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Manchester MTB Midweek Madness

Round 2, Boggart Hole Clough | 16 June 2011 | |

Report & Pics: Jason Wiltshire

Well, first time for the new venue at Boggart Hole Clough in the second round of MTB Midweek Madness. Some familiar faces and some new with a good turnout again, with over 40 riders competing.

Those familiar with cyclo cross will know the course which was altered slightly for this event. Plenty of climbing and tree roots, made extra treacherous by the 2 heavy showers before the start, albeit the race remained dry.

A blistering start meant the field was quickly strung out and initially Jason Tonge and Adrian Lawrence opened a gap. The pace set by Ady was too hot and at the end of the first lap he had a substantial lead. The race quickly split to bits with small groups of riders forming around the course.

It was apparent that the race was going to be for 2nd and the front 5 runners swapped places a number of times. Jack Humphries settled into second place with cross super veteran Roy Hunt swapping places with Jason Tonge. Pete Midd was quickly moving through the field and was in a group just behind with Stuart Ormes. There was a single cross rider this week who looked to be enjoying himself sliding about on his tiny tyres.

By half way Pete had caught Jack and Jason had passed Roy. We had some juniors riding in skinny jeans, checked shirts and borrowed helmets , and despite saddles too low had passed a number of riders ...chapeau.

Pete eased away from Jack and Roy passed Jason and the positions remained until the end.

Despite the slippy mud the riders enjoyed the course with numerous riders looking like they had completed a much longer race at the end of the hour. Next stop is Chorlton Water park, a very different course and we hope another great turnout. Thanks to all the riders, marshalls and organisers for making the event a success despite the weather when setting up.

Results (Download Spreadsheet including lap times)

1. Adrian Lawrence Team Bglobal 6 laps
2. Pete Midd Zepnat RT 6 laps
3. Jack Humphreys Wheelbase/Cannondale 6 laps
4. Roy Hunt 6 laps
5. Jason Tonge Lancs Road Club 6 laps
6. Stuart Ormes 6 laps
7. Luke Beswick Buxton CC 6 laps
8. Jonathan Kewyon 6 laps
9. Ally Wright 6 laps
10. Sean Beswick 6 laps
11. Nick Budworth St Helens Woolybacks 6 laps
12. Keith Bailey 5 laps
13. Andy McKay St Helens CRC 5 laps
14. Andy Harwood 5 laps
15. Dean Haywoods 5 laps
16. Neil Evans Sacred Rides 5 laps
17. David Kent St Helens Woolybacks 5 laps
18. Darren O'Toole Manchester Mountain Bikers 5 laps
19. Chris Farley 5 laps
20. Unknown 5 laps
21. Simon Vazquez 5 laps
22. Paul Atack 5 laps
23. Mike Cleary Manchester Wheelers 5 laps
24. Rob Allen Leisure Lakes Bikes 5 laps
25. G. Collom 5 laps
26. Colin Humphreys Red Rose Olympic 5 laps
27. Mark Keegan 5 laps
28. Paul Baillie 5 laps
29. Jack Roebuck 5 laps
30. Mark L Manchester Wheelers 5 laps
31. Tony Ormes 5 laps
32. Unknown 5 laps
33. Stuart Nicol 5 laps
34. Colin Flinn Manchester Mountain Bikers 4 laps
35. Andy Beech Chortlon Velo 4 laps
36. Ann Cook Manchester Mountain Bikes 4 laps
37. Mark Spittlehouse 4 laps
38. Jools Chesters 4 laps
39. John Bradley Tracs UK 4 laps
40. Josh Haldren Manchester C Club 4 laps
41. Keith Bailey 4 laps
42. Simon Rothwell 4 laps
43. Liam England 4 laps