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June 5, 2009; Thruxton
By Graham Robins

Elite/1/2 Race
As soon as the race started, three riders got away and by the first corner the race seemed to be all over for the rest. By the third lap the three had a gap of 30 seconds and that soon opened up to 40 secsonds. The chasing bunch all seemed to be working hard but could not pull them back and at the bell, the three were all together and stayed that way until the last 300m when Paul Pickup got away and he crossed the line on his own ahead of a tired looking Nic Tilling in a very respectful second.

Provisional Result
1st Paul Pickup Cycleworks
2nd Nic Tilling GWR Team
3rd Paul Standen  Velo Club Montpellier

Women’s race
The women’s race was won by Anna Fische. Here is Anna’s race report, “It was not an easy race as the field was only small and it was pretty windy. I attacked on the second lap where it was slightly uphill and I got a good gap quite quickly. I didn't expect that I could stay away until the finish, but winning with a ride like that is just great! My team mate Maz controlled the chase and rode really smart, so she sprinted to second place which makes a great team result!”