Juice Lubes Jam MTB Weekender Heading to Newnham in May

Juice Lubes Jam MTB Weekender Heading to Newnham in May

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Event: 10-12 May 2013
Location: Newnham Park, Plymouth
Report: Fully Sussed

2013 is a big year for South West Mountain Biking; and if you had to pick one weekend for an array of all that is good in British mountain biking, the Juice Lubes Jam on May 11th and 12th would be your starter for ten.

When Juice Lubes and Fully Sussed first got round the table this year, the Juice Lubes Jam was the first event that we wanted to concoct. We wanted a weekend that had something for the race-heads, something for the weekend warriors, a proper test, a cake stall and a raffle.

We wanted to hold it in Newnham Park, ideally in the brief window of summer we get from March to May; just between the drought and the flood. Here’s how the weekend will pan out –

Friday May 10th – Campsite opens for business. Trails will be open in the evening, but not marshalled.

Saturday 11th – Juice Lubes Jam enduro. Held on a short, punchy, XC length course, the enduro will be fast and furious stuff. Forget hour-long laps, this will be 30 minutes of joy, quick sit down and a cup of tea before you’re off again. We aim for fast, fun trails with some challenges for the brave. There will be three and six hour options, for solos or pairs, hop on, hop off and keep smiling.

Saturday evening – Hot Laps XC. Once the dust has settled from the enduro, we open the Hot Laps. This will be a really short course around the event arena and the prize is for the riders that post the fastest lap time. There will be a two hour window when you can dip in and dip out of the riding, do one lap or fifty, but the aim is to post the single fastest lap time. The lap will only be a couple of minutes long, and there will be a variety of line choices. Keep your wheels on the floor or ride the skinnies, jump the log or race round it, the choices are yours – just keep smiling.

Sunday 12th – South-West MTB XC round 2, incorporating South West Champs. Now, we know that as soon as the word ‘Champs’ is put in the title, everyone runs for cover with their hands in the air. But it’s just an XC race, and the Champs title is relevant only for the few at the front, and they are only there so that the rest of us can get home, compare our lap times and feel awful about ourselves.

We love putting on races there and throw everything into it. ALWAYS have big climbs, ALWAYS have fast singletrack, and ALWAYS have some new sections; got to keep us all on our toes. No smiling, this is serious stuff.

Pre-entry is open now. The real test is to do all three events in the weekend. Enter the enduro and the cross-country and get the Hot Laps free, as well as the respect of your peers.

Event website: www.fullysussed.co.uk