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Oakley Win For Hannah

Women's Team Race Series - Oakley - 11 July 2009
Report: John Miles

Hannah Rich - Candi TV/Pinarello RT won the latest round of the Women's Team Race Series event held uniquely as part of the Oakley Village Fete Day when she out-sprinted the small group that managed to avoid the serious problem that struck the race with just 2 kilometres to go.

Right: Hannah Rich winning at Blackpool a couple of weeks ago (Image: Andrew Kenneday)

Organised by Scott Holmes with terrific sponsorship from Build Base, Holme Engineering and Fit 4 Life, the riders faced 6 laps of the circuit, for a distance of 82 kilometres, going through the Oakley village each lap to the applause of hundreds of local villagers who enjoyed a full day of entertainment.

The early laps were the usual attrition with riders leaving the bunch by the rear but some riders caught the dreaded puncture bug as overnight rain has washed grit into the roads. With a course that boasted as its highest point the bridge that crossed the motorway it was never easy for riders to get away although there were attacks; the two teams vying to go ahead of Series leaders, Squadra Donne/Bikefood/Luciano, Max Gear RT and Mischief Card.com keep vigil at the front and made sure that breaks were brought back as the finish was always going to be a bunch sprint.

The two mid race primes were taken by Louise Eden, Max Gear RT and Nadine Spearing, Altura Patterson; the first attack went after 30 kilometres but was brought back as were attacks at 32 kms but the one with 40 kms covered by Anna Fischer, Max Gear RT looked like staying away but again it was caught.

Jeanette Tebbutt, Max Gear RT tried with just 5 kms remaining but just as she was caught a crash with 2 kms to go,in the middle of the bunch, brought down 8 riders with the major teams caught in the mayhem so it was left to half the bunch to go for the finish placings with Hannah Rich who flew along the pan flat finish to take the win just beating Charlotte Colclough, Mischief Card.com with team mate for the day Katie Fearnehough in 3rd.


1.  Hannah  Rich  Candi  TV
2.  Charlotte  Colclough  Mischief  Card
3.  Katie  Fearnehough  Mischief  Card
4.  Kate  Calvert  Candi  TV
5.  Rohan  Battison  London  Dynamo
6.  Alex  Tyrer  Twickenham  CC
7.  Helen  Gutteridge  Mischief  Card
8.  Iona  Sewell  Squadra  Donne/Bikefood
9.  Nadine  Spearing  Altura  Patterson
10.  Marianne  Britten  Max  Gear  RT
11.  Genevieve  Whitson  Swindon  RT
12.  Stephania  Magri  Squadra  Donne/Bikefood
13.  Claire  Beaumont  London  Dynamo
14.  Gail  Aspden  Squadra  Donne/Bikefood
15.  Jeanette  Caldicott  Max  Gear  RT 
16.  Helen  Clayton  Mischief  Card
17.  Louise  Eden  Max  Gear  RT
18.  Anna  Grundy  BCF  Eastern
19.  Liz  Chittenden  BCF  Eastern
20.  Alexandra  Marzec  London  Dynamo
21.  Kate  Scotter  BCF  Eastern
22.  Penny  Rowson  Mischief  Card
23.  Tracey  Fletcher  Mischief  Card
24.  Angharad  Mason  Impsport  A
25.  Sorrelle  le  Cornu  Swindon  RC
26.  Wiseia  Kuczaj  Twickenham  CC
27  Angaharad  Mason  Impsport
28  Caroline  Harding  BC  Eastern
29  Angie  Thorp  BC  Eastern
30  Wiesia  Kuczaj  Twickenham  CC
31  Sorelle  le  Cornu  Swindon  RC
32  Sharon  Dolman  Swindon  RC.

1. Mischief Card 356 points
2. Candi TV 250 points
3. London Dynamo 170 points
4. Squadra Donne/Bikefood/Luciano 159 points
5. Max Gear RT 137 points
6. BCF Eastern 133 points
7. Swindon RT 84 points
8. Twickenham CC 80 points
9. Altura Patterson 60 points

Category  2/3/4  Mens  Event 
1.  Roger  Browne  Beeline  Bicycles  R.T.
2.  Mick  Fuller  Team  Quest
3.  Richard  Wood  T.M.K.
4.  Justin  Radford  Python  R.T.
5.  Darren  parker  Python  R.T.
6.  Rob  Fletcher  Andres 
7.  Nick  Abraham  Private  member
8.  Llewellyn  Kinch  G.W.R.
9.  Pete  Smith  T.M.K.
10.  Tim  Rowson  J.E.  James
11.  Tim  Carter  Team  Virgin  Active
12.  Rafel  Radziej  ?
13.  Duncan  Sherwood  Hillingdon  C.C.
14.  Chris  Smith  Python  R.T.
15.  Rupert  Beale  Onelifefugart  Racing  Team