Report & Video: Pedalsport Quarry Racing Rd 5

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Pedalsport Series Ends on a High

Pedalsport Quarry Racing Round 5
Rockingstone Quarry, 5 August 2010, Report: Phil Ingham

Video - Over 14 Race

Video - Under 14 Race


The Pedalsport Quarry Racing XC MTB Series ended on real high with a quality entry to both under and over-14 races.

In the Under-14 Category, Bryan Barrett continued his dominance of the category and wne ton to claim the overall series prize, with Max Rushby second on the day and in the series.

The over-14 series has seen a head-to-head battle between up-and-coming Junior Jack Clarkson and comeback Veteran Dan Cook. With two wins apiece, whoever finished highest in the final round was going to clinch the series.

However, from the whistle it was clear the Cook and Clarkson were not going to have it all their own way. Jiri Klekner made his usual blistering start and led through the first lap, but on his wheel was Tom Bell, the Leeds Uni rider making his first appearence in the series.

Klekner eventually faded and the lead quartet broke up with Cook going away with Bell, leaving Clarkson stranded in third place. Bell kept up the pressure and eased away from Cook and controlled the race from the front. Cook was never more than a few second back, but he could do nothing to catch Bell.

Clarkson meanwhile dug deep but couldn't make any impression on the gap up to Cook and he eventually settled for a comfortable third. Bell duly took the race in some style, with Cook clinching second and with it the series prize.


Results (Full lap detail)

1 Bryan Barrett Pedalsport CC 4 laps in 15:59.5
2 Max Rushby Pedalsport CC 4 laps in 17:48.3
3 Joseph Barrans 4 laps in 19:24.0
4 Samuel Barrans 4 laps in 20:45.6
5 Emilia Clarke 4 laps in 20:49.6
6 Competitor No 15 (Id 314) 3 laps in 16:50.5
7 Competitor No 14 (Id 316) 3 laps in 17:05.2
8 Lucy Whearty Pedalsport CC 3 laps in 17:29.8
9 Adam Fortune Pedalsport CC 3 laps in 17:39.9
10 Competitor No 16 (Id 315) 3 laps in 19:38.7
11 Competitor No 17 (Id 317) 3 laps in 22:33.2

1 Tom Bell Leeds University 7 laps in 38:34.5
2 Dan Cook Peak Road Club 7 laps in 39:16.8
3 Jack Clarkson Pedalsport CC 7 laps in 40:29.5
4 Jiri Klekner 7 laps in 40:55.8
5 Andy Westwell Pedalsport CC 7 laps in 42:07.3
6 Christopher Thompson VS Cycles 7 laps in 42:59.1
7 Simon Lloyd 7 laps in 44:15.2
8 Simon Warner Pedalsport CC 7 laps in 44:25.7
9 Justin Morgan Pedalsport CC 6 laps in 38:58.4
10 Ian Chapman 6 laps in 40:02.0
11 Competitor No 33 (Id 321) 6 laps in 41:58.0
12 Competitor No 34 (Id 320) 6 laps in 43:13.5
13 Competitor No 37 (Id 322) 6 laps in 43:58.3
14 Competitor No 35 (Id 319) 6 laps in 45:14.2
15 Simon Fortune Velocity Cycles 6 laps in 45:19.3
16 Competitor No 32 (Id 323) 6 laps in 46:14.5
17 Jamie Morgan Pedalsport CC 5 laps in 40:50.9