Result: Barnesbury CC Go-Ride Mountain Bike Event

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Result: Barnesbury CC Go-Ride Mountain Bike Event

Posted August 2 2010

The first race was an individual off road time trial for competitors under the age of twelve years.

1st was Joe Hodgson from Morpeth in a time of 1 minute and 23 secs
2nd was Will Crennan of Cramlington 1 min 27 sec
3rd Lorna Davey of Bedlington 1 m 27
4th Ben Mason of Stannington 1 m 36
5th Alex Leathard of Cramlington 1 m 39
6th Isabella Wassel-Jamieson 1m 46
7th Katey Davey of Bedlington 1m 50
8th Daniel Holmes, Tyneside Vagabonds 1m 57
9th Louise Kyle of Crawcrook 1m 58
10th Harry Davey of Bedlington 2m 00

Then followed the second stage for the under twelves a cross country race of ten minutes plus one lap, the result was:

1st place Joe Hodgson
2nd place Lorna Davey
3rd Place Alex Leathard
4th Rebecca Mould, Newcastle Phoenix
5th Daniel Holmes, Tyneside Vagabonds
6th Will Crennan
7th Isabella Wassel-Jamieson
8th Louise Kyle
9th Pete Watson of Cramlington
10th Sam Holmes. Tyneside Vagabonds

Next were the races for the age group 12 to 16 years old, these races were run on a larger circuit which included a steep descent with tight turns through dense woodland.

The first stage was again an individual time trial the result being:

1st Place, Daniel Mould, Newcastle Phoenix 2 minutes and 43 seconds
2nd Jack Watson, Barnesbury Cycling Club 3m and 4sec
3rd Nathan Mould, Newcastle Phoenix 3m 20s
4th Fin Robertson, Hetton Hawks 4m 32s
5th Amy Sanderson, Newcastle Phoenix 5m 27s

Next stage was a massed start, cross country mountain bike race, the result is (20minutes plus one lap):

1st Danial Mould
2nd Fin Robertson
3rd Jack Watson
4th Amy Sanderson
5th Nathan Mould

The overall winner for each age group was worked out on points awarded for each stage.

The overall under 12 result was:
1st Joe Hodgson, 2nd Lorna Davey. 3rd Alex Leathard, 4th Will Crennan, 5th Rebecca Mould, 5th Ben Mason, 7th Isabella Wassel-Jamieson, 7th Danile Holmes, 9th Katey Davey, 10th Louise Kyle

The overall 12 to 16 year old result was 1st Daniel Mould, 2nd Jack Watson, 3rd Fin Robertson, 4th Nathan Mould, 5th Amy Sanderson