioshack signing Alex Dowsett attending fresh from a training camp to meet with his new team and after a good Christmas, keen to gauge his fitness.  Alex was to be tested from the start as a group of three consisting of John Heaton-Armstrong (Fit-for), Felix English (Pearson Cycles) and again the man on-form Phill Sykes (Sigma Sport) moved off the front of the main group. The two primes that were included in the race were sponsored by Stuart Stow of 

In the process Heaton-Armstrong dropped back and the primes were won by Felix English riding brilliantly and Phill Sykes.  However, it was only a matter of time before Sykes was to leave English but he showed his appreciation for his part in the break as Sykes went on to win comfortably in great style and English to his credit gave his all in the back to back races.

In the main group Steve Golla (Sigma Sport) was doing a superb effort of policing all attempts to pull away, particularly those of Dowsett, Alderson and Streather and at times it did seem that they were getting closer but the shear power of Sykes kept them at bay. It was his 3rd straight win and his incredible performances will be followed with interest when the road season commences. Two other notable performances came from Juniors Matt Myers (Twickenham CC) finishing superbly in 7th place and Lawrence Carpenter (Hillingdon Slipstreamers); a great sign for the future.

Race 5
The traditional New Years Day Imperial Winter Series race was run in bright sunshine with the temperature just above freezing. The 4th and 3rd cat races each had the luxury of the circuit to themselves and both races saw nearly 40 riders sign-on. The headwind down the finishing straight made it very difficult to attack but both races saw several attempts and in particular in the 3rd category race by Paul Troughton (London Phoenix / who rode away on his own but was later caught.

Both races ultimately finished in group sprints with everyone staying upright.  In the 4th cat race it was an impressive finish by Clinton Thomas (London Dynamo) who held off Josh Maynard (Welwyn Wheelers) and Will Horrocks (Kingston Wheelers CC). Similarly, the 3rd Category race finished the same with a strong and impressive sprint from Tim Benham (DH Cyclesport) to take him clear from Steve Jackson (Rollapaluza CC) and Marcel Six (Private Member). This was his second win in a row.

The E/1/2/3 race had drama before the start with Henry Furniss (WyndyMilla) leaving his racing shoes at home. Unfortunately no one was able to come to his aid but as an experienced rider, the Chief Comm allowed him to start in his fur lined boots and remarkably he was able to finish in the main group - with the warmest feet of everyone, albeit jaded by this additional effort!

Overall leader Felix English (Pearson Cycles) had a chance of increasing his lead as after 10 km he broke away with Phill Sykes (Sigma Sport). They were quickly joined by last years overall winner Jerone Walters (Sigma Sport). It was unfortunate that due to the freezing conditions, Felix dropped back to the main group although he did have several further attempts to break away when he warmed up again but the Sigma strength in-depth finally told with lone team mate Steve Golla controlling the main group with precision.

Vince Halpern (AW Cycles), Jason and Jamie Streather (VC St.Raphael) and Paul Alderson (SWRC) tried very hard to keep the main group moving but to no avail although at times their momentum got them close. Such was the strength of Sykes and Walters, that they eventually pulled away with Walters very sportingly allowing Sykes to take the win and the 200 series points with Jason Streather leading the main group in over a minute down.

Photos from Round 5 (January 1)

