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Castle Combe Summer Series

July 9, 2009; Week 10; Thanks to Andy Cook

Two thirds of the way through the Castle Combe Summer Series and another dry night, if a little chilly. Youth racing numbers were back at normal levels with 54 young riders signing on. When you include the forty odd youngsters taking part in Go-Ride, the future for cycling in this part of the country looks in safe hands. It’s taken a lot of hard work by a number of people but the league is running well with fantastic support from parents and volunteers alike to ensure the safety of riders is paramount throughout but at the same time providing a range of distances and different circuits to give the varying categories the relevant racing experience.

The usual invasion of Youth riders from Newport Velo and Abergavenny continues to swell the numbers and help create healthy competition across all the Youth age categories. Many of the youngsters have parents competing in the senior event after the Youth racing and it’s great to see the youngsters riding around after their events and generating good Anglo Welsh relationships!

Lauren Booth got the better of Lance Hutchison and David Barber this week in the U8’s with the Tillett boys relegating Pfeiffer Georgi to 3rd spot. A very heart-warming gesture after the sprint in that event was young James giving Pfeiffer a “thumbs up” in recognition of her effort during the event and in the sprint.

Ashley Hutchison maintained his winning habit with another shift in the order behind him with Ffion James making 2nd spot from Peter Kibble and a great result from Lewis Revill.  In the Under 14 category, Jack Reed broke away early from the rest of his group and time trialled virtually the whole event closing in on the Under 16’s who had started a clear minute in front. Sam Roberts maintained his run of second places outsprinting Luke Davies.

With Sean Wheddon missing, Luke Cowley moved up from 5th place the previous week to take a well deserved win in a good close sprint finish from Dan Marshall and Alex Mulvenna dropping from 2nd last week to 3rd this. With a strong wind blowing from the North East, the main handicap race was a severe test on the night with the E/1/2 riders catching the 3rd category riders after around six laps.

With such an injection of pace after the catch, a number of riders were dropped prior to the leaders catching the category 4 riders with about 7 laps remaining. The main bunch was reduced to around 25 riders due to the ferocious nature of the racing. With just over two laps to race, Tom Southam & Darren Lapthorne managed to get clear with Grant Bayton. They steadily pulled clear and the two Rapha Condor guys who are heading for China and a stage race there,  managed to get beaten in the sprint by the Sport  Beans Wilier’s Grant Bayton. In the sprint for 4th Jon Pain maintained his consistent level in the Castle Combe Summer series.



Under 8
1st  Lauren Booth  Chippenham & Dist  1st Girl 
2nd  Lance Hutchison Cheltenham & Cty CC 1st Boy 
3rd  David Barber  Chippenham & Dist  2nd Boy D/L
4th  Tom Price  Go Ride   3rd Boy  D/L
5th  Marco Matano  Chippenham & Dist  4th Boy 
6th  Harry Fleet  Royal Dean Forest CC 5th Boy 
7th  Sebi Turvey  Climb on Bikes RT  6th Boy D/L
8th  Talan Snowden Chippenham & Dist  7th Boy  D/L
9th  Elena Pearce  Newport Velo   2nd Girl
10th  Tia Cox  Newport Velo   3rd Girl
11th  Sean Cole  Go Ride   8th Boy  D/L
12th  William Harris Chippenham & Dist  9th Boy D/L
13th  Nicola Dove  Go Ride   4th Girl  D/L
14th  Martina Barber Chippenham & Dist  5th Girl  D/L

Under 10
1st  Sam Tillett  Newport Velo   1st Boy 
2nd  James Tillett  Newport Velo   2nd Boy
3rd  Pfeiffer Georgi Mid Devon RC  1st Girl 
4th  Daniel Pearce  Newport Velo   3rd Boy
5th  Joe Beckingsale Abergavenny RC  4th Boy 
6th  Megan James  Abergavenny RC  2nd Girl 
7th  Toby Berryman Chippenham & Dist  5th Boy 
8th  Liam Sewell  Swindon RC   6th Boy 
9th  Emily Tillett  Newport Velo   3rd Girl 
10th  Joshua Price  Go Ride   7th Boy   D/L
11th  Jack Pearce  Newport Velo   8th Boy 
12th  Victoria Harris Chippenham & Dist  4th Girl  D/L

Under 12
1st  Ashley Hutchison Cheltenham & Cty  1st Boy 
2nd  Ffion James  Abergavenny RC  1st Girl 
3rd  Peter Kibble  Chippenham & Dist  2nd Boy 
4th  Lewis Revill  Chippenham & Dist  3rd Boy 
5th  Cameron Thompson Andover Whlrs  4th Boy 
6th  Tom Sewell  Swindon RC   5th Boy 
7th  Etienne Georgi Mid Devon RC  6th Boy
8th  Rob Higgs  Chippenham & Dist  7th Boy 
9th  Max Berryman Chippenham & Dist  8th Boy 
10th  Elliott Chard  Chippenham & Dist  9th Boy 
11th  Aaron Booth  Chippenham & Dist  10th Boy  D/L
12th  Megan Cox  Newport Velo   2nd Girl Applied

Under 14
1st  Jack Reed  Royal Dean Forest CC 1st Boy
2nd  Sam Roberts  NSCDS   2nd Boy 
3rd  Luke Davies  Chippenham & Dist  3rd Boy
4th  Cameron Falconer Cunningham Chippenham & Dist  4th Boy 
5th  Ben Phillips  Chippenham & Dist  5th Boy 

Under 16
1st  Luke Cowley  Swindon RC   1st Boy 
2nd  Dan Marshall  BCDS    2nd Boy 
3rd  Alex Mulvenna Chippenham & Dist  3rd Boy 
4th  Tom Bowering Ingear Dev Sq   4th Boy  D/L
5th  Dan McKimm  BCDS    5th Boy 
6th  Ainsley Jewell  Chippenham & Dist  6th Boy 
7th  Freddie Lewton Newport Olympic  7th Boy  717335
8th  Steph Higgs  Chippenham & Dist  1st Girl  
9th  Charley Bradley VC Bristol   8th Boy  Applied
1st  Grant Bayton  Sports Beans Wilier 
2nd  Darren Lapthorne Rapha Condor  
3rd  Tom Southam  Rapha Condor  
4th  Jon Pain  VC Montpelier 
5th  Wayne Coombs VC Montpelier 
6th  James Lowsley-Williams Agiskoviner    
7th  Pete Georgi  Epic Viner RT  
8th  Mark Hughes  VC Bristol  
9th  Deacon Cutterham VC Bristol  
10th Leyton Fleet  Royal Dean Forest 
10th Andy Cook  Chippenham & Dist