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Leicester City Centre Circuit Races

Sunday 26 July; Leicester City Centre; Sponsored by Leicester City Council/NHS/Raleigh | Photos from www.photofinale.co.uk

Criterium racing saw a successful return to Leicester City Centre for the first time since the early 1990's and although the weather did its best to spoil the action later in the day, the event was deemed a success with 110 riders taking part  through the afternoon and evening. 

The 1.2km 'classic' city centre circuit was popular among all the riders and Elite winner Simon Wilson was truly at home on the rain soaked circuit as he rode away from the field with a demonstration of bike handling ability combined with awesome power.  Making a dash down from the East Yorkshire Classic, Raphael Deinhart (Cyclingbargains.com) led the rest home in 2nd.


National B 
1. Simon Wilson Arctic Premier R.T. 1st
2. Raphael Deinhart www.cyclingbargains.com 1st
3. Andy Tinsley Team SIS.com Elite
4. Martin Smith Awcycles.co.uk Elite
5. David Collins Team SIS.com 1st
6. James Cambridge www.cyclingbargains.com 2nd
7. Andew Magnier Planet X 1st
8. Robert Orr www.cyclingbargains.com Elite
9. David Clark Pendragon Kalas Elite
10. Daniel Kelley Heanor C.C. @ 1 lap 2nd
11. Jack Adams Pendragon Kalas 1st
12. Dan Booth www.cyclingbargains.com 1st
13. Adrian Adgar Go Sport Spec 2nd
14. Gareth Whittall Beauvale C.C. 3rd
15. Alan Peet V C St Raphael 2nd
16. Duncan Putman Derby Mercury @ 2 laps 2nd
17. Matthew Fostun www.cyclingbargains.com 2nd
18. Bradley Burbridge www.cyclingbargains.com Junior
19. Fred Maier Ashfield R.C. @ 3 laps 3rd

Regional B 
1. Paul Wain Team Endura
2. Chris Metcalfe Matlock C.C.
3. Simon Jones Websters Cycles.com
4. Andrew Marsh Dinnington R.C.
5. Chris Dransfield Team Moonglu R.T.
6. Michael Thelwell Evesham & District Whlrs
7. Vince Page MJS Racing
8. Ian Chapman Team Moonglu R.T.
9. Justin Lomas St Neots C.C. @ 1lap
10. Jess Wieckowski Halesowen C.C.
11. Alfonso Jimenez Charnwood Tri
12. Nick Walling Leicestershire R.C.
13. Glenn Coltman Leicestershire R.C.
14. Sam Sayers Leicestershire R.C.
15. Richard Anderson Beeston C.C.
16. Mark Worley Hinckley C.R.C.
17. Richard Hill Mike Vaughan Cycles
18. Paul Slater Velo Club Rutland
19. Richard Gostick Oxford City
20. Jeff Jones Websters Cycles.com
21. James Locker Halesowen C.C.
22. Ted Bate Halesowen C.C. @ 2laps
23. William Richardson Plan B Racing @ 3 laps

Youth E Girls 
1. Holly Barnett Welland Valley
2. Emelia Reynolds Halesowen C.C. @ 1 lap
Youth E Boys 
1. Andrew Wheatley Halesowen C.C.
2. Jack Rootkin-Gray Solihull C.C.
3. Jamie Lydall Welland Valley
4. Max Walling Leicestershire R.C. @ 1 lap
Youth D Boys 
1. Scott Hookway Sherwood C.C.
2. Richard Harrison Solihull C.C.
3. Ross Barnett Welland Valley
4. Mason Webster Websters cycles.com
5. Jake Cartwright Welland Valley
6. Leo Bravin Leicestershire R.C. @ 1lap
Youth C Girls 
1. Miriam Walkwski Charnwood Tri
2. Rebecca Orton 
3. Katie Saunders Leics Tri Club @ 1 lap
Youth C Boys 
1. Jack Escritt Wolverhampton Whlrs
2. Joey Walker Dinnington R.C.
3. Ryan Phillips Wolverhampton Whlrs
4. Bradley Symonds Leicestershire R.C.
5. Edward Harrison 
6. Reece Moradkhan Spalding C.C. @ 1 lap
7. Jack Roginski Welland Valley
8. Johnathon Groves Lichfield C.C.
9. Charlie Caines Dysnnyi
10. Jake Cartwright Welland Valley
11. Kai Bravin Leicestershire R.C. @ 2 laps
1. Chris Madden Team Draft
2. Rob Wickham Team Bromakin
3. Ian Marsden Team Leppin/Polar
4. Stephen Lowden 

Youth B Girls 
1. Holly Page Worcester St Johns C.C.
2. Katie Hubbard Welland Valley
3. Rachel Borrows Leics Tri Club
4. Saskia Hook South Pennine C.C.
5. Becky Saunders Leics Tri Club
6. Pearl Walkwski Charnwood Tri
7. Emily Orton 
Youth B Boys 
1. Luc Hall Kuota-Spinergy-GSG
2. Adam de Smit V.C. Lincoln
3. Sam Francks Halesowen
4. Oliver Fensom Spalding C.C. @ 1 lap
5. Xander Tansey 
6. Ross Simmons Leicestershire R.C.
7. Johnathon Gask Leicestershire R.C.
8. Josh Walling Leicestershire R.C. @ 2 laps
9. Jake Hubbard Welland Valley
10. Dom Tower Welland Valley
Youth A Girls 
1. Emily Kay Halesowen C.C.
2. Jess Anderson Sportcity Velo
3. Beth Crumpton Halesowen C.C.
4. Laura Allen Private Member
5. Erin Billington Welland Valley
Youth A Boys 
1. Alistair Slater
2. James Locker Halesowen C.C.
3. Jordan Skinner Dinnington R.C.
4. Ben Green Sportcity Velo
5. Jess Wieckowski Halesowen C.C.
6. Kyle Yates Edinburgh Racers
7. Edward McParland J D Cycles Ilkley
8. Stuart McCluskey K Glasgow South @ 1lap
9. Ted Bate Halesowen C.C.
10. Aaron Sayers Leicestershire R.C.
11. James Worley Hinckley C.R.C.
12. Sam Matthews Edinburgh Racers
13. Tom Young Leicestershire R.C.
14. Daniel Dickinson Dinnington R.C. @ 2 laps
15. Matthew Trimble
16. Scott Woodhead Crosstrax