Category 3 & 3/4

Category Elite/1/2/3


Race 5, New Years Day Racing

1st  Phill Sykes Sigma Sport
2nd  Jerone Walters Sigma Sport
3rd  Jason Streather vc st raphael
4th  Jerzy Kuzminski Private Member
5th  mark ottaway V C Meudon
6th  Vincent Halpern A W Cycles.Co.Uk
7th  Steve Golla Sigma Sport
8th  Felix English Team Pearson Cycles
9th  Jo Skelton Brixton Cycles
10th  Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon
11th  Paul Alderson SWRC
12th  Harry Bulstrode DH Cyclesport
13th  Robert King AW Cycles
14th  Owen Lake Cambridge CC
15th  Michael Hill Team Quest
16th  Richard Da Silva Stevenage CC
17th  Stoyko Bussarov Imperial Racing Team
18th  John Heaton-Armstrong Fit-For
19th  Martin Garratt London Dynamo
20th  Stuart Thompson DH Cyclesport / Colnago
21st  Cosmo Kedros Dulwich Paragon
22nd  Adelo Christides Egmes
23rd  Richard Collins Imperial Racing Team
24th  David Swan Fit-For
25th  Lawrence Carpenter Hillingdon Slipstreamers
26th  Michael Widera
27th  Marco Coppola Gemini BC
28th  Dave Woods CC Luton
29th  Geoff Powell High Wycombe CC
30th  Henry Furniss WyndyMilla
31st  Mike Knight VC Meudon
32nd  Sam Allen AW Cycles
33rd  James Leach Onelife-Fuga Racing Team
34th  Jamie Streather VC St Raphael
3rd Category
1st  Tim Benham DHCyclesport.CO.UK
2nd  Steven Jackson Rollapaluza CC
3rd  Marcel Six Private Member
4th  Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon
5th  Tom Neale Spalding CC
6th  Jon Noton Inverse Racing/Bikefood
7th  Nathan Smith  London Phoenix
8th  Chris Long TVS Sherborne
9th  David Webborn London Dynamo CC
10th  Andy Angwin London Phoenix
11th  Phillip Burgess Norwood Paragon CC
12th  Anthony Rogers Brighton Excelsior CC
13th  Phil Holloway southend wheelers
14th  James Dunbier London Dynamo
15th  Mark Chan Dulwich Paragon
16th  Thomas Sutherland Twickenham CC
17th  Steven Noble London Dynamo
18th  Dave Ryan Imperial Racing Team
19th  wayne thomas Reading CC
20th  Mike Saunders Team Corridori
21st  Simon North Hemel Hempstead CC/TORQ
22nd  Andy Edwards Kingston Wheelers CC
23rd  Peter Graham North Hants RC
24th  Charlie Pearch Rapha Condor
25th  Peter Dixon Willesden CC
26th  sean molyneux Metropolitan Police CC
27th  Ben Jacobs London Dynamo
28th  Matt Derrick Oxford City RC
29th  Mark Northover CC Giro
30th  Rob Pelham Lewes Wanderers
31st  Paul Troughton London Pheonix /
32nd  James Lowden lewes wanderers
33rd  paul shoobridge private
34th  Paul Redman Thames Velo
35th  Gregg James Behind The Bike Shed
4th Category
1st  Clinton Thomas Lonon dynamo
2nd  Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
3rd  Will Horrocks Kingston Wheelers CC
4th  Richard Gordon South Western RC
5th  Jonathan Heal Farnborough & Camberley CC
6th  Phil Adams CC Ashwell
7th  Nick Austin Southampton Tri Club
8th  Dominic Lowden Lewes Wanderers CC
9th  Peter Morris Lewes Wanderers CC
10th  Chris Zavos London Dynamo
11th  Kevin Sykes Team Velo Sportif
12th  Andy Kerr Oxonian CC
13th  Marc Boston Inverse Racing
14th  Natalie Hill Hillingdon Slipstreamers
15th  Gavin Percy DNA Cycles RT Cyclesportcoach
16th  Robert Nall London Dynamo
17th  James Ryan Lewes Wanderers
18th  Paul Lincoln Gregarious
19th  Matt Treadwell Twickenham CC
20th  Andy Brown Thames Velo
21st  Stephen Thompson WyndyMilla
22nd  Martin Porter Thames Velo
23rd  Simon Parton Kingston Wheelers
24th  Stef Knowles Sydenham Wheelers
25th  Chris Goodman VC Londres

