BOOK: Britain by Bike


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BOOK: Britain by Bike

Posted: 14th July 2010

"There is something wonderfully liberating about travelling around the country on a bike, covering the miles while feeling everything around - the wind, the rain, the sunshine..." Clare Balding

Join TV Presenter Clare Balding on some terrific cycle rides around Britain and discover Britain by bike. This new book, the official tie-in to accompany a major BBC4 television series, follows Clare Balding on a two-wheeled odyssey around Britain.

Sixty years ago, the extraordinary Harold Briercliffe wrote a series of books about his great passion: bicycle touring. Briercliffe's evocative Cycle Touring Guides lovingly described by-passed Britain - a world of unspoiled villages, Cycle Tour clubs and major landmarks.

The original guides divided the country into six regions: The Scottish Highlands, Northern England, The Midlands, Wales, Southern England and South-West England.

Britain by Bike picks up where Briercliffe's Cycling Touring Guides left off - including the cycle-friendly flatlands of Eastern England which curiously were overlooked in the original guides.

Carrying a set of Harold's guides for company - and riding his very own bicycle - Clare Balding embarks on six iconic cycle rides. The country is explored region by region with cycle-friendly routes listed and in each area; two favourite routes are highlighted for readers to follow.

You will not get to know the country just by reading this book - only by wobbling off into the sunset on two wheels, book in saddle bag, will you discover the forgotten joy of touring for yourself.

Jane Eastoe has been a journalist and an author for 25 years. She has been writing for the National Trust Books list for the last three years.