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Women's Circuit Race Champs

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Women's National Circuit Championships

Sunday 21st June 2009; Horwich Carnival, Lancashire
Promoted by Horwich CC Report and images: Andrew Kennedy

Over the last few years the Women's Circuit Race Championship winner has gone on to claim Olympic and World Championship glory, Joanna Rowsell in 2008 and Lizzie Armitstead in 2007. The big names were missing from the 2009 edition of the race but that didn't stop the women who lined up at Horwich having a championship battle and 2009 winner Dani King (Vision 1 Racing) added her name to the prestigious list of Circuit Race Champions with the 18 year old Southampton rider using her powerful sprint to take the win in front of a big crowd at the Horwich Carnival.
How the race unfolded -- A photo report

A compact group of 22 riders started the championship race, which stayed together for the first few laps of the 2km town centre circuit.

Ruby Miller (Private Member) in black and Jessica Booth (Halesowen) drive the front of the race creating gaps in the line.

Sarah Storey (VC St Raphael) uses her pursuit style to attack, managing to keep the bunch at bay for two laps.
The same faces were at the front of the leading group on every lap, Sarah Storey, Dani King and Hannah Rich (CandiTV)

Dani King (Vision 1 Racing) used her powerful sprint to take the win at Horwich from Laura Trott (VC Londres) and Leanne Thompson (Hewitt Racing)

Clearly delighted with her win, King enjoys the applause from the crowd
One of the many running races goes on in the background while the podium riders pose for the photographers

1. Dani King, Vision 1
2. Laura Trott, Velo Club Londres
3. Leanne Thompson, Hewitt Racing
4. Hannah Rich, CandiTV
5. Jessica Booth, Halesowen
6. Kara Chesworth, Dysynni CC
7. Clare Thomas, Edinburgh RC
8. Marriane Britten, Maxgear RT
9. Ruby Miller, private member
10. Katie Curtis, Vision 1
11. Sarah Storey, VC St Raphel
12. Jackie Garner, Vision 1
13. Louise Murray, SIS
14. Hayley Edwards, Halesowen

Post Race Interview

Dani King (Vision 1 Racing): British Cycling caught up with the 2009 winner as she collected her flowers, champs jersey and prizes, asking her how the race had gone?
King - It was a really good race, people kept attacking, Sarah Storey was strong and kept the pace high. I've just come back from Italy so the legs aren't as fresh as they should be. Today I kept attacking but was unable get away. Laura Trott was on form and chased down every move and I knew that my best chance was to sit in and wait for the sprint, which I did and won.
British Cycling - What have you been doing in Italy?
King - I was racing with the Vision 1 team at the Giro del Trentino, Nicole Cooke is our team leader and we were working for her, Nicole won the race so it was a good victory for the team.
British Cycling: This is a big win for you today, previous winners of this race have gone on to Olympic and World Championship glory, is that your plan?
King - Definitely, I've just finished A'levels at college and I'm taking a year out of education to see how my cycling career goes. Hopefully I will go all the way.

I haven't been cycling long and only started when the Talent Team picked me up. I had a year on the British Cycling Olympic Development Plan sprint squad and now I'm full time with the Vision 1 Racing Team. Endurance riding is the way forward for me but learnt a lot from my time with the sprint squad, that's why I won today, I had the best sprint. This is my first national championship jersey, I'm delighted to have won it and today is fathers day so it's a great present for my Dad.
A full interview with Dani coming up here on British Cycling this week.


