Regional event staff - Contact us

Regional event staff - Contact us

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Regional event officers are focused on increasing the quality and quantity of participation opportunities in road, track, cyclo cross, mountain biking, BMX and cycle speedway.

Please feel free to contact the events officer in your region if you are an event organiser, official, volunteer or club and you need help in the following areas:


Mark Doel, regional events team leader

07940 302081

Ian Chatfield, regional competition administrator

07852 167489

East Midlands

Karen Lifford, regional events officer

07860 404834

Theresa Coltman, regional competition administrator


Ian Doe, regional events officer

07940 302228

Andy Blower, regional competition administrator

North East

Joanne Rea, regional events officer


North West

Adam Newall, regional events officer

07930 229993

Phil Braybrooke



Dan Coast, regional events officer

07342 037661

Grant Bayton, regional competition administrator

07432 555742

South East

Phil Webber, regional events officer

07940 302253

Ian Terry

07880 340093

South West

Andrew Parker, regional events team leader

07940 302224

Graham Morgan, regional competition administrator

07703 358159

West Midlands

Richard Wickenden, regional events officer

07714 136599

Keith Evans, regional competition administrator

07841 758486


Matthew Gott, regional events officer

07940 302079

Tim Leleux, regional competition administrator

07476 765566


Morven Brown, national events manager


Events Officer

07718 185403