News: Family to Tackle End-to-End Ride

News: Family to Tackle End-to-End Ride


Family to Tackle End-to-End Charity Ride

In August 2009, the Christison family (Ryan, age 13, Theresa, age 11, Carlos, age 9, Sasha, age 5 and Jessica, age 3, mum Emma and Dexter the travelling teddy bear) will be undertaking a mad, epic adventure to raise funds for their local Scout Group's Expedition to Uganda in 2010. This Expedition is known as Nile 2010. Please visit their website

However, the family's fundraising plans are no less epic than a trip to Uganda. The intrepid family will be cycling from John O' Groats to Land's End, approximately 1000 miles, or maybe more (Emma reports that she's renowned for getting totally lost).

More amazing still, they will be doing this adventure unsupported by a back-up vehicle. To keep the costs down, the family will be camping all the way down, using two lightweight tents and two trailers for all the baggage. Ryan will be pulling the heavy trailer, as Emma report he loves to whizz off, so hopefully this will slow him down slightly! Jessica will be in the baby seat on Emma's bike and Sasha will be in a trailer behind. "Not much different to the school run really!" reports Emma. "We are aiming to cycle on average 40 miles a day and the whole journey should take just over 3 weeks. It's going to be a fantastic experience and who knows, we might see the Loch Ness Monster or even the Beast of Bodmin Moor."

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