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British Cycling's Ride of the Year 2011: The Nominations
Danny Hart – A river runs through it!

What: World Downhill Championships
When: September 4th, 2011
Where: Champery, Switzerland

How it unfolded:

Sometimes in the career of a top sportsman, there comes a day when everything comes together and a performance of near perfection results. Nineteen-year-old Danny Hart experienced his “perfect day” when he won the World Downhill title on a rain-ravaged course which had defeated the best riders in the world, with a ride of such skill and flair that it almost defied description. Luckily, it can be viewed in all its glory on Youtube. Throw in a commentary just as hysterical and out of control as Danny was in control and you have a three minute slice of history which speaks for itself. We defy you not to be blown away by this!

Watch the ride

What he said:

“When I was on the start line I saw there was a river running down the track, and I just rode that river from the top. I knew there was going to be good grip under there and there was, I had a good run all the way, hit all my lines I hit in the dry pretty much, and had a faultless run.”

Why should this be the 2011 Ride of the Year?

There cannot be a more deserving ride than Danny’s when you measure the levels of skill and technical mastery he displayed in destorying a tough course in the foulest of conditions, whilst throwing in a good measure of showboating as well. Then there’s the size of the victory: over 11 seconds clear of the runner-up is virtually unheard of. Finally, there’s his relative youth – it’s arguable that only a rider of his age could have displayed such uninhibited flair in circumstances which reduced much of the field to helplessness, mired in the Alpine gloop of a late summer storm.

You can place your vote for British Cycling’s Ride of the Year 2011 here. Please note voting opens at 9am on 15 December once all the nominations have been revealed and closes at 5pm on 18 December 2011.