Points: Adrian Lansley

Current Club: Pedalon.co.uk
Year End Club: Pedalon.co.uk
Gender: Male
Age Category: OVER 23
Category: Senior
National Rank: 81
National Points: 86




Date Category Event Position Points Allocation
09/12/2012 Category A South of England Championships (Senior Men) 2 34 Senior:34
25/11/2012 Category B Behind The Bikeshed's Thruxton Thanksgiving Cross/Wessex League (Seniors) 2 16 Senior:16
04/11/2012 Category B Beeline Cycles (Oxford) Cross/Wessex League (Seniors) 1 20 Senior:20
28/10/2012 Category B STFC RAL Cyclo-Cross/Wessex League (Seniors) 2 16 Senior:16
  Rider's total points     86 Senior:86