Sid Standard Memorial (Juniors)

Sid Standard Memorial (Juniors)

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Joe Perrett Wins Sid Standard Memorial

April 19, 2009 | Events sponsored by Irwin Mitchell ()

Pictures & Report from Richard Robotham

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Glendene CC rider, Joe Perrett wins the Sid Standard alone.

The gloomy and chilly morning for the earlier Women’s road race gave way to a beautiful sunny and warm afternoon for the second race of the day, the National Junior Series promoted by Beeston Road Club. Before the race, Richard Robotham spoke to a few of the riders to see how they were feeling before the race.

Alexander King (Twickenham CC): Speaking before the race as the series leader, the rider nicknamed Sandy said “I am excited, but its going to be difficult race as its quite a flat course. The weather is good so it will be more tactical. Hopefully I will be able to get away or be in a small group and try to keep scoring points.”  On his current performance he said that he was feeling good and his form is still good after completing the Junior Paris/Roubaix the previous weekend.  He hoped that the race would be hard today as he would struggle in the sprint finish if it was an easy race.  His main threats would be the Glenedene.

David Nichols (Glendene CC): Before the race, David Nichols who is lying 4th in series after the first race, said that his 4th place was a good solid start to the season gaining vital points but hoped that he could win in today’s event.  "I was second here last year so I will try to get into an break early on as I don’t want to be in a bunch finish, so I will probably start attacking from the start. I will be looking out for Peter Dibben and Alexander King who both are strong riders."

Matt Bailey (Halesowen A&CC): With a 6th place in the first race, Matt said that he had been training quite a bit since the last race putting in the miles. "This circuit is a bit different as it’s a bit flat and I prefer hills so I am going to play it by ear and see how the race goes. I think the race will split quite early as it’s a narrow course so I will stay at the front and go with any moves and if I am still there at the end I still have a good sprint finish."

Daniel Mclay ( "The course is very fast, which suits me. No hill finish so I am feeling quietly confident as I am pretty strong on a flat course and have a good sprint finish. My main completion will come from the likes of Alex King, Sam Harrison, Tim Kennaugh.

Sam Harrison (Planet X): "In the last race, I didn’t have very good form but today I feel a lot better although I am a bit tired after attending a training camp last weekend. But I will be keeping an eye on the favourites and hang on till the end."

With 14 laps ahead of them on a short 8.4 kilometre triangular circuit, the riders set a storming pace right from the start of the race.  After only 5 minutes of racing, Tim Kennaugh and team mate Chris Nicholson (Team Isle of Man) along with Jack Waller (Lotto Olympia Team Interbike) broke away from the bunch and started to build up their lead to over 24 seconds. They had almost completed the first lap as Ben Jamin (Last Sportscover Spiuk – JE James) and Jake Tanner (Team Sportscover) clipped off the front of the bunch aiming to bridge the gap to the leaders.  But the bunch worked hard and as it approached the finish line, they reeled in the two chasers.


Last years winner, Tim Kennaugh from the Isle of Man, forcing the pace from the start and lining the peloton out in the process.

The early fast pace was starting to take its toll on the three leading riders and it was soon obvious that Chris Nicholson was struggling and he started to lose touch with the two other leaders. This left Tim Kennaugh and Jack Waller to fight on at the head of the race and although the time gap was dropping,  they managed to hold on for another lap.

Now Jack Waller was looking tired too and with the gap down to only 14 seconds, the bunch was closing quickly on the leaders. Perry Bowater (CC Giro), Jon Mould ( and Joshua Edmundson (Glendene CC/Bike Trax) seized the opportunity to bridge to the two tiring leading riders and reeled them in one by one. The small group at the head of the race managed then to stay clear despite the strong pursuit by Connor Dunne (Hemel Hempstead CC) and David Nichols (Glendene CC/Biketrax) who both tried but failed to chase them down.

With the leaders totally committed and flying around the course, another rider, local Daniel McLay ( managed to make the connection across the gap and in the process passed a tired looking Jack Waller on his way to the leaders. However, the unrelenting tempo set by the bunch saw the gap reduced until they eventually caught the leading riders as they passed through the feed zone.

