MTB: Midweek Madness Concludes

MTB: Midweek Madness Concludes

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Location: Chorlton Water Park, Manchester
Event: 11 August 2011

The Manchester Midweek Madness MTB organisers held their last round on the Thursday 11 August 2011 at Chorlton Water Park. With the riots and torrential rain the days before it was great to see 46 riders turn up for the last round, with some fantastic racing on a fast course.

The race got underway with a fast start with riders taking the first corner and single track at full speed. Dan Wells took the first lap with Adrian Lawrence closing in within five seconds, Simon Harding and Luke Webber were a further 15 seconds back.  Over the coming laps Adrian Lawrence took the lead and never looked back, taking over a minute out of the rest of the following riders. By the end of the racing Adrian Lawrence took the win by over a minute, Dan Wells second, and Pete Middleton having a great middle and end of the race to take third.

At the end of the event Tom Hodgkinson and Lisa Graham worked through the winners on the night to award riders placing overall for the last six rounds.

Lisa Graham said: "It was great to see so many new riders at every event of MTB Madness this year! This grass route series was all about getting new people into cycle sport and bringing mountain bike racing to Manchester in order to encourage more people to give it a go.  We had fantastic numbers over the six events and hope that those new racers have been inspired to enter more MTB events and work their way through the British Cycling competition structure.''

Lisa and Tom Hodgkinson would like to thank all the riders that took part and all the volunteers for their commitment to the series which would not happen without their support.

The race series will be back next year with Manchester clubs now discussing the format for 2012 and beyond.  Watch this space......


Overall Series Winners

Adrian Lawrence
Jason Tongue
Rob Allen

Keith Bailey
Dean Harwood
Stuart Ormes

Jack Humphreys
Jack Roebuck

Cathy Atkinson

Overall Top 3 Series Winners
Adrian Lawrence (Vet)
Keith Bailey (Master)
Jack Humphreys (Junior)

Round 6 Result

1. Adrian Lawerance
2. Dan Wells
3. Pete Middleton
4. Simon Harding
5. Luke Webber
6. Jason Tonge
7. Joseph Haywood
8. Graham Bryce
9. Ally Wight
10. Scott Wilson
11. Jack Humphreys
12. Keith Bailey
13. Phil Dilkes
14. Dean Harwood
15. Luke Beswick
16. Simon Vazquez
17. Stuart Ormes
18. Micheal Briggs
19. Tim Stanley
20. Pat Rowland
21. Tony Ormes
22. Rob Allen
23. Richard Barrett
24. Simon Cunningham
25. Mark Griffith
26. Colin Humphreys
27. Steve Simpson
28. Mike Cleary
29. Mark Keegan
30. Becky Preece
31. Paul Baillie
32. Nathan Jones
33. Cathy Atkinson
34. Mark Spittlehouse
35. Jack Robuck
36. Kevin Cornwell
37. Simon Ainscough
38. George Lovell
39. Neil Ruddock
40. Stuart Nicol
41. Jools Chesters
42. Chris Baird
43. Simon Anders
44. Lee Cleary
45. Geoff Robinson
46. Sean Beswick