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Castle Combe Summer Series (#8)

June 25, 2009,Week 8
Thanks to Andy Cook

A warm sultry summers evening saw fewer than normal riders due most likely to a clash with Ilton this evening. However, the U8’s bucked the trend with 17 riders haring round the 1km pit lane with Lance Hutchison again outwitting David Barber with Lauren Booth leading girl home in 3rd place overall. The U10’s keep shuffling themselves round almost as if they’re taking it in turns to win. This week Pfeiffer Georgi won a tough spring into the wind with the Tillett boys close behind in 2nd and 3rd with James getting the better of Sam this week.

Again the U12’s went out onto the big circuit and Ashley Hutchison got himself back into winning ways breaking clear and winning from Etienne Georgi with young Peter Kibble taking 3rd place. In the U14’s Jack Reed continued his excellent form by taking a well deserved win from Sam Roberts who is a newcomer to cycle racing and Scott Hayward in 3rd place. Sean Wheddon won a close sprint from Dan Marshall with Freddie Lewton taking 3rd place in the U16 category.

In the senior event, the 4ths having tasted victory the week before almost pulled it off again only getting caught with just under 2 laps of the 17 lap race to go. The E/1/2 group had caught the 3rds with around 7 laps remaining after the 3rds were hindered by a crash early in the race. The bunch sprint opened up from a fair way out and Josh Papworth gave a fine display of fluid pedalling to outdistance the rest of the bunch on the line with Jon Paine just getting the better of Glyndwr Lewis. Interestingly there were two 3rd cats in the top 10 and a 4th cat proving that it’s not always the E/1/2’s that mop up all the points.



Under 8
1st  Lance Hutchison Cheltenham & Cty CC 1st Boy 
2nd  David Barber  Chippenham & Dist  2nd Boy  D/L
3rd  Lauren Booth  Chippenham & Dist  1st Girl  
4th  Tom Price  Go Ride   3rd Boy  D/L
5th  Marco Matano  Chippenham & Dist  4th Boy 
6th  Scott Curtis  Unattached   5th Boy  D/L
7th  Katie Johns  Chippenham & Dist  2nd Girl 
8th  Elena Pearce  Newport Velo   3rd Girl
9th  Talan Snowden Chippenham & Dist  6th Boy  D/L
10th  Sean Cole  Go Ride   7th Boy  D/L
11th  Issac Curtis  Go Ride   8th Boy  D/L
12th  Sam Yates  Corinium CC   9th Boy D/L
13th  Samuel Rutty  VC Bristol   10th Boy D/L
14th  Nicola Dove  Go Ride   4th Girl  D/L
15th  Marina Barber  Chippenham & Dist  5th Girl  D/L
16th  Otis Yates  Corinium CC   6th Girl  D/L
17th  Toby Goodhand Chippenham & Dist  11th Boy D/L

Under 10
1st  Pfeiffer Georgi Mid Devon RC  1st Girl 
2nd  James Tillett  Newport Velo   1st Boy 
3rd  Samuel Tillett  Newport Velo   2nd Boy 
4th  Daniel Pearce  Newport Velo   3rd Boy 
5th  Joe Beckingsale Abergavenny RC  4th Boy 
6th  Megan James  Abergavenny RC  2nd Girl 
7th  Emily Tillett  Newport Velo   3rd Girl 
8th  Jack Pearce  Newport Velo   5th Boy 
9th  Joshua Price  Go Ride   6th Boy   D/L
10th  Chloe Martin  Chippenham & Dist  4th Girl 

Under 12
1st  Ashley Hutchison Cheltenham & Cty  1st Boy 
2nd  Etienne Georgi Mid Devon RC  2nd Boy 452943
3rd  Peter Kibble  Chippenham & Dist  3rd Boy 
4th  Erin Martin  Chippenham & Dist  1st Girl 
5th  Lewis Revill  Chippenham & Dist  4th Boy 
6th  Elliott Chard  Chippenham & Dist  5th Boy 
7th  Ben Beckingsale Abergavenny RC  6th Boy 

Under 14
1st  Jack Reed  Royal Dean Forest CC 1st Boy
2nd  Sam Roberts  NSCDS   2nd Boy 
3rd  Scott Hayward  Dursley RC   3rd Boy 
4th  Luke Davies  Chippenham & Dist  4th Boy
5th  Ben Phillips  Chippenham & Dist  5th Boy 
6th  Adele Martin  Chippenham & Dist  1st Girl 

Under 16
1st  Sean Wheddon BCDS    1st Boy 
2nd  Dan Marshall  BCDS    2nd Boy
3rd  Freddie Lewton Newport Olympic  3rd Boy 
4th  Dan McKimm  BCDS    4th Boy 
5th  Luke Cowley  Swindon RC   5th Boy 
6th  Ainsley Jewell  Chippenham & Dist  6th Boy  D/L
7th  Steph Higgs  Chippenham & Dist  1st Girl  
8th  Ash Martin  Chippenham & Dist  7th Boy 
1st  Josh Papworth  Wyre Forest CRC 
2nd  Jon Paine  VC Montpelier 
3rd  Glyndwr Griffiths Bristol South CC 
4th  Nic Tilling  GWR team  
5th  Callum Lister  Corinium CC  
6th  Andy Cook  Chippenham & Dist 
7th  Andrew Carnall Agiskoviner  
8th   Scott Chalmers  
9th  Alex Mulvenna Chippenham & Dist 
10th  Toby Eicher  Unattached

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