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August 4, 2009; Round 16 | Isle of Man
Report from Dot Tilbury
| Photos thanks to Andrew Haddock
Considering that the holiday season is now in full swing, there was a good entry of 203 competitors for round 16 of Team Royal London 360 Isle of Man's youth league, staged at the National Sports Centre last Tuesday night in reasonably good conditions.
At one point it seemed that the event would suffer the same fate as the previous round, which fell victim to the wet weather. Luckily, the rain that had been falling for most of the day stopped in time for the racing to start on schedule.


In the novices class Chloe Comaish rode clear of the field to record her first ever victory. Edward Teare chased hard but in the end had to settle for a safe second ahead of Francesca Avery, who passed Maddie Butterworth on the finish straight to claim the final place on the podium. Daniel Kirk, Sophia Littlewood and Chloe Dillon came in on their own for fifth, sixth and seventh places respectively, with Donal Hensman outsprinting Oliver Wylie and Mia Littlewood for eighth. Harvey Coole recovered from a crash to grab 11th and Luca Moretta edged out Joey Magee for 12th.
After finishing second on no fewer than six occasions, Nathan Slack finally made the number one slot in the born 2004 & later category. Issac Kirk got the better of Joshua Dudley for the runners-up spot and Harvey Lawrence came home alone for fourth. Ben Boyle led chasers Niall Colquitt, Mairi Harrison (1st girl), Mia Worthington, Lucy Worthington and Bradley Kneen across the line for seventh.
Jake Wilson and Jonty Bregazzi could not be split at the end of the born 2003 age group and were credited with equal first. Leading girl Darcy Cain was also in the frame for the honours but just lost out in the final sprint, finishing a well deserved third. Matthew Black got away from travelling companion Jack Christian to secure fourth and Oliver Williams was an unchallenged sixth. Joshua Jones dropped Aaron Ramsay in the closing stages to snatch seventh and Tom Brennan held off the fast finishing Matthew Coole for ninth. Seth Coole was 11th and Megan Cannell the second girl in 12th place.
Notching up his fourth success in a row, Aaron Lund went from the gun in the born 2002 race and never looked like being caught. Joshua Mills broke free from the chasing pack to claim second and a tiring Fin Samson held off  a closing Will Corkill for third. Jamie McCann ousted Elliot Lawrence for fifth and Caitlin Christian pipped Charlie Moss for seventh. Alastair Flint and Ben Haworth completed the top ten.
Adam Scarffe took advantage of the absence of main rival Max Walker to record his eighth win in the born 2001 class. The hard chasing Tyler Cain was second just ahead of top girl Emma Draper, who continues to make great progress. Juan Kneen was too strong for Amelia Sharpe and Cullen Gell in the dash for fourth, while Thomas Chatel put in a late spurt to overhaul Matthew Flint and Chloe Crellin in the battle for seventh. Lydia Glover rounded off the top ten leader board.

Glen Vine's Thomas Bostock got the verdict over Sam Batey and Ben Christian in the gallop at the end of the born 2000 event. Adam Kelly had a lonely race in fourth place after just failing to get on the back of the three leaders. Lucas Mudie left Adam Long and Harry Cain behind to take fifth, his best result of the series so far, and Jake Flowers overtook Daniel Cowin on the last lap to secure eighth.
A last lap injection of speed earned Conor Davies a comfortable win in the Born 1999 category. Joseph Glover, Liam McCann and Daniel Scarffe trailed in for second, third and fourth , with Kaitlin Slack edging out Abby Quirk for fifth place.
Jamie Dudley forged ahead of Matthew Draper on the final circuit to bag maximum points for the tenth time in the born 1998-96 grouping. Sophie Black was a good third ahead of Brandon Cain and Amy Kinley, who got the better of Sam Mills in the fight for fifth.  

