Preview: British Downhill Championships

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Preview: 2011 British Downhill Championships

24 July, Llangollen, Wales
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The biggest prize in domestic cycling, the British Championships affords the winner the right to wear a red, white and blue jersey worldwide for a year and in 2011 the downhill mountain bike competition takes place on July 24 in Llangollen.

The importance of the event is further increased, with selections for the 2011 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships revealed the week after the event.

World Champions, World Cup Champions, World Cup winners; the British Downhill Championships are a summary of why international downhill mountain bike racing is dominated by Brits.

The downside? Taking that British Champion's title requires a special ride with nothing left to chance.

World Champions row includes Steve Peat, Josh Bryceland, Gee Atherton and Ruaridh Cunningham. Marc Beaumont, Brendan Fairclough and Danny Hart complete the list when you include World Cup podium visitors.

Add Ben Cathro, Joe Smith, Bernard Kerr and Dan Atherton, and conclude Llangollen will host a race the result of which nobody can predict.

Past Winners
2010 - Steve Peat
2009 - Gee Atherton
2008 - Steve Peat
2007 - Marc Beaumont
2006 - Marc Beaumont
2005 - Steve Peat
2004 - Gee Atherton
2003 - Steve Peat
2002 - Steve Peat
2001 - Rob Warner
2000 - Steve Peat
1999 - Steve Peat
1998 - Rob Warner

UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Champion, UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill Series leader and seven-time British Downhill Champion, Tracy Moseley is the hot favourite to regain the British Champions' title - but by no means a certain winner.

Rachel Atherton, returning from injury has scored podium finishes at the World Cup in 2011 and will be hoping to beat her biggest rival on a track hoped to suit her biggest strengths.

To retain the title Jess Stone has a tough task, but an upset is possible on the unpredictable slopes of Llangollen - something Junior rider Manon Carpenter will look to take advantage of as the fourth rider hoping to make it on to a three-rider podium.

Past Winners
2010 - Jess Stone
2009 - Tracy Moseley
2008 - Tracy Moseley
2007 - Tracy Moseley
2006 - Tracy Moseley
2005 - Rachel Atherton
2004 - Rachel Atherton
2003 - Helen Gaskell
2002 - Tracy Moseley
2001 - Fionn Griffiths
2000 - Tracy Moseley
1999 - Helen Mortimer
1998 - Tracy Moseley