Trans Rockies Challenge

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From the troubles of the TransAlp to the testing terrain of Canada and the TransRockies, Pete Turnbull and Jon Stenson take on the final of their three ultra-endurance mountain bike races and provide us with daily coverage of the Worlds toughest multi-day off road event.

Riding with the leaders on the final stage of the TransRockies? Check.

Day Six
Big hills, mud and destroyed brake pads were the least of todays worries. That was reserved for the photographers motorbike...

Day Five
Rain, a lack of singletrack. Oh and some more rain. Today was almost like being back in Wales.

Day Four
Discovering the American way of bike racing, and some alternative racing lines in the Canadian bush.

Day Three
Sometimes a lonely trail is the finest and fastest place to be.

Day Two
In Canada there are bears. And because of that you take some very obvious precautions.

Day One
It's day one of the TransRockies and already the event is taking no prisoners.

Day Zero
Arriving in Canada there's a little time to relax on the water before the toughest event in mountain biking. There's no need to go riding today, because there's plenty of punishment to follow in the coming days.