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Various marshal roles can assist with the safe running of a cycle race on our roads. These roles are summarised below.

  • Static safety marshals, or ‘red-flag marshals’, are race-facing marshals who use a flag and whistle to warn riders of hazards on the road or indicate the direction of the race. Use the event finder to find events to volunteer at here >
  • NEG motorcycle marshals are trained and assessed to assist by providing an advance warning of the race to aid a safe route, whilst indicating the direction of the race, and complementing static marshals. Read more here >
  • Accredited marshals - British Cycling’s accredited marshal scheme enables trained and assessed accredited marshals to use the ‘Stop, cycle race’ sign. This sign is approved by the Department for Transport to stop and hold traffic at junctions to enable a more controlled passage of the cycle race. Read more below.

Overview of accredited marshal responsibilities

Accredited marshals are playing a huge role in securing the future of road racing in this country by making road races safer for everyone involved; riders, the race convoy and other road users.

Accredited marshals are asked to commit to marshalling at five races a year.

British Cycling will provide you with all the training you need to become an accredited marshal. Firstly, you will be asked to complete an online learning module before attending a practical training session local to you.

Benefits of being an accredited marshal

Free British Cycling Bronze membership which will give you exclusive benefits such as discounts at cycling stores, pre-sale and discounted tickets for major UK cycling events and a weekly newsletter with exclusive offers, news and top tips.

Upon successful completion of your first five races and the submission of your training logbook, you will have completed your training and will be awarded your certificate. You will also receive British Cycling accredited marshal clothing free of charge; this includes an accredited marshal polo shirt and a waterproof jacket.

Event insurance

Event officials benefit from liability cover under British Cycling’s liability insurance for registered events. Further details can be found here.

Upcoming accredited marshal courses



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South West - Exeter

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6th April 2024



Note that the Accredited Marshal Scheme does not run in Scotland and Wales and the courses listed above are based on local and regional need.

Check back regularly as more courses will be listed as the need arises, but if none of these courses are suitable please complete the short form below which will help us to plan courses and feel you if training is available nearby.

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