Support race podium left to right, Andrew Hawdon 2nd, Scott Thwaites 1st and Stuart Reid 3rd.
Ilkley rider Scott Thwaites has just had a very busy weekend. On Friday he travelled to the Midlands to meet Cherie Pridham and sign for her Madison team, collecting bike and team clothing. Saturday he rode out with the Leeds cafe racers to set up his Cervelo team bike and get used to the pink and blue kit. Sunday afternoon he took his first win for the team in a thrilling support race at the Women's Circuit Champs in Horwich.
The Senior Mens race at Horwich promised to be a fast event. The 2 km circuit is well surfaced, wide, with a few tight but fast corners, flat with a drag up to the finish and perfectly suits criterium riders.
With a full field and a large crowd the race got off to an extremely fast start. At the end of the second lap some riders had decided that bike racing at this level was a lot faster than they had anticipated and were climbing off.
At the front of the race, the Herbalife/Wheelbase team was winding up the pace with the help of the SIS squad. Scott Thwaites was present at the front and within a few laps five riders had broken clear. The small group was driven by two Herbalife/Wheelbase riders Andrew Hawdon and Stuart Reid with Scott Thwaites the only other rider contributing to the early pace.

Alistair Rutherford (SIS) and Elliot Teal (Crosstrax) were sat on the back of the leading group. The Madison and Herbalife/Wheelbase riders were in a different class to the rest of the field and at just over half distance this small group had lapped the field.
Hawdon, Thwaites and Reid looked very impressive but were obviously worried about the others not contributing. With five laps to go, the leaders pace dropped and Rutherford was on the front. Thwaites was watching the Herbalife/Wheelbase riders, and on the next lap they had forced Teal to come through.
At the bell Stuart Reid led the group through the finish to begin the last lap. As the riders came into view for the finish it was Thwaites flanked by Hawdon and Reid. Rutherford was protesting about something and Teal was sat up watching the sprint ahead of him. Hawdon dashed down the right hand gutter but Thwaites kept his line straight down the centre of the road for a decisive win.

Scott Thwaites (Madison) leads the break

The main field kept the pace high on this very fast circuit

Thwaites and Stuart Reid (Herbalife/Wheelbase) drive the break as they lap the field

Thwaites takes the win from Andrew Hawdon (Herbalife/Wheelbase) out of the picture sprinting down the right hand gutter and Stuart Reid (Herbalife/Wheelbase)

1. Scott Thwaites, Crosstrax
2. Andrew Hawdon, Herbalife/Wheelbase
3. Stuart Reid, Herbalife/Wheelbase
4. Alistair Rutherford, Team SiS.com
5. Elliot Teal, Crosstrax
6. Damien Smith, Herbalife/Wheelbase
7. Tim Lawson, SiS.com
8. Lee Ward, Heanor Clarion
9. Adrian Lawrence, Lancashire, RC
10. Matt Siepen, Wills Wheels

Youths     Cat. C/D/E           
1    Grace    Garner    Leicester RC   
2    Adam    Hartley    Eastlands    Velo
3    Joe    Mann    Hetton    Hawks
4    Martha    Gill    Bolton Hot Wheels   
5    Andrew    Hatherway    Bolton Hot Wheels   
6    Lewis    Hartley    Eastlands    Velo
7    Dylan    Thompson       
8    Rowan    Kane    Bolton Tri   

Youths    Cat A/B           
1    Chris    Latham    Sportcity Velo   
2    Liam    Brennan    New Brighton CC   
3    Thomas    Mazzone    Royal London 360 IOM a   
4    Ashley    Marshall    Planex X   
5    Lucy    Garner    Leics RC   
6    Dan    Whelan    Liverpool Century   
7    Matthew    Waters    RVJ   
8    Christopher Lawless        Eastlands Velo   
9    James    McGillick    GS Surosa   
10    Jack    Bowyer    Sportcity Velo   
11    Jack     Sadler    Wheelbase   
12    Scott    Woodhead    Crosstrax   
13    Callum    Fletcher    Eastlands Velo   
14    Clare    Gore    Sportcity Velo   
15    Tom    Walker    Eastlands Velo   
16    Sean    Fletcher    Eastlands Velo   
17    Lewis    Barry    Sportcity Velo   
18    Sam    Turton    Liverpool Mercury   
19    Robert    Richardson     Bolton Hotwheels   
20    Aaron    Adamson    Bolton Hotwheels   
21    Fabio    Close    Eastlands Velo   
22    Hannah    Layland    Sportcity Velo   
23    Connor    McGillick    Mossley CRT   
24    Gareth    Williams    Bolton Hotwheels