Sat 06/06/2009 - North Downs Southern Trail Ride


Southern Trail Ride - Reigate 

Date: 06 June 2009

With great access from London and the South East, and with the best of the North Downs classic trials on the doorstep, this is a summer ride to savour!

The Southern Trail Ride is your ideal weekend ride - it's supposed to be one of the highlights of your week, one of your rewards for another grueling round of 9to5s.

But are you really making the most of it? Maybe you need some new places to ride or new people to ride with. Whether you've been around the same old routes once too often or you're just getting into this exciting sport and want to know how to get the most out of it or if you just want an excuse for a great day out on the bike, try the Southern Trail Rides.

  • Cycle from 12 to 40 miles
  • Three different ride lengths
  • Cycle at your own pace
  • FREE O.S. route map
  • Free energy drink
  • Hot food + drinks and snacks at event base

The Southern Trail Rides are designed to make great riding simple. We work out the best routes, mark them out for you to follow and even provide a marked up map - all you need to do is turn up and ride.

The Saturday morning rides run monthly throughout the year and offer a great way of keeping your riding fresh. Come along and see why they are the most popular monthly events in the calendar.

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