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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pushing legs and lungs to the limit David Griffiths of Glasgow Wheelers Cycling Club claimed the Kingscavil Hill Climb crown today (Sunday, October 16, 2011) with a new course record of two minutes and 12 seconds.

In a reversal of last year’s top two he beat current Scottish Hill Climb champion Arthur Doyle of Dooley’s Racing Team. Arthur hit the line in 2.17, three seconds off the previous course record mark which gave him the win last year.

Craig Adams of GSS Racing Team grabbed third spot in the men’s competition with a time of 2.25. The Doyle family maintained their overall dominance, however, as Sharon Doyle trumped husband Arthur by winning the Women’s competition. She topped the climb in 3.11, a full 12 seconds ahead of second-placed Katie Carmichael.

With a field of over 100 riders Kingscavil is easily the biggest cycling hill-climb competition in Scotland. Now in its third year, the event attracted several hundred spectators to the one-kilometre ascent near Linlithgow, West Lothian.

With the support of West Lothian Council and VisitWestLothian the organisers, the West Lothian Clarion Cycling Club, have arranged for the narrow lane to be closed to traffic for the competition. “This brings a unique atmosphere, allowing the spectators to get right up close to the riders as they heave up a gradient which hits 20 per cent in places,” said race organiser Angus Gallie.

Cresting the summit the riders were met by a piper. On the way up they passed people in fancy dress and heard cow bells clanging amid the shouts of encouragement.

For West Lothian Clarion Club Secretary Matt Ball the event “is a wonderful showcase for West Lothian and the growing strength of cycling”. He particularly struck by the up and coming talent. “The youth field was the best I have seen. It is amazing to see their strength. For example, Cameron Balfour won the age 15 and under category with a time of 2.22 which beat all everyone except the two fastest riders in the men’s competition. Who knows what he will do next year?”.

In addition to West Lothian Council and VisitWestLothian the event received support from the Linlithgow Round Table, Pedal Power, the Bicycle Works and Endura. West Lothian Clarion is also grateful for the support of local residents and farmers. Philpstoun Bowling Club provided welcome help with car parking.

The results on the Kingscavil climb were;

1st David Griffiths Glasgow Wheelers 02:12
2nd Arthur Doyle Dooley's Cycles RT 02:17
3rd Craig Adams GSS Racing Team 02:25
1st Vet Tom Worthington Vortex R.T 02:40
1st Team Edinburgh Road Club

1st Sharon Doyle Sandy Wallace Cycles 03:11
2nd Katie Carmichael Hervelo 03:23
3rd Sandra Scally Hervelo 03:32
1st Vet Fiona Crawford Kinross CC 03:44
1st Team Hervelo

1st Ayrton Pellet 02:55

Youth - Female
1st Youth A Louise Borthwick Edinburgh Road Club 03:25
1st Youth B Lulu Bartlett Edinburgh Road Club 05:02
1st Youth C Helen Mitchell Stirling Bike Club/
Wallace Warriors 03:47

Youth - Male
1st Youth A Cameron Balfour CNPORBEA 02:22
1st Youth B Stuart Balfour Edinburgh Road Club 02:40
1st Youth C Sean Flynn Edinburgh Road Club 03:13