In the under 12 racing bikes Owen Dudley outgunned breakaway partners Matthew Draper, Joseph Haddock, Nathan Draper and Conor Davies in the dash for the chequered flag. Sixth placed Thomas Bostock led in a five strong group of pursuers consisting of Dan Watterson, Liam McCann, Sam Batey and Callum Clague, with William Draper the best of the rest in 11th place. Amy Kinley (12th) took the girls' prize from Eleanor Davies and Kaitlin Slack.
Birthday boy George Doyle scored his maiden win in the under 16's racing bikes 25 lapper. Doyle sprinted to victory ahead of Alex Haddock and Jake Kelly after a 12- strong breakaway group had been whittled down to just four riders. Warwick Sanderson was dropped by the three frontrunners in the closing stages, settling for a solid fourth in front of the main chasing bunch spearheaded by Nicholas Corlett and Leon Mazzone. The leading girl was Anna Christian in tenth place.
  1. Chloe Comaish (1st Girl)
  2. Edward Teare
  3. Francesca Avery
  4. Maddie Butterworth
  5. Daniel Kirk
  6. Sophia Littlewood
  7. Chloe Dillon
  8. Donal Hensman
  9. Oliver Wylie
10. Mia Littlewood
11. Harvey Coole
12. Luca Moretta
13. Joey Magee
14. Calvin Russell-Dunn
15. Morgan Russell-Dunn
16. James Orwin
17. Fraser Clarke
18. Matisse Parry
19. Ethan Daugherty
20. George Harris
21. Ryan Blair
22. Charlie Cowin
23. Aimee Picken
24. Harry Eyres
25. Emma Stratford
26. Amy Quayle
27. Tiger France
28. Samuel Devereau
29. Tyler Whyment
30. Peter Lloyd
31. Jasper Davies
32. Rosie Baxter
33. Nathan Kinrade
34. Thomas Shimmin
35. Katie McGuinness
36. Fearne Bregazzi
37. Tomas Flowers
38. Kaitlin Druggan
39. Lydia Wylie
40. Hannah Gartshore
  1. Nathan Slack
  2. Isaac Kirk
  3. Joshua Dudley
  4. Harvey Lawrence
  5. Cameron Dudley
  6. James Devereau
  7. Ben Boyle
  8. Niall Colquitt
  9. Mairi Harrison (1st Girl)
10. Mia Worthington
11. Lucy Worthington
12. Bradley Kneen
13. Alex Butterworth
14. Andrew Tobin
15. Cameron Hawes
16. Caitlin Courtie
17. Thomas Ross
18. Kiera Prentice
19. Callum Crellin
20. Aaron Christian
21. David De Weert
22. Nathan Cannell
23. Rachel Craig
24. Cian Gell
25. Oliver Tobin
26. Niall McCanney
27. Harry Kneen
28. Oliver Sykes
29. Jacob McCanney
30. Sam Cowin
31. William Parkes
32. Carrick Samson
33. Dylan McCormick
34. Charlie Macduffie
35. Owen Chestnut
BORN 2003
  1. Jake Wilson
  =  Jonty Bregazzi
  3. Darcy Cain (1st Girl)
  4. Matthew Black
  5. Jack Christian
  6. Oliver Williams
  7. Joshua Jones
  8. Aaron Ramsay
  9. Tom Brennan
10. Matthew Cooil
11. Seth Coole
12. Megan Cannell
13. Spencer Clarke
14. Leah Brennan
15. Yarden Ashkenazz
16. James Gartshore
17. Kitty Thomas
18. Jack Collister
19. Ben Millar
20. Toby Irwin
21. Emily Kinley
22. Katriella Boydon
23. Ryan Colquitt
24. Amy Ratcliffe
25. Dane O'Brien
BORN 2002
  1. Aaron Lund
  2. Joshua Mills
  3. Fin Samson
  4. Will Corkill
  5. Jamie McCann
  6. Elliot Lawrence
  7. Caitlin Christian (1st Girl)
  8. Charlie Moss
  9. Alastair Flint
10. Ben Haworth
11. Saul Parry
12. Charlotte Watson
13. Anna Kelly
14. Erin Whaley
15. Shellan Leeming
16. Simran Jandy
17. Samuir Jandy
18. Corrin Leeming
19. Matthew Russell
20. Ethan Quirk
21. Callum Howard
22. Nathan Thorpe
23. Danielle Foster
24. Joseph Druggan
25. Oliver Parkes
26. Brendan Kelly
27. Olivia Christian
28. Archie Collis
29. Hannah Kneen
BORN 2001
  1. Adam Scarffe
  2. Tyler Cain
  3. Emma Draper (1st Girl)
  4. Juan Kneen
  5. Amelia Sharpe
  6. Cullen Gell
  7. Thomas Chatel
  8. Matthew Flint
  9. Chloe Crellin
10. Lydia Glover
11. George Ratcliffe
12. Patrick Russell-Dunn
13. Triona Kelly
BORN 2000
  1. Thomas Bostock
  2. Sam Batey
  3. Ben Christian
  4. Adam Kelly
  5. Lucas Mudie
  6. Adam Long
  7. Harry Cain
  8. Jake Flowers
  9. Daniel Costain
10. Jamie Comaish
11. Ben Johnson
BORN 1999
  1. Conor Davies
  2. Joseph Glover
  3. Liam McCann
  4. Daniel Scarffe
  5. Kaitlin Slack (1st Girl)
  6. Abby Quirk
  7. Rachael Pearson
  8. Jessica Lloyd
  9. Cameron Honeybone
10. Ryan Courtie
BORN 1998-96
  1. Jamie Dudley
  2. Matthew Draper
  3. Sophie Black (1st Girl)
  4. Brandon Cain
  5. Amy Kinley
  6. Sam Mills
  7. Breesha Quirk
  8. Samantha Crowe
  9. James Costain
10. Adam Callow
  1. Owen Dudley
  2. Matthew Draper
  3. Joseph Haddock
  4. Nathan Draper
  5. Conor Davies
  6. Thomas Bostock
  7. Dan Watterson
  8. Liam McCann
  9. Sam Batey
10. Callum Clague
11. William Draper
12. Amy Kinley (1st Girl)
13. Eleanor Davies
14. Kaitlin Slack
15. Joseph Glover
16. Daniel Scarffe
17. Adam Scarffe
18. Percy Hampton
19. Breesha Quirk
20. Juan Kneen
21. Matthew Black
22. Jessica Lloyd
23. Abby Quirk
  1. George Doyle
  2. Alex Haddock
  3. Jake Kelly
  4. Warwick Sanderson
  5. Nicholas Corlett
  6. Leon Mazzone
  7. Callum Donnell
  8. Jamie Dudley
  9. Matthew Davies
10. Anna Christian (1st Girl)
11. Eleanor Stokoe
12. Jamie Everitt
13. Laura Kinley
14. Alex Christian
15. Lucy Johnson
16. Sophie Black