Top Tips: Everyday Intervals

Top Tips: Everyday Intervals


Everyday Intervals 

Posted: 28th May 2009

Source: Eddie Allen

Interval training is a mystical term beloved of hard core riders and gym addicts, but the concept of intervals (i.e. bursts of high-level activity interspersed with short rest periods) can yield some great benefits for strength, fitness and weight loss, when combined with plenty of easy riding and a healthy diet. The best news is that you can easily integrate intervals into your everyday riding.

On a typical commute you can do ‘traffic light intervals’ where you can sprint hard away from the lights and keep going for 30 seconds before backing off and soft-pedalling up the the next lights. You can do ‘lamp-post intervals’ where you can sprint for 2 lamp-posts and rest for 30 seconds before repeating the exercise perhaps 6-8 times, or whatever suits your level of fitness/aspirations.

Try it on your next commute or short blast, you can make it work on or off road on flat or hilly terrain. Just make sure you warm up and cool down with some easy spinning before you do your intervals.