Bikeworks English Downhill Championships

Bikeworks English Downhill Championships

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, 13th & 14th October at Moelfre Hall

We've just received this pre-event update from the organisers ahead of the Bikeworks English Downhill Championships:

Last year, the Bikeworks English Downhill Championships donned the honorary title ‘The Moelfre Milestone’ thanks to some proactive events management shown by Mike at Borderline Events teaming up with Fionn Griffiths and Emmeline Ragot.

This year more is being done to make the whole event more inclusive and welcoming for new racers, but our Focus, at GirlMTNbiker (GMB) is bringing you a great supportive vibe for the women taking part. We’ve found the general tone of racing at Borderline Events is an all round positive experience, us girls included. Mike really works hard to make everyone feel valued and bring a no-nonsense feel.

That’s why we’ve decided to get involved and help make the Bikeworks 2, Moelfre English Champs the DH race of the year for women.

After doing a bit of research, I’m sure the results won’t surprise you. It turns out that the percentages of women entering mainstream UK based DH events is low at best, usually ranging from between 0 & 7%. So, 17 women is an amazing turn out but 21 in the UK seems to be the best. Events like Diva Descent are going strong, getting 37 entries this year and offering women a chance to build confidence without the testosterone count. This year at Moelfre, we aim to get the UK record for the most women in a mainstream event and offer you support and fun along the way.

Come make history and get your entry in now to guarantee your slot in the girl’s camp this year. We believe making racing more inclusive is the way forward and we think this is the race to do it! It’s got a history of being fun and welcoming. It’s a great track for doing a first race on! It’s fast and flowy and the challenge isn’t so much getting down it but more, how much are you going to let off your brakes.

Whatever your level of riding, this is a race you should enter. If you’ve never entered a race before, you’re guaranteed a great introduction and to meet lots of girls to train and party with through winter. If you’ve done a few, but you’re still no pro, there’ll be girls there who’ll be sure to help you push yourself on to a new level. And if you’re an old hat to DH racing, then come along share your skills and experience and join the girls hoping to make the history books with the biggest attendance from women at a mixed UK Downhill race so far.

With so many DH races suffering with low entries at the moment, let’s show the industry that investing in women is something worth doing. Make sure you bring a chair and some beers for the Saturday night and come join us in our girly pit area.

This year we’ve recruited some GMB ambassadors for the weekend, women riders with experience in the racing scene but crucially, women riders who are approachable and encouraging. These girls want to see more girls entering races and pushing their limits. These riders will be featured over the next few days on our facebook page and website. We’re hoping we can get some top tips out to you before the weekend to, courtesy of this great group of girls.

GirlMTNbiker will be there providing you with a base and good company for the weekend. Access to the first lift of the day to either get a practice run in nice and early with only new racers on track, or a led track walk, your choice (You need to be ready to go by 8:45 on the Saturday). We see our role this to make this weekend as fun and supportive and you want and need it to be. We’ll be providing moral support and encouragement all weekend as well as some music and a free beer or soft drink each for the Saturday night.

Throughout the weekend we’d also like to know your thoughts and ideas on the future of girl’s mountain bike racing. What do you want to see and what do you not? Also, there may be some pics and vids taken of the girly camp over the weekend form the GMB scrap book. This again we hope will raise the profile of girl riders nationally.

21 women out of 408 riders raced the 2011 DH Student Champs @ Moelfre. In 2010, 21 women entered the Halo BDS #2 @ Fort Bill out of 316 riders. 21 is the most we’ve seen in the UK.

At GirlMTNBiker we think there’s way more girls riding their bikes increasingly well, pushing their limits, buying bigger bikes and having loads of fun. We’ve met loads of you. We don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be seeing more entries than the norm and at least 22 female entries by GirlMTNbiker’s at the Bikeworks 2, English Champs by Borderline Events.

So, get your entries in and be part of the year of the woman (so said the Olympics).