Even with the bunch back together, the race showed no sign of slowing, George Atkins (Websters Cycles) made a move at the head of the race and gained a little distance but he was soon joined by Joe Perrett (Glendene CC/BikeTrax) and Tim Kennaugh after finding his second wind. Together they managed to gain 15 seconds on the bunch and continued to increase the gap to just over 30 seconds for a further lap.

With half the race completed, the three leaders were constantly under attack from riders chasing them down and by the end of the 7th lap, the whole field had come back together. With 6 laps to go showing on the board, the riders started to get twitchy and Peter Dibben (Hargrove Cycles) and Joshua Hunt (Mid Devon CC) pulled away and managed to get a lead of 23 seconds. They were chased down and joined by John Cooper (Wolverhampton Wheelers) and  Jamie Rogers (Scunthorpe Poly CC).

The new leading group all worked together well for a short period to try to stay ahead of the field but only John Cooper stuck to his guns and kept going as the other three riders gave up and returned to the bunch. With John Cooper tantalising close, this sparked another attack from Tom Moses (Teamwallis CHH) and Felix English (Team Corridori) who bridge the gap easily to join John Cooper.


John Cooper & Felix English

As they made their way up the hill to the feed zone, an oncoming vehicle caused confusion and held up the accompanying race motorcade resulting in Tom Moses coming into contact with  the rear of one of the race vehicles. Fortunately Tom was not hurt and carried on but not with the leaders. This stalling of the head of the race allowed the bunch to gain ground on the leading riders.

The race picked up its pace again and with the finish line almost insight, the riders started to attack off the front of the bunch. The leaders were now only 14 seconds ahead of a chasing group of three riders and 12 seconds ahead of another chasing group of four riders. The two chasing groups soon came together to form one group of seven riders which consisted of Alex Murison (Glendene CC/Bike Trax), Daniel Mclay (,Conor Dunne (Hemel Hemstead CC), Laurie Brooking (Buxton CC), Peter Dibben (Hargroves Cycles), Lewis Balyckyi (Team Wallis CHH) and David Nichols (Glendene CC/Bike Trax).

They all took turns at the front of group and finally reeled in the leaders at the end of 11th lap. The counter attacks were now coming thick and fast off the front of the bunch. The leading group of nine riders were soon joined by Joe Perrett, George Atkins and Simon Yates (Sportcity Velo) and were charging ahead and building on their 32 second lead.


The break with two laps to go lead by David Nichols

The bunch had not given up and with the bell ringing in their ears the pace rose for the last time and the bunch were once again in hot pursuit of the leaders. As the leaders rounded the last bend and made their way up towards the finishing straight, Joe Perret seized his opportunity and pulled away and continued to power his way to the finish line to take a magnificent win a full 17 seconds ahead of his nearest rival Christopher Whorrall  (Manx Road Club).

Unfortunately as the rest of the bunch made its way up the finishing hill, there was a clash of wheels which brought down approximately twenty riders some of which limped over the line with cuts and grazes but Joshua Hunt had a trip to hospital with a suspected fractured collar bone.

Post-Race Comment: Winner - Joe Perrett (Glendene CC) -- "It was a tough race with an attack early on from Tim Kennaugh and everyone had to chase because he is a strong rider but as soon as he was caught, another would attack and everyone got tired.  The pace was fast but it slowed in the middle of the race for a while but that’s when the winning break got away and I managed to get across with George Atkins and another rider. There was another lone attack so I counted about half way around the course and managed to stay ahead and take the win. I am pleased to have beaten some of the favourites."

Juniors Results
1st Joe Perrett  Glendene CC /Bike Trax   2.50.04
2nd Christopher Whorrall Manx Road Club   2.50.21
3rd Daniel McLay    2.50.21
4th  Sam Harrison  Planet X    2.50.21
5th  Tom Moses  Teamwallis CHH    2.50.21
6th Jake Hales  Lotto Olympia Team Interbike  2.50.21