Race 6, January 2


1st  Phill Sykes Sigma Sport
2nd  Jo Skelton Brixton Cycles
3rd  Jerzy Kuzminski Private Member
4th  Steve Golla Sigma Sport
5th  Jon Dibben Hargroves Cycles
6th  Jason Streather vc st raphael
7th  Matthew Myers Twickenham CC
8th  Henry Furniss WyndyMilla
9th  Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon
10th  Alex Dowsett U23 Trek-Livestrong/Radioshack
11th  Harry Bulstrode DH Cyclesport
12th  Richard Da Silva Stevenage CC
13th  John Heaton-Armstrong Fit-For
14th  Michael Widera
15th  Paul Alderson SWRC
16th  Lawrence Carpenter Hillingdon Slipstreamers
17th  Daniel McCulloch Private Member
18th  Tony Gibb Cycle Premier
19th  Dave Woods CC Luton
20th  Geoff Powell High Wycombe CC
21st  Martin Garratt London Dynamo
22nd  Adelo Christides Egmes

Category 3
1st  Craig McLean London Dynamo
2nd  Steven Jackson Rollapaluza CC
3rd  Nathan Smith  London Phoenix
4th  Andy Angwin London Phoenix
5th  Peter Giddings VC Walcot
6th  Alex Turner FVS Tri
7th  Tom Neale Spalding CC
8th  Mark Northover CC Giro
9th  Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC
10th  Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
11th  Andy Edwards Kingston Wheelers CC
12th  William Platt Kingston Wheelers CC
13th  Ed Rose Progression Fitness
14th  Andrew Stronge London Dynamo
15th  Jai Watson Dulwich Paragon CC
16th  Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon
17th  Peter Dixon Willesden CC
18th  Tav InverseRacing/BikeFood
19th  Mark Smith Welwyn Wheelers
20th   East London Velo
21st  William McFarland East London Velo
22nd  wayne thomas READING CC
23rd  Jim Ley Kingston Wheelers
24th  Charlie Pearch Rapha Condor
25th  Chris Bracewell V.C.L.
26th  Steven Noble London Dynamo
27th  Andrew Stevenson Inverse Racing / Bikefood
28th  Peter Jones Hillingdon Cycling Club
29th  Gareth Welch Dulwich Paragon
30th  Nick Franzini London Dynamo
31st  Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers
32nd  Stuart Stow Twickenham CC
33rd  Mark O'Brien Archer RC
34th  sean molyneux Metropolitan Police CC
35th  David Webborn London Dynamo CC
36th  Stuart Ward Twickenham CC
37th  Paul Redman Thames Velo
38th  Vaughan Luff De Ver Cycles
39th  Thomas Sutherland Twickenham CC
40th  paul shoobridge private
41st  Dave Ryan Imperial Racing Team
42nd  James Lowden lewes wanderers

4th category
1st  Richard Gordon South Western RC
2nd  Matt Treadwell Twickenham CC
3rd  Moray Cooke Private member
4th  Andy Kerr Oxonian CC
5th  James Ryan Lewes Wanderers
6th  Jonathan Heal Farnborough & Camberley CC
7th  Andrew McCombe CC Basingstoke
8th  Chris Zavos London Dynamo
9th  Kevin Sykes Team Velo Sportif
10th  Mark Orphan Dulwich Paragon
11th  Stuart Clark Private member
12th  Stephen Thompson WyndyMilla
13th  Tom Lettice Edinburgh RC
14th  Nick Southworth High Wycombe CC
15th  Mark Brown Dulwich Paragon
16th  Neal Mackintosh London Phoenix CC
17th  Roger Richards Dulwich Paragon
18th  Richard Hosking Addiscombe CC
19th  Gary Lee Kingston Wheelers CC
20th  Mark Raddenbury private member
21st  Alex Hinton Private Member
22nd  Andy Brown Thames Velo
23rd  Simon Parton Kingston Wheelers
24th  George Kirkin Twickehan CC
25th  Robert Nall London Dynamo
26th  Richard Rose Progression Fitness

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